On We Should Get Up More

@blueblazes Ooooh fancy brackets, sounds nice! I just got all black. I will say I used zip ties instead of drilling the brackets into the legs, and it's worked well. It took a few days to find just the right keyboard height, and it needed to be moved up and down depending on what shoes I wore. Now that I wear Danskos every day I could drill them, but the zip ties have been fine so I've just kept it.

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On We Should Get Up More

@jillcool I would love an adjustable one but my office definitely won't spring for it, so for now my Ikea hack will have to do! But if I ever get a work from home position or a new job at an office that will spend $ on its employees, I'll definitely get one.

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On We Should Get Up More

@BornSecular Yeah I didn't ask anyone, I just brought in the Ikea stuff and plopped it on top of my regular desk. People made comments for the first couple of weeks but no one gives it a second thought now. I would get a doctor's note and pass that along to HR. What a ridiculous reason.

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On We Should Get Up More

I made a stand up desk with an Ikea hack and it's been fantastic: http://iamnotaprogrammer.com/Ikea-Standing-desk-for-22-dollars.html I've been using it for over 6 months. I've actually lost weight just from standing and I also have way less back pain. For some reason I can never type in a neutral enough position when sitting, but I can when I stand. It definitely sucks to stand if you're not feeling well, but for the most part I enjoy it. PRO TIP: Get an anti-fatigue mat and Dansko clogs so your feet won't kill you. I leave the clogs at work and put them on when I get here.

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On WWYD Update: Choosing the Internship

Awesome, congratulations!

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On New Job Gotten


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On Two Years at a Standing Desk

I did an Ikea hack for a standing desk and I love it. (http://iamnotaprogrammer.com/Ikea-Standing-desk-for-22-dollars.html) I do alternate with sitting on a stool, but standing is so much more comfortable. I have zero upper back pain, which I used to always get while sitting.

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On Ads Everywhere, Including a Bathroom Stall

@Jake Reinhardt Yep. NO to toilet paper being taken out of a bathroom and then checked out at a table.

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On Would You Pay for an Honest Mistake?

I don't understand why you're offended that they want all the money you owe them. They did the job, the guy just made a mistake. Obviously pay it, and obviously don't write a Yelp review about it. Or do, because what's it going to say? "1 star, would not recommend, they asked that I pay the full amount that I owe after they billed me incorrectly! Otherwise they were perfect!"

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On A Conversation With a Tax Accountant Who Earns $75,000 a Year

If the mortgage is only $1300/month then putting in $1000 for mortgage/utilities seems like a TON. Maybe I'm missing something? Also, soapbox, but EVERYONE SHOULD NEGOTIATE FOR MORE SALARY, especially women! The new company only offered you $3k over what you were making before as your base salary-I guarantee that they would have give you more money immediately if you had asked for it.

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