On The Cost of Missing Your Flight

My wife and I missed a flight out of Seattle (though they were able to rebook us on a flight that day) because I misread the boarding time on our tickets as the flight time. We were even in the airport, but just sauntering around the food/shopping area, where the PA system over which they were repeatedly calling our names apparently weren't audible. I was genuinely surprised that we weren't charged extra for a mistake that was obviously 100% our fault. I suppose flights are always overbooked so it's not like our seat went empty, but still!

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On Open Thread: When Do You Replace Your Phone?

My wife and I have been upgrade-when-your-contract's-up-every-two-years people since we got our first iphones. Every two years I think "maybe this is the time we hold out another year or so" but, you know, we're getting older and wouldn't a slightly bigger screen be easier on the eyes? So iPhone 6-es will be ours come January. Also, you can sell old phones to Gazelle.com very hassle-free -- they pay shipping and everything. Slightly less than you'd get putting them up on eBay or something but zero effort on your part and you make about $150 per two-year-old phone back, in my experience, which pays for most of the upfront cost of a new phone.

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On Canadian Health Care Awesomeness: Is It As Awesome As It Seems?

My wife's grandfather, who was a joint citizen but lived out his old age in Canada, used to fly to South Carolina to get his dental work done (which at that point in his life involved mostly getting bridges & false teeth installed). He didn't know anybody there, but had done the research and determined that was the cheapest place to go. He was also kind of crazy, though?

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On We're Not Gonna Pay Rent ... By Check

I recently started paying rent for the first time in 12 years (we lived in a house we owned, but have now moved across the country and are renting that house out and living in a rental). Our new tenants told us they could just set up electronic payment from their bank to ours, which I was excited about. Our new landlords suggested we do the same, but it turns out that our credit union, which is great in many ways, doesn't offer that feature ("yet" they say. "soon' they say) so I actually ended up paying our rent via PayPal! It seemed kinda janky to me but our landlords were happy with it so I guess it's all OK?

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On Printing & Crying

I used the Wirecutter-Approved B&W Laser Printer and it's amazing and I never tire of owning it. Inkjet printers are irritating garbage machines but laser printers basically work forever and are zero hassle I might print super often but I'm always glad to own one, TEAM PRINTER ALL THE WAY

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On From Counting Pennies to Letting Things Slide

@Allison we went to a nice restaunt last friday that was having some kind of trouble with its computer system and there's been a "pending" charge for $80 (price of the meal w/out the tip) ever since, even though the actual with-tip charge has gone through. It's weird that it's been there almost a week now! At what point should you call and complain about it? It's not cramping my style at the moment but $80 isn't nothing and we don't have access to that money while the hold is there.

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On From Counting Pennies to Letting Things Slide

i would probably call about the $10, and would probably feel more that it was the princple of the thing than about the actual money. however, if dealing with getting the fraudulent charges reversed had been a huge hassle, I might not bother to do it. but if i remember your description, that wasn't a pain at all? so, i'd still have energy left to deal with it AND a certain amount of confidence that dealing with it wouldn't be a huge hassle.

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On America Runs on Dunkin' (In Secret Pools)

My wife and I belong to a private pool club because we swim for exercise and there are always lap lanes available all day all year round. But there are plenty of families with kids who only join for the summer season (there are outdoor and indoor pools at the club) just to have a place for kids to play, when there are much cheaper public alternatives out there. Our pool is $125/month for a family whereas I think the city pools are like $35 per person for the whole summer. City pools are definitely more crowded and somewhat more chaotic, and, this being Baltimore city, much more African-American, although our pool club isn't monochromatic by any means (though it certainly doesn't reflect the area demographics). The most interesting/horrifying/revealing Baltimore pool fact that I learned recently is that the public city pools in the early 20th century were not racially segregated, but were only open to men. Once they started letting women in, they segregated them by race at the same time.

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On Which is Objectively Worse, Burger King or McDonalds, Sbarro or Pizza Hut?

@TheDoctorsCompanion yeah, I'm willing to bet that chicken offerings at McDs now outsell the burgers. I definitely think that their chicken stuff is of (relatively) higher quality.

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On Riding in Car Services With Boys

haha health insurance for a baby doesn't kick into effect the moment a baby is born, are you fucking kidding me #america #fuck #jesusfuckingchrist

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