On Friday Estimate

@LookUponMyWorks never TMI. Glad you tip your waxer!

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On Friday Estimate

@Leila@twitter Also, NO shopping. Even though my mom told me nice summer dresses (appropriate for work and play) are on sale. :(

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On Friday Estimate

Weekend! Oh thank goodness. Friday Was crazy, but free. Lunch with the work gang, crazy amount of work to catch up on, and then family dinner at my cousin's. Yesterday was her due date, but the baby doesn't really wanna come out, so she had the whole family (15 of us) over for dinner. I felt her belly! Saturday Yoga, work, volunteering and chilling with friends I owe a friend $40 from a while ago I'll help another friend launch his website Next week is my turn to feed the office and if I can do it for $50 in groceries, I'll consider it a win Sunday Brunch with a new friend $25 Laundry, work Hopefully see a girlfriend in the evening $10 for wine Total: $125 including next Friday's lunch!

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On How Much Do You Spend on Transportation Each Month?

Montreal and how I get around: From November to May I buy an unlimited bus pass. From April/May until October (weather permitting) I bike around exclusively. This summer my brother and I are sharing a fancy car of our dad's for work/family get-together and general errand-running purposes. I use the car less, so I just pay per km and a smaller portion of the parking spot (underground/indoors). Winter: $77/month for an unlimited public transit pass Jan/Feb: ~$20 for taxis in the middle of the night. Summer: $50/three months for miscellaneous bike repairs May-Aug: ~$30 for my share of gas; $180 for a parking pass for three months

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On Tuesday Check-In

@PrettyNicola @joyballz Sorry no pics - I'm shy! I have a lot of black-tie weddings coming up, also see: champagne tastes on a (discount) beer budget. I'm not a lawyer :) Just a freelance writer and project manager at a brand-new web agency. The gowns I got are probably from last summer season, but are high names, but their lower price points. Theia, Badgley Mischka and Marchesa are the designers. I went to Wearhouse and my grandma and I haggled the lady down. I think she agreed cause she was happy to move so many items, and I had spent lots of time trying on about half the store.

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On Tuesday Check-In

I had my wonderful New York experience. I also never actually made it into the city. I estimated $1280, and I spent $1220, since I didn't end up spending money on anything other than workout pants and three formal gowns. I am definitely prepared for all those weddings I'm invited to now! Friday: Client call, grandma food, worked a bit and shopped on the high street of my grandparent's suburb. Bought three formal gowns ($1200) in cash, because the original price was something like $2000... bargain! Went to bed super early (10pm). Saturday: Worked, went to lunch with the family, saw more family, ate a lot, intended to go to the gym and didn't. Worked more. Found an Hermes purse in the basement with a pair of rollerblades inside (!) Have I mentioned I love my grandparent's basement? New handbag, just need to send it to the repair guy. Sunday: Ate steak for breakfast because we were too full to eat it the day before. Got a full packed lunch bag for the ride home, so no fast food for us. Went to the gym. Went to my cousin's birthday party. Was pooped. Monday: Was not a holiday for me. Excellent weekend though.

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On Friday Estimate

Hello! I am currently on my much-anticipated NYC/Long Island trip. So close to Mike and Logan! My weekend is actually Friday-Sunday. I didn't check in yesterday because I was too busy spending money. Here's what it looked like: Friday: Breakfast with grandparents at their home Client call on Skype Last-minute adjustments to some work Shopping. So much shopping for dresses to wear at many weddings. Tried on no less than 50 dresses. Came back to grandparents, ate lunch and brought my grandma to the shops. Bought three formal dresses $1200. The original price was something like $2000, but grandma and I are hardcore hagglers. Pro tip: pay cash. Also hit up Marshall's and bought yoga pants $20 Saturday Worked Got my fortune told through Turkish coffee. People are talking about me, apparently. People I need to meet, apparently. Someone I will marry? :/ Ate homemade bagels and read the NYT (a treat!) Lunch with family Maybe hang out in the city. Return Train tickets $30 Maybe go out in the city. Drinks $25 Sunday: Drive back to Montreal Road food $5 Total: $1280 including two formal gowns and a cocktail dress.

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On I Spend a Lot of Time Thinking About Hair Removal What About You

Ugh, Logan why are you in my head? I literally have a hair removal schedule and it goes something like this: -threading every two weeks -shave pits every couple of days -shave legs once per week -wax arms once a month -eyebrows once a week There might be even more to this than I would like to admit... I've also lasered my pits and legs, which was ridiculously expensive and yet highly effective.

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On I Spend a Lot of Time Thinking About Hair Removal What About You

@theotherginger I have a pair like that. From a random corner store in Barcelona. They are the best!

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On How to Make a LinkedIn Profile That Will Actually Help You Get a Job

@aetataureate Sorry you hate it, but honestly the only people I don't care to see on LinkedIn are dentists, high school students and people in the public service who aren't looking for anything new. I totally checked out my therapist on LinkedIn. Just to see her credentials, specializations, etc. I also found it useful to find a guy I'm seeing on LinkedIn to see if his stories match up with his digital self. LinkedIn is not the place to lie, and if they have good recommendations from their jobs, that's good to know!

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