On Looking Back at Our Financial Selves in 2013, And Christmas Traditions

I'm really impressed by both of you guys. Especially you Logan. You've come a long way. Three cards!!! That's some hard work. My husband & I paid off three debts too this year! A car, hearing aids & a student loan. Two left, the big student loan & a medical debt, which we were totally on track to pay off in 2014 but my husband just got news of a drastic paycut, so that's not happening with our current income. But I really liked what you said Logan about desire & not action so we're meeting with some financial planning person on NYE & going into 2014 with an action plan. I'm also spending some time trying to figure out what to do for work now that my son is a year old I feel comfortable going back to work, hopefully part-time. Enjoy your holidays :)

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On Just Say No

This is great advice for the boyfriend who is giving money. The girlfriend however, is one step removed and she needs to find out if her boyfriend is on the same page of wanting the codependency and unhealthy attachment to stop.

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On I'm Stuck in a Career Rut

First off, I suggest you not buy into the myth of "Most people seem to figure out what they want to do in college, or at least form an idea of what they want to do in their twenties..." It's a habit we fall into when we are dissatisfied with an aspect of our lives--comparing our insides to others' outsides--feeling like everyone else seems to have it together where we don't. It's not true. Most of us 20, 30, even 40 somethings have no idea. Most people go through several career changes in a lifetime. Often your first career choice is dictated by the values handed down by your parents which you eventually discard for ones more meaningful to you. My suggestion is to find a well-reviewed career book and follow its suggestions, possibly side by side with a friend or a group. Think in terms of vocation (broad) rather than job or career, and most importantly give yourself a break. Most people don't love their jobs, and it sounds like your situation is not a bad place to be while waiting for inspiration.

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On My GF Wants 1 Job, But I Want Her to Have This Other Job

@theotherginger labeling women.....big black c*ck?

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On The Apple of My Eye Is an Actual Apple

@hellonheels Macintoshes forever!

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On It's Never Too Late To Do 1 Thing

@Kara M & Lisa L@twitter Daily Show? I only catch the moment of zen b/c I also record Colbert

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On Some Small Things Are Worth Paying For

Tampax are the only tampons I *can* feel. I think because when they fill with fluid they go long and touch my cervix, and my cervix is uber sensitive so when I pull it out it feels like I'm yanking on an organ. Playtex and OB go wide which is much better My life is too short for: Iceberg lettuce Cheap shoes Crappy coffee Off-brand cereal, ketchup, mayo, q-tips Doing my eyebrows myself Tipping less than 20% at restaurants Not putting in $1 when there's a tip jar Fast food Free versions of paid apps My life is too long for: Valet parking Professional pedicures (except when I'm pregnant and can't reach my feet) Cloth diapers

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On Does Fried Chicken Taste Better When It's Free?

I left a 2-star yelp review for a mediterranean place by my work. a day or two later the manager emailed me offering me a $20 gift card to try the place again. i was tempted but i really didn't want to eat there again. some time has passed and i'm kinda glad i didn't give in because that review was really honest. i'd been there twice, i'd had shitty experiences both times, and that place was definitely just 2-star.

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On Do All The Things You've Been Putting Off (Syke Just Do 1 Thing)

I finished my one thing, which was a list of invitees to my baby shower. That was a really overwhelming thing. I was kind of in the process of finishing the thing when I paused to read the article tho, so I don't know if it counts? Meh, it was huge, so it counts!

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On Do All The Things You've Been Putting Off (Syke Just Do 1 Thing)

By syke did you mean psych? I used to make this mistake so please take the correction in an informative, rather than a condescending, spirit.

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