On There's a New Chicken King in Town

I would say I boycott them, but that involve actually wanting their food. If I ever feel like fried chicken (unusual to begin with), there are so many options here (North Carolina) that Chick-fil-a falls pretty far down on the list.

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On Lizard Heads, Frogs, Crickets: The Things We Find in Our Lunch Salads

I understand why people would be freaked out over lizards/bugs in their food, but I don't really understand why it is news. Other than the fact that people don't understand how food production works and things don't magically appear fully prepared? I wonder if kids are super confused about old cartoons where people bite into apples and there is a worm.

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On Let 1 Thing Go

I really enjoy 1 thing! I get through my day by making a do to list in the morning. As long as I cross off 1 thing I consider the day a success. I also really enjoy Logan's writing style and this is a good place to see at least a little of it.

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On To Video Game Buyers, Longer Often Feels Better

@aetataureate Agree with both of you! And I hesitate to pay $10 for a 2-3 hour movie.

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On To Video Game Buyers, Longer Often Feels Better

I tend to calculate a cost-effectiveness for my games (I am strange), so I prefer longer ones. But that doesn't necessarily mean the story is 100 hours long. If a game is short but I want to play it over and over again that works too! For example, Bastion is a short game at the $15 price point, but is (1) amazing, and (2) re-playable both for the story and the way you play it. And the Assassin's Creed games have stories you can get through in a few hours but if you do everything (pirating!) it can be a much longer experience.

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On Item #1 in Our Valentine's Day Gift Guide: The Vagisoft Blanket

How soft is it? It's Vagisoft! I now have to figure out the combination of emoticons to represent the face I am making.

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On How Are the MOOCs Doing?

@Caitlin with a C Pretty much my exact experience. For me, they are interesting things that might be useful/helpful to me, but are not in the grand scheme all that important. As someone with graduate degrees and a full time job, the payoff of the course is often not worth the time investment. And if I don't finish the 1st time there is always another chance in the next few months.

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On Update: My Landlord is Still Terrible

I have received $1.25 from deposit interest! In a separate check from the deposit return. Which was strange and the only reason I remember the amount. Otherwise I usually get about a dollar or two in with the returned deposit.

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On Saying No Is Half the Battle

@nutmeg We used to have the $5 Tuesday movie theater! It was super awesome. Then another company bought them out and got rid of it. Now I don't go to the movies as much. See how that works theater company!

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On What Product Is Currently Stalking You?

Books I have looked at at amazon or barnes and noble but not yet purchased. And Bravissimo/Pepperberry a clothing store for busty women, which I don't mind as that is pretty much where my clothes come from these days.

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