On Monday Check-in

I tried to post last week but somehow my post was deleted, so here's a second try at my first check in! Friday: I went to visit a friend at a college two hours away, $15 gas. Dinner was $0 at her Hillel and I bought $16 worth of beer for her party. Other drinks and fun things were contributed at the party so I didn't spend anything after that. Saturday: $8.50 for brunch, then I drove back home. $30 for groceries, $16 for a dutch oven from Bed Bath and Beyond. (I know, it was $16 and all the other pots were $100, so there's probably something horribly wrong with it, but the price was right and I'm moving in two months so if it sucks I can just toss it.) Cooked dinner at home. Sunday: $5 for lunch and $6 for parking at the garage near my work. I worked for a few hours (+$) and had leftovers for dinner. Then I watched A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, which is now on Netflix! Total: $96.50. And here I thought I had done well! LOL. Oh well.

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On Monday Check-in

My first ever check in! I didn't estimate, but going over the damage is a good first step, right? Friday: my half of pizza and beer, $14, and a drink at a dance party, $5 (my friend covered my ticket, $3) Saturday: Record Store Day! $11 for Lord Huron's new album at the best/most embarrassing name to repeat store...Magnolia Thunderpussy. Yes. $10 for Chipotle, $27 at Trader Joe's. Made pesto pasta and took a walk because it was sooo nice outside. Sunday: ice cream, also from Jeni's!, $4.50. I had the Milkiest Chocolate in the World (always) and one of the new color flavors, Ombre Brulee, which tasted like cookie butter. My friends got chicken from Hot Chicken Takeover and the bites I stole were so good that I'm going to have to go there again. $16 at Target and $5 at the grocery store - and I still forgot stuff!! I have to go back later this week. Total: $92.50. Somehow more than I expected but not so awful!

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On How to Find 'the One' (Purse)

That is a beautiful purse! I totally understand the obsession with finding the perfect bag. I bought my current purse two years ago: a Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC in black. It was $200, but as a birthday present my mom paid for half. It goes with everything, holds a surprising amount (no book, though), and so far no issues with the zipper or clasps. (Although one time when I was drunk and playing with the clasps on the chain strap, I managed to close the clasp around the hole in the zipper pull and effectively lock my bag. I had to get the guy at the pizza shop to fix it for me so I could pay.)

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On Paying to Belong

The best shul haggling I've heard of is my parents' old Russian babysitter when they lived in St. Louis in the 80s. Her synagogue told her they were raising her dues, and she sent back a letter: "I am old retired woman living on fixed income. I pay $200. No more questions, no more answers." And it worked! Feel free to try this method.

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On Okay, So Where Should We Move to Get What We Want?

@CincyCate Cincinnati is AWESOME. So cheap, so much good Indian food!

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On How People Do Money: The High Holidays

Shana tova! I also had a Rosh Hashana donut - it was pumpkin spice flavored, and was indeed a spiritual experience. I still go to Hillel services (no awkward mechitza like at Chabad, where it always sounds so much more FUN on the guy's side - like is that a conga line??) and really only ever go to my home congregation with my parents in the summer when they do services outside. I don't even want to think about having to pay my own way on that one...when I do, I agree, I think it'll be the most adult thing I've done!

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On What It Costs [Me] to Apply to Grad School

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On What It Costs [Me] to Apply to Grad School

My GRE experience (taken just last August!): - Magoosh online study program, $99. Totally worth it. If anyone is studying for the GRE I highly recommend it. It lasts for six months, and I had only used up three, and so after the test I wiped my stats and gave the log in info to my friend who's taking it in January. - GRE, $185 and a panic attack after I realized I had crossed the point of no return. - Oil change, $35. I got to the testing center 45 minutes early and couldn't bear the thought of sitting in that waiting room, so I went to the place next door and got my oil changed. Good decision. - Celebratory Dairy Queen meal, $8. They give you the scores right after the test (but not before you send out your scores to schools, what a dick move), and I was happy and ate a chicken strip basket.

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On College Prestige vs. College Affordability

I had a pretty similar choice to make for college - the big public university in my state or a private research university (WashU). But it actually wasn't a choice at all, because my state university gave me an almost full ride (still have to pay fees) and WashU is like $56k a year. My state university is WORTH IT. I'm able to work and do research (which is paid, because it's a huge school that has grants for everything), and my classes are still challenging. Public universities are awesome.

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On Richard Lawson v. Time Warner Cable

Yeah, kind of a dick move. My internet at my apt was just not working for a couple months. I've always had pretty shitty internet, so I was used to it, but my roommate, who had never had wifi in her house growing up, expected it to work and would call TWC everytime it went out. We had the service guys come at least ten times, and it finally started working for real when some kind of supervisor came along with the technician. But: we were never dicks to any of them. They aren't doing it out of spite. And you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

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