On Soon We Will All Enter Through The Poor Door

@ATF Honestly, if I got to live in the same building as the super-wealthy while paying substantially below-market rent, I'd feel awesome. Seriously, I would be more than willing to enter through whatever door they'd like if it meant I got to live in a multi-million-dollar high rise for the cost of a studio in Bushwick. I honestly think we're missing the fact that housing in NYC is off-the-charts, and this small handful of winners is getting a tremendous deal. Just because they have to walk an extra 20 feet to get to their Freshdirect concierge fridge while the rest of us struggle to make rent in the outer boroughs...again, it's just really not keeping me up at night. We desperately need more affordable housing available, and making this debate about the quality (which seems pretty excellent, despite the separate door) vs. the quantity of affordable housing seems like it's missing the real problem.

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On Soon We Will All Enter Through The Poor Door

I don't know - I'm usually a bleeding-heart liberal, but this just doesn't move me. The people who end up in the affordable apartments are literally winning a lottery jackpot (seriously, you have to apply into a lottery to get in). Tons of people apply, only a lucky few get the spots. And what do they win? The ability to live in a fantastic neighborhood, in a luxury building, for a special low price that's denied to everyone else. Meanwhile, the rest of us hoi polloi have to scramble for affordable apartments in Queens with long commutes, no views, and regular entrances for everyone. The fact that the winners don't get to enjoy fantastic views and amenities with their subsidized below-market rent doesn't keep me up at night. I support affordable housing programs, I think we need LOTS more of them, and it seems like anything we can do to make developers comfortable with embracing these programs is fine by me.

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On The Most Expensive Meals We've Ever Paid For

@Ester Bloom Blue Hill Stone Barns! Take the train up - it's a really amazing way to spend a day (and lots of Mike's $$$).

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On The Most Expensive Meals We've Ever Paid For

@Ester Bloom LUCKY!!! I am officially jealous - the only thing I can think of better than EMP is free EMP.

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On The Most Expensive Meals We've Ever Paid For

@andnowlights Seriously worth it. It cost about the same as a nice weekend vacation - and yet, I think I left that place feeling MORE relaxed and amazing than I ever have on a vacation. The huge amounts of booze probably helped, lol. At the end, they take you on a tour of the kitchen and make you a special frozen-nitrogen cocktail (based on preferences they've picked up on you expressing throughout the meal) while you watch all the chefs work their magic. Then they literally dance you out the door, pressing gifts into your hands as you leave. They also gave us printed keepsake menus of everything we ate, and then separate menus with the wine pairing on them. I have them framed in my hallway now. Really, it's a truly special experience (and if anyone goes based on this review, Daniel Humm owes me a freebie!).

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On The Most Expensive Meals We've Ever Paid For

Over $800 for dinner for two at Eleven Madison Park, including wine pairing. It was our first anniversary. So expensive, and yet, somehow, still totally worth it. Best meal I've ever had in my life. If you want to be treated like an absolute rock star for one night (and I mean, the total Beyonce and Jay-Z experience), it's worth the splurge as a once in a lifetime thing if you can swing it.

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On A Nanny (BA, MSW) Chats about Psych Grad Programs, Zigzagging Through Life

Great article! I'd actually love to know more about nannying - how much she makes, how difficult it was to negotiate, the difference in pay between someone with a masters in social work (obviously educated and well-spoken) vs a nanny who may not be fluent in English, and the class issues this involves. The whole nanny thing in NYC is honestly fascinating stuff, to me.

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On Median One-bedroom Rents in NYC Now As High As $4,210

@tw0lle As a current Long Island City resident, I would like to know where these $1850 one-bedrooms are. Everything I see in LIC is classified as "luxury" and starts at $3k... Also, yes, Astoria is awful and no one should ever try to move there. Urban legend says that even checking apartments on Craigslist could lead to a visit from the dreaded Astoria Vampire. Be safe - just avoid Astoria altogether!

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On Going Without Health Insurance

This is exactly what my healthy 25-year old friend said - until she had a freak accident while jogging that resulted in a compound fracture in her left leg. No one is immune to accidents - this is why EVERYONE needs to be covered (and is the whole point of the ACA - so people would stop incurring uninsured costs, which get passed on to everyone else!).

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On The Medical Billing Snafu

My OB bills my insurance $690 per ultrasound appointment. What my insurance actually pays (their "negotiated rate") is $90, plus my $20 copay. So, it's not wildly unlikely that the lab might just accept the $464, since the billed amount from medical companies seems to have very little to do with what actually needs to be paid. In my example, if I didn't have insurance and received a $690 bill from my OB, I'd be horrified. If they magnanimously offered to give me a 50% discount and only charge me $345, I'd probably feel like I got cut a good break - but meanwhile, my insurance actually only pays $90+$20 for the service, so I'd still be getting ripped off (compared to what my insurance negotiated to pay) even with a 50% discount.

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