On The Cost of Vacation, Part 4: NYC

@HelloTheFuture Or even cart food! Halal boxes are the best deal in the city - five or six bucks for sooooo much food. Or hot dogs! Or pizza! All the starbucks made me sad, although I understand why you went there.

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On The Hunt: In Manhattan, Creative Types from Galaxy UDFj-39546284 Find a Home

I nearly cried reading that linked "The Hunt" story. She runs a hipster blog, and they bought an apartment for $1.45 million dollars that's a one-bedroom with a windowless office???? Over a million, and not even a proper second bedroom. For hipster blogging. I look at my baby, and my househunting plans, and...oh my god, I'll never be able to buy anything in this city for a family..

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On We Literally Cannot All Be Middle-Class

I kind of get it, though. It's one thing to say "Queens exists" - but even on an affluent salary of $200k or so, the parts of Queens you can afford to buy in aren't really the "desirable" parts - the parts of Jackson Heights far from the subway, East Elmhurst, Corona. All almost an hour commute, and your neighborhood isn't going to be anywhere near gentrified on your buy-in (and schools won't be at the level of "affluent" status). I'd love to buy in Astoria, but a two-bedroom in Astoria starts at $750k. Or, you can get a co-op, which requires a 20% down payment and an additional 20% cash-on-hand to qualify, so approx $$160k in liquid cash to buy a $400k co-op. So, it's these kind of factors that makes the $200k earners not feel affluent - they can buy a house in Queens, sure, but even in Queens what they can afford won't be very fancy. And even those that can afford a $750k apartment will say "yeah, but that only gets you a small two-bedroom in Astoria" - which hardly feels ballin'. Compare this to my sister, who bought a $400k house in a decent neighborhood in New Hampshire that's basically a mansion.

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On A List of Things I Own That I Can Sell to Pay My Rent

DUDE. pawn shops exist for a reason! Could have pawned the keyboard,then come back and picked it up later? Their whole purpose is to exist so you have a (theoretically) better option than selling your stuff because of a one-time shortfall.

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On Happy New Year! Here Are Some Pointless Or Obvious Savings Tips!

Spending less is never a substitute for earning more, in my experience. We're often guilted into feeling like we could just cut our way to financial solvency by eliminating our $5 daily latte habit. But at a certain salary point, there's nothing left to cut - and if you can somehow get yourself a $20k raise, that $5 latte becomes just a drop in the bucket.

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On How Writing This Column Helped Make Me Rethink My Grocery Spending

I'm having some trouble understanding how the McDonald's food list is "a ton" of food. I mean, all those items together are 1435 calories for the day. If you add dressing to the side salad, it's 1585. That's hardly "hulking adolescent boy levels" of food. What's with the normal-amount-of-food shaming?

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On "Shortsighted, Cheap, and Unethical: Cash Only."

The most annoying was the switchover initially with cab drivers, when they were first required to accept cards. Soooooo many of them bitched at me and whined "the card costs me money!" When I tried to use it to pay. The thing was, I wouldn't have taken a cab if I couldn't use a card, because is didn't have cash on me...and I always tip 30%, which should more than make up for the fees. Maybe they've caught on now, because I've gotten a lot less complaining recently when I use a card to pay.

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On The Ultimate Hummus Showdown

I want the recipe for the hummus and cheese sandwich! Ive never thought of putting hummus and cheese together - it sounds delicious.

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On Are Family Dinners Anti-Feminist?

I'm always surprised at the families that use the "whoever cooks doesn't have to clean" model. In my experience, that leaves no incentive for the cook to minimize dishes, and is more likely to result in the designated cleaner facing a wrecked kitchen. In my family, whoever cooks usually cleans as well, and then we alternate dinner nights between my husband and I. Realistically, I cook and clean up more often, since I work fewer hours and am home earlier...but I know if I don't have to clean up after myself, I'm much less likely to wash as I go, or be aware of excessive pot and utensil use.

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On The Cost of Things: One Year of Breastfeeding

Oh man, as someone about to take her 12 weeks of mat leave and then planning on returning to full-time office work, I have to say everything I hear about pumping makes me less than enthused. I really appreciate the honest look at the costs. My work does have a lactation room (...somewhere)but just the idea of hauling a pump to work every day, having to take breaks, having to store and schlep the milk...is formula really THAT much worse?

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