On The Billfold on the Billfold (Logan and Mike Get Meta)

It has been very nice to read the recent string of people openly talking about depression and trying to work it all out. I am very similar to Logan in that being my own boss can be harder than having a boss. I've found that a good way to cope is to trick yourself into thinking the same way that you have with a retail job. For instance, pick a coffee shop, or restaurant, or library, or even rent a studio space, or go to a friend's house, anywhere but home. Set your alarm clock, and make yourself get up and out, as if you were going to work there. Because you are going to work there. Once you've gotten in the habit of treating it like a job you can get fired from, it becomes easier to do on a day-to-day basis. You have to allow yourself Guilt-Free "sick days" or "mental health days" just like any other job, too. (Reduce the amount of obligations if you can't take the entire day off.) It's incredibly important, and easy to communicate.

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On How Do We Repay Our Parents?

You repay your parents, by being around to take care of them when they get too old to take care of themselves (and you). Obviously, that plan works out better for some than for others.

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