On Winnipeg, Manitoba: The Slurpee Capital of the World

The problem with slurpees is that they are from 7/11 so I refuse to believe Winnipeg is actually the capital although I do remember there being lots of 7/11s when I lived out west. I drink "slushies", known in Ontario as "frosters" from the Mac's chain of convenience stores. Those are the ones that are flavoured like pop while the Slush Puppy brand has generic flavours like cherry, grape, lime, bubble gum, etc. Also depending on what's on offer at your local convenience store, you can make some fun adult beverages by adding your own booze.

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On Some Costs Associated With My Roommate’s Boyfriend

shared bar soap is so traumatizing. I prefer bar soap for the environmental aspect and because I HATE paying for water, which you do in body wash, but I only use it when I am 100% certain that no one else would use the soap. I would hate for bar soap to be used in an uncertain sharing environment.

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On Would It Be Awkward to Offer My Coworker Some of My Bonus Money?

I'm Canadian and I'm suspecting that the friend in question isn't being classified as a "contractor" for income tax purposes. The use of the term "Department" and the fact this guy has been on contract for 3 years makes me suspect he's government or quasi-government. If this is the case - and I worked for a Crown Corp for a few years - then it really sucks the guy isn't getting a bonus and there's nothing that can really be done. Departments put a freeze on permanent hiring and then use people hired on contracts who make less money, work just as hard and don't get the benefits. I have a friend at the Crown Corp who finally just had enough and left - now he's making way more money at an organization that truly appreciate him. I hated working on contract while I was waiting for a permanent position. I got hired, primarily because I was bilingual - but it really sucked to bust my butt and watch people celebrate their bonus before I was hired full time. I NEVER would have expected someone to give me a portion of their bonus and it would have been majorly awkward if they did, especially if they were a peer. When I was put in the position I brought the friend out for drinks and paid, to thank him for the work he did to help me out, but I think I was the only person who did it and I didn't specifically say it was because of bonus season (though I'm sure he figured it out).

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On A Relationship Ends, But the Lease Does Not

I think the key is to determine what you want to do first - does your ex want to keep the apartment? Or do you both want a clean break? If the latter I would tell the landlords - I don't understand why you wouldn't, especially if they're a young couple, because I think it would only help your request. I would expect you and your ex to have to help them find new tenants though, which would be more than fair.

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On The One Percent of Battery Life on Our Phones

I have a portable power pack I bought a couple of years ago at an outdoors show. I acted like it was for a multiple day hiking trip like everyone else did but in reality it's for things like all day beer festivals and shenanigans.

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On Time vs. Money

Not trying to be difficult, but it's Douglas Coupland. Not David Coupland... the tag is right, but the first sentence isn't!

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On Places I've Lived: Above a Coffee House, a Subsistence Farm in Tuscany, and a Chain of Remote Islands

@BATS! I lived in a house on Henry St for the summer and I think it was one of my worst experiences ever. I found out that one of the guys in the house, a summer subletter, was a drug dealer. The boys were total slobs and the place was INFESTED. I wouldn't do laundry in the basement and I spent one night in my roommate's bedroom after a mouse wouldn't stop zipping around mine. Then when she was cleaning she found a dead mouse she had STEPPED ON and squashed. Awful, awful house. The landlord was the definition of slum lord. Lease said he would do the lawn care but he refused and got mad at us about it. It was just terrible. I moved back into residence for fourth year (did an exchange 3rd year) and worked as an RA. I wouldn't have been able to handle a full year of that.

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On Places I've Lived: Above a Coffee House, a Subsistence Farm in Tuscany, and a Chain of Remote Islands

Every single time I think about moving back to Halifax I remind myself of how every apartment there seems to be infested with mice. I think about how nice it would be to own one of those beautiful South End houses, and then I think about how every other house around is infested with mice so obviously it must be infested with mice. Also, King's. Ew. :P (Dal grad)

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On In Defense of the Gift Certificate

I would rather get cash then a gift card. I think it's more efficient - and I've read articles that back this up - because a significant number of gift cards remain unused. I'm in a position where I am paying off debt and focusing on paying off debt so $25 cash vs $25 to the bookstore ("you love to read!" - yes, but I also love the library so now I need to buy something to spend this money)... Well, I want the cash. Or a gift card to something useful like a grocery store because I need to eat. If you're not putting in the effort to physically buy me something then just do me the courtesy of giving me something useful instead. I've been waging war on the gift card in my family and the only one I ended up with this year was to the liquor store. A girls gotta have her craft beer. Same thing with buying a fine dining gc for someone going on a trip - what if they don't want to go to that restaurant? You're adding an obligation to their vacation and if they don't spend it the money is wasted.

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On You Can't Put a Price On Hurtling Through The Void

I am an avid scuba diver and have a drysuit (which is insanely expensive - the drysuit and the hobby), but apparently drysuits were only able to created due to zipper advances from the space program since both drysuit & space suits need waterproof, pressure resistant zippers.

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