On Monday Check-In: My Spending Rises

So my weekend did not start off super thrifty... $70 on ASOS.com. Dude, they were having a mega sale of 70% off and I couldn't resist. I get brownie points for waiting a couple months for a sale right? Yay, new dresses! $8 I had to work on Saturday and because I was feeling grumpy about it, I bought a chicken shwarma on my lunch break. $50 on sushi dinner with boyfriend. I treated. I am an awesome girlfriend. $3 Bought garlic and green onions and soy sauce for tomorrow morning's fried rice :) $28 Bought bike lights (very much needed for safety!) and fixed brake pads. $15 Went to a bar and bought whiskey sours and a bloody mary with a friend. It turns out the bar is owned by an ex-coworker and he treated us to a round. Good things do happen for those who drink! TOTAL: $174 I feel bad about my online shopping habits, but I refrained from spending too much on Sunday...and I didn't use my credit card. I don't get paid until the week after next, so I suspect that my spending habits will decrease by next weekend. *crossing fingers*

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On How Do We Repay Our Parents?

@Cavendish Thanks for this post. I totally agree with you. It is a problem that I wish I had as well. I came from a single parent household and asking for any money would be a burden on my mother...which is probably why I had a slew of shit jobs immediately after I turned 16. But at least she's not taking care of her grown daughter.

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On How Do We Repay Our Parents?

I am actually disappointed with this article. I know that this piece of writing was meant to be a very honest story about the unfettering love from her parents, but at one point in a person's life they need to grow up. You can actually refuse Mommy and Daddy's help, knowing that they need to concentrate on their own well-being. In fact, parents of older children are not adequately saving up money for their own retirement funds because they are selflessly giving money to their own children. Being a starry-eyed theater major is fine, but you can’t be starry-eyed about the magical parental money tree. Being independent is not just about helping yourself grow as an adult, but it’s also helping your family. I must say, it is a bit admirable that the writer has admitted all of this, because there are some kids out there that actually expect this kind of treatment and think nothing of it. My advice to someone who would like to pay their parents back is to simply move out, get a job that pays your bills and try not complain about it. Parents deserve their golden years.

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On My Bike Accident: A Study in Health Care Billing

I had a friend get hit by a moving car. He was running to a BART station during a green light and the driver smacked him straight on. He suffered some heavy bruises and a fair amount of pain. The sad thing is, is that he knew that he was uninsured and he might be liable for his injuries (running during traffic's right of way) so he managed to call a cab to his apartment. Rather than get proper medical attention from a clinic or hospital, he phoned his girlfriend to run and get a handful of bandages and pain pills from the local drug store. He estimated that he saved himself from a crazy medical bill that leave him more destitute than he already was. It's pretty sad that this is a 'smart' option to being in medical debt.

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