On Job of the Day: Pharmacist

@potatopotato I could've written this same comment, word for word! My dad always jokes that if he ever lost his job, he could get a new one on the way home. I can't even dream of that kind of job security.

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On Do You Have Any Mortgage Questions?

I have ALL the questions! I just sent an email. I hope this column goes up soon!

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On We're Anxious Decision-Makers Who Bought a House and Got a Dog

The Postscript! :( Seriously, though - as a dog owner (and hopefully, soon, a homeowner), this was a great read. I tend to make decisions similarly. I hope you guys can find a dog that fits your house and your lifestyle. I can't imagine life without my pup!

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On Economic Theory Explains Why First-Born Kids Are Way Less Cool

@wrappedupinbooks yes yes yes. Both of my younger brothers had a lot more freedom than me! I had to start working at 14, while they'll both coasted for a few extra years.

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On Amy Poehler's Summer Job

@WayDownSouth I haven't worked at Disneyland, but I did work at Disney World! You probably suspected this, but it is not very magical to work there (I worked in the parking lot, the least magical of all places). People are rude, and treat you poorly. Despite all that, I loved being so close to the parks all of the time, and I still love visiting!

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On Commuting to Work and Not Feeling Miserable About It

I haaaaate commuting, because I drive. Even if I'm listening to podcasts, it still makes me nuts. Unfortunately, there isn't really a public transportation option for me (I live in Metro Detroit), so I'm stuck driving. I would gladly take a (slightly) longer commute if it meant I didn't have to drive.

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On What Various People in Various Industries Wear to Work

Right now, I do jeans and cardigans, working for a publisher. I just got a new job where I've got to do business casual (not looking forward to it), so there it will slacks and cardigans! Basically, the easiest, most comfortable thing I can get away with.

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On How to Maintain Your Youthful Glow for Cheap

All of these, forever.

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On You Put a Ring On It, Good Job, Great Job

As the kids would say, I know those feels. Often times, I need to tell people about the wedding date for factual, practical purposes, but it always feels like I'm fishing for a congratulations. And, when I get a 'Congrats' I do appreciate it, but at the same time, I definitely don't deserve it, since I am the least bridely bride that ever brided. It's a weird place to be in.

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On Here is Your Open Thread

@Derbel McDillet I'm a contracted (through a temp agency) employee, so I get zero vacation days, and zero sick days. I do get a few national holidays paid for, though. I need a new job, but I've been sticking this one out hoping they'll bring me on as a regular employee.

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