On For the Love of Books

@Marille Hoarding books for a year so that others can't read them is a dick move. And, you know, directly opposed to what a library is for and about.

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On Tipping and Smiley Faces

@aetataureate Why not?

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On Debt in America

@forget it i quit I don't understand the cause-effect relationship here. Can someone explain?

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On Bosses I Have Had

But which one got the best work out of you, and why?

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On To Video Game Buyers, Longer Often Feels Better

@sea ermine I also judge movies that are way too long, like the Hobbit movies and Captain Phillips.

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On Great 2013 Movies to Stream This Long Weekend

@Susan Tidebeck Side Effects is an utterly ridiculous movie and a huge embarrassment for Soderbergh.

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On The Responsible Thief

@WayDownSouth 4 May 2012, so more like 18 months rather than 6.

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On The Power of Positive Thinking (When You're White)

@laluchita It *does* have comments; just click on the little numbers to the right of the paragraphs.

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On NYT On "The Working Life"

If she had invested her six-figure income wisely, she wouldn't have had to work anymore now that she's 62.

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On How Amazon Chooses to Fund a Streaming TV Series

Your surprise will quickly fade once you actually watch the Zombieland pilot, Mike. It was among the absolute worst of the bunch.

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