On A Father-Daughter Duo Answers Your Questions: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

As someone who has both attended grad school (I'm a few months away from defending my PhD) in a related field and taken the Foreign Service exam, I would strongly consider applying for the promotion. The application for the Foreign Service is brutal - maybe 1-2% of those who sign up for the test make it on the list. The test itself appears to be designed to weed out a lot of really smart, really well-rounded individuals. If you pass the test, the next round requires you to write several narratives about your various qualifications. Believe me, the Foreign Service wants people who have managerial experience. Managerial experience trumps a graduate degree, and I'm saying this as someone who has a ton of formal education, but not a lot of supervisory experience. Obviously, you do you, but what you want is largely immaterial to what employers want.

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On Your Bosses Think They Work Longer Than You Do

@seakelps I do this too! I'm writing my dissertation (plus I have a couple of part time jobs) and it helps me track what I'm spending time on.

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On The One Percent of Battery Life on Our Phones

A new addition to our campus this academic year has been charging lockers, where you can plug in your device(s) in a secure location. I haven't used one yet, but it seems pretty spiffy.

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On Measure to Cut Food Stamps "A Monumental Waste of Time"

I feel like "A Monumental Waste of Time" could be the motto of the House of Representatives.

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On Moving Via Public Transportation

@b13 I know. I am a movers evangelist. If I don't have enough in the moving budget to hire movers, I don't have enough to move. So sayeth my sanity.

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On Initially Nice But Later Incompetent And/Or Crooked Landlords

@wallrock Ah landlords in college towns... I think they're sure they can get away with it, as many of their tenants are young and naive. However, I must admit that I do my fair share of undergraduate bashing. Kids these days *shakes fist*.

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On Undecided/Undeclared

@WhyHelloThere While it's true that there are more evident opportunities for STEM students to be part of a research project, most of those opportunities tend to be circumscribed (washing equipment). In general, it takes hustle on the part of the student AND a commitment on the part of the research team to engage undergrads in research (which doesn't always happen). With humanities/social sciences, the opportunities for research aren't as visible, but there may be more flexibility.

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On Complaining and Flying

@stuffisthings رحلة سعيدة! Air France has burned me once too often, and DeGaulle has overtaken O'Hare as my most hated airport.

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On The Way We Were

@EvanDeSimone I teach a writing class for international undergrads, and we just finished a section on social media; most of the kids wrote about how beneficial social media could be. Many of them wrote about how they talk to their parents at least once a week. I told them that when I was a freshman, I talked to my parents maybe once a month. That may also include the difference between going to college 10,000 miles away versus going to college 200 miles away, though.

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On Walmart's Self-Inflicted Wound

@stuffisthings Sadly, I don't think that conscientious Wal-Mart objectors are a substantial slice of the market. However, I do think that in markets where there is some sort of competition (which I assume would be mostly suburban markets), cheaping out on labor insofar as it damages the consumer experience may cause them to lose market share. Whether that will be enough to trigger actual change is another thing. I'd like to think that businesses of all sorts will grasp that there's a law of diminishing returns when trying to extract more productivity from their employees (especially when attempting on the cheap). It takes longer for larger enterprises; a small business will generally go under quickly when they try what Wal-Mart does (turnover is expensive).

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