On When Movies Are Funded By Fans

@nogreeneggs That review was harsher than I'd intended...but I still stand by it. Poor Weevil :(

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On When Movies Are Funded By Fans

@E$ I'm also a huge VMars fan and contributed to the Kickstarter but I was NOT satisfied with the movie. I thought the plot was pretty ridiculous actually. I just find it hard to believe that Carrie Bishop would become a huge Gaga-esque pop star but then date two boys from high school (one of whom was the thieving butler's son?). I just didn't find that aspect at all plausible...it was just a thin excuse to get Logan involved. I thought the corrupt city officials side-plot was much more interesting and wish that had been the main plot, they still could have had the high school reunion and the cameos (I was pleased to see Corny - the stoner - make an appearance) but the plot was just too far fetched for my taste. Some of the cameo's didn't even make sense (looking at you Celeste Kane). I also thought there were just way too many "Easter eggs" and cutesy fan references. The bottom line was that I thought the story was really weak, and the movie was no where near as good as the show. Plus, the movie was kind of a downer! As a fan, I was really disappointed and saddened by where the movie left Weevil, Mac, and Wallace. Also, Jason Dohring's navy suit was too big for him. (Team Piz forever!)

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On Will You Still Love Me When I'm No Longer Young and Beautiful And Doing 1 Thing Successfully Each Thursday

@backstagebethy Ugh I just took my pup to her annual check-up/vaccination appointment and it cost me $96. It hurt, but she got some important vaccinations and my vet only charges for one office visit every year. So now if I need to go in for any reason for the rest of the year it's covered. Also, my vet praised me a ton on what good health my dog is in and how I'm such a good dog-mom so that made the $$ hurt less. Love getting praised.

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On Dick and Jane Both Work Hard, But Jane Pays the Bills

@eliza THANK YOU. This couple isn't getting by, they can only afford food by going into debt, that is not getting by ok! Maybe the arrangement was working out better a few years ago, but from the article it clearly hasn't been working for nearly 2 years.

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On Dick and Jane Both Work Hard, But Jane Pays the Bills

@SarcasticFringehead If he's eating anything other than what grows in their garden he tends I think Dick is expecting to be supported by Jane. He's made ZERO money for 3/4 of a year and the year before that he made barely enough to cover his half of the rent, how else would he expect to eat and live if not for Jane's income and support? Without Jane he wouldn't be able to afford housing or food. He has no livelihood, no way of providing life's necessities for himself.

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On Dick and Jane Both Work Hard, But Jane Pays the Bills

@ellabella Jane also mentions paying for Dick's supplies which would come out of that $580, aren't art supplies not cheap? If she's wracking up credit card debt just to pay for food I don't think their arrangement is really working out.

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On Dick and Jane Both Work Hard, But Jane Pays the Bills

@eliza I definitely agree with your comment. Sure I would love to spend all day every day making jewelry and knitting and traveling the world, but none of those things pay my bills. If I could find a way to make those things pay my bills that would be awesome, if not then they are just hobbies and things I like to do and not a livelihood. His art isn't making him any money, and it sounds like it's *costing* her money (she mentioned buying his supplies) so it's kind of ridiculous to me that he wouldn't get at least a part time job at this point.

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On Snap Reactions to New Federal Student Loan Rates

@Christy Uh yeah I took out loans between 2005 and 2009 and they were all at 6.8% so this seems neither shocking nor like a hardship to me. Also I'm so confused when people say they consolidated their loans to lock in a low rate. When I consolidated my loans (in 2009) they took the weighted average of all my loan interest rates. So my consolidated rate was 6.8%. Maybe it's not like that anymore, maybe you get whatever the new rate is in which case: Congratulations. How wonderful.

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On We'll Never Stop Worrying About Those Nest Eggs

@OllyOlly Right? I must be doing it wrong because it’s telling me I need to save 300% of my annual salary from now until I retire. Cool, I’ll get right on that. O.o And I’m actually actively saving for retirement in a 401k and IRA…and I’ll have a small pension. So I don’t get it is what I’m saying.

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On Ice Cream for Lunch: A Consideration

@yrouttasight I just got back from Italy and I had gelato for breakfast practically every day. And then for a snack. And then for dessert. Gelato all day every day basically! Yum :) This probably has nothing to do with it being an Italian thing and more to do with me being on the go and loving gelato an unhealthy amount.

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