On The Cost Of Mental Health Care for a Semi-insured 23-year-old

@laluchita AGREED. I am also very anti medication (for myself, I've seen it do wonders for others) and I have never had an LCSW mention medication but I have had a couple or psychologists insist that I meet with a psychiatrist immediately to get a script for anti-depressants.

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On The Cost Of Mental Health Care for a Semi-insured 23-year-old

@pandaonaplane Also, something else that helped me found a good therapist was considering the time of year I was searching. I know a lot of situations cannot wait but if you are not in crisis and seeking general counseling this can help. I live in a college town and was nearly laughed off the phone when I called in October (homesickness and mid term stress seem to cause a lot of mental health issues). When I tried my search again in February, I had 2 doctors call me back in less than aday saying they would take me a new patient.

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On The Cost Of Mental Health Care for a Semi-insured 23-year-old

Here's a tip that helped me out, find and LCSW in your area. LCSWs are Licenced Clinical Social Workers that provide clinical therapy and are usually far less booked than psychologists and most take insurance. Even if the LCSW can't provide you with the level of therapy that you require, they usually have connective resources to get you to the therapist can help you. They may even be able to get you in with that super booked not taking new clients until the next decade psychologist you initially contacted.

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On Where to Sit in a Movie Theater

I think I'm the only one who feels this way but I like sitting in the front row. No one sits next to me, I can't see people using their cell phones during the movie and I feel engulfed by what's going on on screen because it's literally the only thing I can see.

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On She Got Help And So Can You

@@fo I'll agree some of the things she said were over the top. However, I knew NOTHING of this girl before a before this Bling Ring movie was all over the place. From watching that clip from her reality show and reading some of the old interviews with her, it seemed like she was in a really bad spot. Maybe not panhandling on the streets, but definitely dealing with addiction. I hope she's found some sort of peace.

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On The Open-plan Office

I've never had an open office plan but when I first started working at my current job, I shared an office with another girl. Now I have my own office and I feel like I'm less productive. Even though my I spent some time talking to my former office mate, her presence held me accountable for staying on task. Now that I have my own space, there is no one to notice if I spend all afternoon looking at blogs and eating tootsie rolls. I think I would benefit from an open office plan as I obviously need someone to police my behavior.

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On She Got Help And So Can You

This was a really interesting read. I actually feel a large level of sympathy for Alexis if all this is the truth. She admits to a lot of ugly truths in the articles which is really hard to do. Addiction is horrible and soul shredding and can make you do despicable things with seemingly no mercy. I'm glad she's found some sort of peace.

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On What It Cost Me When My Boyfriend Died

This is fantastic. I can really relate. I'm dealing with the recent loss of an unborn child and I am doing similar things. In the past week I have spent hundreds of dollars on a massage, a pedicure, and endless online clothes shopping. I should not be doing any of this with my minimal salary but clicking "order" is the only thing that keeps me from crying at my desk. I know things like this gets better over time, but it really sucks right now.

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On Don't Get a PhD, Says Person With PhD

@Mae I got my a BA in Women's Studies in 2010. I know, I know. But like, bell hooks is my shit. I am now pursuing a Masters in Public Health. It was a tough road to get here. I didn't have the best grades in ungergrad and my first degree was in an "alternative" field. However, I spent 2 years working at a research institute (substance abuse and addiction studies) and did so much volunteer work that I basically had 2 jobs. When I finish my masters degree, I hope to continue addiction research via the National Institute on Health or National Institute on Drug Abuse. I never saw this path for myself when I was in undergrad, I figured I do a PhD in English or something (I had very little foresight at age 20)but I am glad that things are shaping up the way that they are. I have much better career prospects and earning potential has I not gone this route. All this being said, grad school is terrible and may make you want to end your life sometimes. However, for me it is a necessary step.

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On Don't Get a PhD, Says Person With PhD

@MissMushkila We are living very similar lives. Good luck to you and your boyfriend. It's stressful to be the emotional supporter during the PhD process. It will not always be like this.

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