On Here Is Your Open Thread

I would love to work out in the mornings, but Sleepy-Me is way too easily swayed by "Or... you could just keep sleeping!" Awake-Me is slightly more reasonable about the Things We Have To Do. In other news, I just sent in the final payment for my laptop!!! I'm really excited about this bonus monthly money I get to keep now; hopefully I can allot it somewhere practical.

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On Following Soccer Around Europe on $20 a Day

Aww, this is great! I was au pairing outside of Prague during Euro 2008, and took the train in to watch some of the Czech team's games, which were being broadcast in the big square in the city center. The night they lost in a last-minute heartbreaker, my friend had brought so many beers (and I, obligingly, consumed them) that I had to pee in a playground on my way home 'cause there weren't any public restrooms open. The beers were free, the memories... priceless.~

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On Want to Be a Netflix Tagger?

Yeahhhh, I'd have to imagine by the time an assignment reaches someone that they're actually paying to WATCH the whole film (as opposed to it being well-known enough that other people along the pipeline would have seen it already and could write about it), it's not likely to be She's All That or Game of Thrones or anything fun, sadly. It still sounds awesome though.

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On Friday Estimate

@Heather F G ahaha that's amazing! Both are equally good advice, I think.

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On Friday Estimate

I just got YNAB, so I'm hoping my laziness in not wanting to input the numbers will work out and I'll curb some unnecessary spending in places. Saturday I'm going to a friend's housewarming party, so I'll say $20 for a bottle of wine or something more fun as a gift. Sunday I'm watching the Mexico - Netherlands game at a good mole place, so I'll say $20 for mole and mezcal (I acknowledge it's breakfast time, but it's the World Cup, so it's fine). Maybe an extra drink if they lose (or if they WIN). $40ish for groceries at some point over the weekend, maybe $10-15 of my invisible spending cash on snacks, coffee, and food.

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On Do 1 Thing (And a Report on a Successful Thing!)

I had a 1-Thing-Extravaganza last night: I finally bought and set up You Need a Budget, added every card/loan/bill payment I could to go through automatic billing instead of manual, and updated all those payments to make sure they're coming out of my secondary checking account, and not my "fun spending money except those two bills I always forget about" checking account (now solely the "fun spending money" checking account).

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

The only thing that could possibly make me hate doing laundry more is if I had to pay more than a cent over the bare minimum for the privilege of doing it!

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On Four (And One) Items I Regretted Wearing to My First Job

@Allison I compromised with myself and replaced a couple of my Target tees with their equivalent Banana Republic versions! I caught one of those "extra 40% off sale items" deals, so they ended up only being around $12, which seemed within an acceptable range of the Target ones. Plus they're thick and super soft. They DON'T have the tiny useless pocket though, so you will have to carry tiny, tiny things in your pants pocket or purse.

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On Four (And One) Items I Regretted Wearing to My First Job

Ughhhh, my sophomore year I had a swanky Conde Nast internship and I totally shudder to think the types of things I would wear to that (in addition to slyly filling my bag with chips and soda from the break room every time I went). I think my main uniform at the time was Old Navy/Target t-shirt, cargo capris, and flip flops. And I wasn't used to traveling off campus at all during the winter, so I totally did not have any office-appropriate winter shoes... I definitely wore combat boots under jeans a couple times. And I think once I rolled down the cargo pants, because that's totally the same things as slacks, right? I have trouble watching The Devil Wears Prada to this day because it still feels So Real.

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On Who's Going to Watch the World Cup at Work?

[[Omg, have I really been at this job for four years??? Jeez.]] Anyway, in 2010 my boss happened to be out of town for a good portion of the matches, and since we shared an office at the time, I just set up her computer with a live stream. That way I was still working, but could be cued to any excitement by the announcers. On days when I'm not alone, I just keep a window open with a Yahoo UK live match report in the corner of my screen that keeps me alerted to most of the major action, albeit in text form. Twitter seems to have some special World Cup features this year, so I'll be interested to see how that works.

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