On Dating Using Discounts

Yeah, if it's somewhere you already know and love, and you just happened to find a coupon for it, that's cool... if you only picked it 'cause you knew you'd get $20 off, that seems like a potentially odd first impression. Especially on a first date, I'd much rather go somewhere that at least one of the people knows will actually be good, even if that means stepping down a Zagat star to something a little cheaper. That being said, if it was a Groupon for an "experience" that you'd never done—go-karting or whale watching or pottery painting or whatever—that seems totally natural and depending on how it was booked, the Groupon might not even come up?

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On How Do You Split the Cost of a Group Trip?

@cmcm I still have nightmares about my roommate's "fun night in" split-expense homemade taco dinner— which cost each of us something like 25-30 bucks, 'cause she charged us all for the fancy olives she liked, the fancy peppers she liked, etc. etc. etc...

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On Driver Roll Up the Partition Please Don't Need You Seeing Yonce Doing 1 Thing

@muggles And YESTERDAY, I called my health insurance to see why they kept canceling my prescription orders. Apparently since I panicked and applied through the health care marketplace twice when I didn't get a confirmation immediately, they canceled my first health plan (even though I'd paid the first month's premium) since they had received a second application afterwards. So, uh... don't do that.

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On Driver Roll Up the Partition Please Don't Need You Seeing Yonce Doing 1 Thing

I called the DMV to make sure they had received my renewal, as I sent it a few weeks ago and the check hadn't even been cashed yet. It was all very efficient: they picked up in about 5 minutes of hold time, the lady asked me a few informational questions, and then told me my payment was indeed in their system, being processed, and I'd get my stuff next week. Go (uncharacteristically efficient) DMV!

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On Do You Need to Give a Full Two Week Notice When Quitting a Job?

Ha! I was in a similar situation a few years back, EXCEPT I hated my boss/the job, didn't plan to ever use him as a reference ever ever ever, and had arranged a new job that needed me to start in a little over a week. My boss didn't show up for a few days (even after my, "Hey... are you coming in today jw") so I finally just emailed him my notice. He emailed back "ok." I had already started wrapping out my work and finding a replacement by the time he finally came in the next week, so at least I had everything pretty much ready to go. I had only been there for about two months though, and from what I understood, his assistant turnover was quite high so the process didn't seem to phase him much.

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On When We Took the SAT

Yeahhh, I totally had no idea you were supposed to study for SATs when I took them. I think I thought they were the same as those statewide standardized tests you took in class? Anyway, my family couldn't have afforded prep courses or anything, and in fact, I felt bad taking all those additional subject tests (20 bucks a pop!) even though I needed them for my colleges. I only ended up taking the SATs once, partly because I did fairly well, partly 'cause I didn't want to make my mom pay another $100 to improve my score 20 points.

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On Rejected

@gelatinouscube "Your work looks like it was done from four different perspectives. Resubmit when you have learned to draw torsos."

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On Let 1 Thing Go

I would definitely suggest keeping the feature, BUT I don't know that we necessarily need you to post a real-life example from yourselves every week? Maybe style it more like the open threads, where it's more just Here is the Post Have Fun.

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On Thoughts While Taking a Copyediting Test

I once took a copyediting test at a tiny newspaper where I was apparently the ONLY one to notice that they spelled a country's name wrong and I DIDN'T GET THE JOB.

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On A Few Ways S.F. Tech Can Work to Be Hated Marginally Less

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