On Everything About Being An Assistant Is Awful

These are some hard truths for 27 year-old admin assistant me, working in a sexy industry in a very, very unsexy job, excelling at all the meaningful projects and failing at a lot of the executive support stuff. All while every friend and family member asks, constantly, when I'm getting promoted, or why don't I just leave.

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On An Update From the Wealthy Retiree

What kind of windfall is the equivalent of winning a few million dollars in the lottery? This guy must be a magical spy of some sort. So mysterious.

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On Return of the "Good Guy Discount"

I tried the good guy discount pitch, word for word, at a bowling alley, just for kicks. It didn't work. I don't know why not. I mean, I'm a good guy, he was a good guy, what's the problem.

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On Working Through the Grunt Work

Needed this desperately today. Thank you.

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On Childless Old Man Tells Us Being Childless Is Selfish

Do dogs count? I think dogs should count.

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On Deciding to Buy Renters Insurance

@appletree Cool, let me just clear my month to get this all done. Just joking on the snark. These are great ideas and I am impressed. Can you come over and do it for me?

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On How a Person Who Recently Transitioned Careers Does Money

Jealous jealous jealous jealous jealous. Good job.

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On Meeting The Me That Could Have Been

Meeting those people is so frustrating. That is basically my work day every day, and to make it worse, I stalk people in my industry on social media and a local industry blog. I could have been you, if I had just gotten an internship earlier in college! I could have been you, if my literature professors had ever once, just once, mentioned jobs. I could have been you, if I had known it was an option.

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On In Search of a Deal on Wheels

Hey, that was my weekend too! And now there's a new car in my garage, but I took the bus to work today, because my parking card isn't effective until the 15th and while I can spend tens of thousands of dollars on a new car, I can't pay $13 a day for parking even for a few days. That is because the car = new life, funded by inheritance, and parking = old life. I don't know why. Paying cash is a weird position to be in. The whole thing was weird. So I researched for a year, went to one dealership, drove one car, negotiated down $1,000 and walked away with one less check in my checkbook. Buy the car. Then you can do things like doctors appointments and dog play dates.

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On How I Changed My Life and Became a Cheesemaker in Three Difficult Years

So jealous. I love my little family, but pets and a relationship are a big factor keeping me at my office job and away from my farm dreams. Also I look terrible without the help of a hair dryer.

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