On How David Shapiro, Creator of Pitchfork Reviews Reviews, Does Money

This is perfect timing as I was just trying to explain to a friend what normcore is, and now I can send her this photo. ....in all serious, this was a great read.

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On The Young Professional's Closet

Blazers are the answer. Jeans and a cute trendy tank top with weird straps from junior section at Macy's are totally fine when paired with a blazer. They are the answer.

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On A Father-Daughter Duo Answers Your Questions: Balancing a Relationship With Financial Differences

As long as I keep hitting up Gap every week and he soaks up beer and cigarettes like a cactus in the sun, there will be no combining of finances. No, no, no, no, no. My amazing wardrobe/giant credit card balance is my own problem. So is my student loan debt. As long as he pays for half the dog food and most of the dinners out, I'm happy.

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On From Botanical Gardens Intern to Anthony Bourdain's Assistant

Best one yet. SO INTERESTING and so so educational about how to make it happen for yourself. Very curious about her husband's job and their finances, and what happened to the student loan debt and credit card debt.

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On A $124,421 Student Debt Story

I just am not willing to make the sacrifices required for accelerated debt repayment - shitty food, old clothes. I suppose that's easy for me to say, since I "only" borrowed $30,000 for school, but I just...nope, not doing it. It feels like paying $350 a month should be enough, and it's sad that it just isn't.

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On A $124,421 Student Debt Story

As if a person with the name "Chadwick Matlin" would find anything but success.

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On My No-Bullshit Hiring History: Kitchens, Concert Halls, Banks and More

Extremely impressed by his ability to stick out at the bank for four years.

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On Cats vs. Dogs: The Dollars and Sense Edition

Oh my god, dogs are more expensive. Although I think our relationship to dogs plays a part. I've been thinking about writing a piece for The Billfold about this, actually. I just adopted a dog two months ago, way before I was financially ready. I told myself I couldn't get a dog until my credit card debt was paid off, but then...her face!!!!!!! And now, my finances...ugh. So many hidden costs of pet ownership. Broken tooth! Insane summer shedding! Rug cleaning! AHHH!

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On Every Job Ive Had: Data Entry, Dog Food Factory, And an Almost-Architect

Cool, just gonna go drown myself in a well now. The last sentence of this post is so depressing. Your trajectory is not, because it's so normal and so universal. I want to sent it to a friend and say, "It's totally fine that you are temping." but I'd feel like a patronizing jerk, which is how I felt last night when we were discussing his temp job and I said, "You know, that sounds good! The medical supply industry is actually really big! You can leverage this." What I want to know is, what happens after the temping? What happens after Berlin? Are we all just waiting to retire, and if so, how many of us know what we're waiting to retire from? I sure don't.

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On Summer Fridays Past and Present

We have summer Fridays but they don't start until June. Yet today, almost everyone is gone, and I saw my coworker's tiki bar patio photo on Facebook. I am in the office taking his calls. GOD DAMN ENTRY LEVEL JOBS.

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