On How Much Can Dog Walkers Make? How About $120,000/Year

That is for sure the one dog walker making it work. Also, are these jobs specific to the Orange County area because if so, well, you've seen The OC. Also a dog walker who owns a business is in a very different position than the part-timers employed by said business. If anybody has any great resources about how to actually thrive as a dog walker, please share. My dream is to quit my job and be a dog walker, but I don't think I can live on 20k, so there you go. Dream deferred. At this point, it's my plan for a second act career in retirement.

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On "Is There Anything More Ironic Than Coming to Live in Des Moines"

For real, my friends posted that National Journal article on Facebook and I stupidly wrote a snarky comment in reference to the guy pictured (he had quite the hairstyle/piercings combo) and a friend messaged me to say "Hey, we went to school with that guy, he is definitely Facebook friends with me and others." So I had to delete it. And then the same guy was in the NY Times article. Lessons learned: it's a small world; don't post mean things on Facebook; people on the internet are actually just people; all journalists seem to have this one guy on speed dial as "hip young Iowa resident"

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On Job Of The Day: Holiday Dog Sitter

Also for real, have been planning a post about Dog Vacay for The Billfold for years. Still writing it....

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On Job Of The Day: Holiday Dog Sitter

I dogsit through Dog Vacay! I started in 2012, before I had my own dog, and I had so much fun hanging out with dogs all the time. I met so many people and did so many fun things with the dogs. The first year, I made around $5,000. I don't do it much these days as I have a less flexible work schedule and a dog of my own, but it's been a pretty big part of my life ever since I started. There are crazy stories. The woman who gave me $10 to take her dog and myself out to ice cream (the dog had a scoop of vanilla and loved it). The things people feed their dogs - pumpkin to stay regular, apple cut into one-inch cubes. The pet names (Pilsner. Brewski. A dynamic duo named Splash and Bunsen). It spiraled, and soon family and friends and coworkers were asking me to dogsit. I thought about starting a business but ended up scaling back as my own life moved forward. But I still have great clients, although my absolute favorite dog ever moved to Texas. I miss her all the time. It is a good side gig. Now that I'm doing it less, I was really surprised by how much I was relying on that extra income.

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On I Am Not My Resume

Ugh, I hate the bias against having multiple jobs on a resume. That was an issue when I was hired for my current job. At the time, I was 25 - they're seriously alarmed that I hadn't worked anywhere longer than 1.5 years?

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On Checking the Transactions

I just did an hour and a half for a year-old internet bill that is suddenly in collections. Once the customer service rep said "I understand you don't want to pay it, but you have to." I lost all resolve. I guess I forgot to pay a bill when I moved. But an hour and half, come on!

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On Getting the Paper

I got a Sunday subscription to my local paper via Groupon. $20 for a year, crazy!!! It has vastly improved my Sunday mornings. Love it.

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On Love and Nostagia for the Cheaper Stuff

I have updated mac and cheese for the sophisticated adult palate by topping it with crumbled sea salt and black pepper potato chips. It is divine.

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On The Cost of Running in My First 5K

Darn, you beat me to this post! I'm running my first marathon this weekend and have been watching the "sporting goods" category on Mint.com explode. I have spent so much money on running gear, registrations, post-long run pizzas..... I swear by Old Navy and Gap activewear and never pay full price.

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On Reconsidering a Living Situation

If home is important to you, then spending money on home is a good move. I love being at home and would rather be home or with my dog than anywhere else. So, I spend more on rent and live in a very nice neighborhood, in a nice duplex, near lakes where I run and near a dog park. I pay $200 more a month than I did at my last place and it is so worth it.

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