On Beth Lisick On "Maybe This is My Thing!"

AHHHHHH!!!!! I haven't read this post yet but I am SO EXCITED to see Beth Lisick mentioned here! Somehow I stumbled across one of her books when I was in high school and totally fell in love with her, and I've been wondering what she's up to/if other people loved her too. She is super, super cool.

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On Should We Pull The Plug On All This And Buy A Bookstore, Y/N?

That's the beach town I went to growing up and the bookstore I frequented. It is LOVELY.

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On The Art of Asking for a Discount

I thought the good guy discount story on This American Life was hilarious. I love the stories when Ira is totally fascinated and amused by something. Plus, Ben Calhoun was so terrible at asking for the discount. Anyway, it turned into a bit of a running joke for my boyfriend and I. We mentioned it to each other sometimes, and finally, we tried it, word for word ("I'm good guy, you're a good guy) at a bowling alley. It didn't work, but the cashier had a good laugh.

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On Moving From Fast Fashion to a Few Quality Pieces

three percent, hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha yeah right, so much more.

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On Thoughts After Overhearing That My Coworker Makes $10K More Than Me

Oh god, that picture! Thoughts After Learning That Intern Emily Is Coming to Take Your Job and Be Better Than You, Better Than Everyone.

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On Should I Take a One-Year Dream Fellowship, Or a Great Job Offer From a Private Company?

Fellowship! Adulthood is long. After bouncing around different full-time jobs, at 26 I finally work at a company I'd love to be at for a long, long time, and I wish I had done more fun stuff before landing. There aren't that many times in life when it's so simple to just GO, so just go!

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On How Did You Get That Awesome Job?

My job was posted on LinkedIn. I'm not a very active LinkedIn user, but I saw the job posting and applied via email as always. Worked out! Previous jobs were Craigslist (turned out to be awful, no good marketing agency recruits via Craigslist) and a local nonprofit job board.

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On Our Adult Wardrobe

For me, it's all about Gap Slim Crop pants, in black. Those are the difference between professional and casual. I can wear whatever on top and with those pants, I feel put together. Buy them on sale, buy them often, go to work. The biggest shift for me has been suddenly finding H&M and Target pieces very unattractive. There are some good basics, but some of the trendier pieces are made with such terrible fabric. I'm 26, and it was really this year that I started finding things I'd normally buy totally unacceptable.

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On Monday Check-in

It turns out that painting almost the entire interior of 2+ bedroom apartment is very expensive. There'stthe paint, but there's also the endless hardware store trips - random screwdrivers, tray liners that fit the paint tray a coworker lent me (none do). AND SNACKS. So many snacks. Learned two things: painting is worth it, but expensive, and cheap pizza is not worth it. Always pay the extra $5-10 and order from the nicer pizza place. Can't wait to do it all again next weekend...

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On It's Time to Ask for a Raise

@Marge God, that sucks. Just thinking about such categories (satisfactory, excellent, above average) fills me with deep, deep anxiety.

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