On Simulating Wealth and Poverty in Junior High

@Samantha Something about this is cracking me up. The Reality Store! Reminds me of The Jerk Store comment in Seinfeld. So when I'm browsing the sale section at Madewell.com, I'd get a message: "The Reality Store called, they'd like a word with you."

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On An Interview With Someone Who Got Fired for Not Having a 'Hunger for Marketing'

My whole take away from this is basically just that work sucks, being an employee sucks, marketing kind of sucks, life sucks, and this interview moves me one tiny step closer to leaving the office world and becoming a dog walker. Sounds like this person had a really awful experience, and I think we can all relate. It's hard to not like the taste of the Kool-Aid.

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On How To Get Our Belongings of Questionable Worth Across The Country

I'm from Portland but moved away and it's such a nice place to live. So happy for you. You are going to love it!

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On The Cost of Owning a Pit Bull in the City, Pt. 1

@garli Sigh. The rational, good advice I'm hoping to avoid. It always comes back to a crate.

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On Money I Spent To Make Money Teaching Yoga

I'm going to finish reading this and so far it is interesting and I'm really looking forward to reading it BUT the phrase "yoga-inspired jewelry" makes me want to barf for about ten thousand years.

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On Living Together to Save Money

@EM That is a good idea. I'm getting tired of the "I paid for this, you pay for that" thing. I feel like it leads to resentment.

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On Living Together to Save Money

@lemonhead3159 You should move in together! My boyfriend and I had been dating for about 2.75 years and lived literally one block away from each other for most of that time. Eventually I moved to an apartment about a mile away, and then we saw each other a lot less. When it became clear that I could not live in that terrible apartment longer than the lease, we moved in together. It has been great, mostly. Sounds like you guys are ready! And there is your free advice from a stranger on the internet. I heard this story on NPR this weekend and it freaked me about because it made me wonder if I was ignoring the possibility of breaking up just because we live together. I don't want to break up, but I am only 26 and there are some issues (not related to living together) that perhaps I'd feel more free to explore if we didn't live together. BUT living together has made daily life MUCH MUCH BETTER.

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On The Cost of Owning a Pit Bull in the City, Pt. 1

Loved reading this - new dog owner myself. The costs are never-ending, but I also buy nice food and treats and cat litter and am the type of person who orders stroller lights from Amazon with the intention of clipping them to the dogs collar so she can be seen during night walks. And my boyfriend flips out, FLIPS OUT, whenever anything happens and immediately takes the dog to the vet for a $64 appointment. But the dog (and my poor, forgotten-about cat) make life so, so, so much better. Although they change life a lot. Why would I want to go out to a bar when I can be home with my dog? Why would I go to brunch when we could take the dog for a long walk? There is also the unfortunate "Why would I snuggle with my partner when I can snuggle with the dog?" If anybody has tips for getting the dog off the bed, let me know. Pretty soon we're going to have to get a bigger mattress.

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On "I survived the cancer but was fired from my job"

Quitting my job at The Container Store is one of my big regrets in life.

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On The Cost of Halloween, Part 2: Candy and Parties

I feel so much better knowing you also went through two bags of candy corn in October. I thought I was the only one who ate that much. I mixed it with popcorn and apple slices and it was delightful.

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