On Our Money Daydreams: Faith and a Truly Unlimited Bus Pass

Well, this makes me feel strangely privileged as my bus pass actually never does run out of bus fare! When it gets low, which happens monthly, it renews automatically, and my company pays for it! And since I actually manage all our bus passes at work, I know when it renews. Although I suppose part of the magic is that I don't really do anything except for go to work and go home, so the amount of bus fare on my work-subsidized pass is enough for daily life. Dreams can come true!

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On Chatting About Crocs, Y'all

Getting along just fine in Minneapolis without a car thanks to bus, bike and Car2Go. And great footwear - especially LL Bean boots in winter and Bass shoes in summer. Lusting after Dansko mary-janes hard.

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On I Got a Great Clip at Great Clips

I always bring a photo of Emma Stone. It's not even intentional - I don't really like her that much. But whenever I google the haircut I want, it always ends up being her.

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On Baby Carrots, Evil or The Most Evil?

Big carrots are so much better. So much better. But they take prep work, and while I usually refuse to buy baby carrots, sometimes I go through a weird phase in which I decide I need to simplify my life and cut down on food prep time. So I buy a bunch of baby carrots, for home and for work. And then I regret it because they are watery and terrible and don't taste like anything.

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On Saving Gangnam Style

Also how much money do they make? Also where did the other $40,000 in Korea go - student loan payments? Also why I am so, so terrible at making sacrifices in order to pay down debt compared to people in these stories.

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On The Value of College, in Chart Form

"In her first year after college, the college grad is earning $40,405." Well.......SOME college grads are. This one sure as hell wasn't.

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On Surprise! Women Are Criticized More Personally in Performance Reviews

I feel this so hard. My reviews are almost always focused on my personality - my boss declare who I am, how I am, etc. It's almost never about what I do and it drives me crazy. Even when she is declaring me good things - You're a giver. You're nice. - it's so personal, invasive and frustrating. Today is just wallow about my boss day. Ugh.

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On Going Above and Beyond Doesn't Help You

Really shouldn't have read this right before my boss returned from vacation and told me all the things I did wrong while she was gone, rather than thanking me for all the things done right. And the worst part is she's always right, but sorry, I'm not perfect. UGHHHHHH MICROMANAGING BOSSES ARE THE WORST.

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On Help a Reader Choose Her Health Care Plan

HSA = Warby Parker allowance. Also covers the anti-anxiety meds needed to help pick the right frames.

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On Vision Benefits

I do not have vision benefits, but my health insurance covers an annual eye exam. Then, I use my HSA account for the rest. I contribute $60 pre-tax each paycheck, and my employer contributes $80. Luckily, I've got simple near-sightedness so Warby Parker glasses work for me. Since I don't really have any other health costs except for anti-anxiety meds, I basically treat my HSA account as my Warby Parker account. Plus I got contacts that I only wear for intense workouts, an hour at a time. After all the vision insurance red tape I've dealt with in the past, it is so simple to manage that payment and budget on my own. HSA is amazing! Let's just hope I don't buy so many glasses that I've got nothing left when something serious comes up, or when I'm 65 and can withdraw that money for non-health purposes.

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