On "I survived the cancer but was fired from my job"

@jquick WOW, that last line was the perfect encapsulation of @jquick in all his/her glory

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On Going "Gluten Free" is for Rich People

What? I know a bunch of celiacs and the *last* thing they do is proselytize! Some of them gaze longingly at beer, if they were old enough to drink it pre-diagnosis, but for most of them it's just how life is.

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On Living Together to Save Money

@caryatis I had similar feelings until it came time for me to actually do the thing... I wrote a 5-paragraph essay further down the thread.

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On Living Together to Save Money

@steponitvelma that would scare me a little because what if he goes crazy and runs off and spends $20k on your shared credit card? I have a problem with disaster thinking though.

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On Living Together to Save Money

@honey cowl Also we share expenses by writing everything on a blackboard and then dividing by two, since we make basically the same amount. Everything is still separate but I assume this will change once our engagement is a little less new.

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On Living Together to Save Money

Oh man I have SO MANY THOUGHTS ON THIS. My BF (actually now he's my fiancé which I am not used to saying) and I moved in together over a year ago after dating for 3+ years. We talked it to fucking DEATH because that's how we are, but I was so so nervous and scared to move in without a commitment like @caryatis said above. I pretty much knew I wanted to marry him and didn't want to move in without moving back out again. But he wasn't quite ready at that point and I felt like I was taking this huge risk. We probably could have not lived together another year and still turned out just fine, but it was honestly the best timing ever as we went through a really hard period starting literally the day we got our new apartment. Nothing related to our relationship, but a bunch of people dropped dead, I had some job insecurity, I had some health issues, he had surgery... Living together meant not having to worry that the toilet wouldn't be clean or there would be no dinner on the table, because we worked together as a team to make a household so much better than roommates did. We were both just so. much. happier. living together than sharing a house with roommates, and now the kitchen is always clean and we have a cat. Caveat: rent is rising so fast in my city that we paid literally the same for 1bd we share as we both paid for our rooms in much larger apartments with roommates. That part sucks. Second caveat: This trial-by-fire method doesn't really work if you're just moving in for the money, or for the convenience... you have to be pretty solid relationship-wise first. BLAH BLAH BLAH.

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On Airbnb: Bad For New York, Great For Me

@Meaghano Move there!!! PNW is best.

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On Will the Fireball Whisky Recall Affect Sales?

Thank you all for the interesting education! the first google link appears to back me up but what do I know? I find whisk(e)y abhorrently sweet!

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On Will the Fireball Whisky Recall Affect Sales?

Isn't it "whiskey" since it's not Scottish? Or do I not understand the difference between the two?

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On On Engagement Ultimatums

@Allison I am also terrible at surprises but he loves watching me squirm!

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