On How to Find 'the One' (Purse)

That is an excellent purse. I want to buy it now.

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On Do 1 Thing, Which if You're Me Probably Has Something to Do With Taxes

Did you ever mention who your CPA is Nicole? I'm looking for someone and live in the same area.

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On Want a Free College Education? Show Up to Class and Don't Get Caught

I went to a small school and never had a class larger than 30 or so... I feel like an interloper would have been noticed!

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On Who Pays Your Funeral Expenses If You Die in Debt

@BornSecular I am young too but feel really strongly that I want to be cremated. Having the body at the funeral makes it so much worse for the living, in my experience. (Though I totally respect that your mileage may vary on this.)

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On Do Whatever You Want With Your Discretionary Income

@LatteGuilt I have a latte problem too. I was complaining about it to my fiancé the other night and he basically just gave me the same talk Mike did. I am trying to feel better about it!

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On Parks and Rec and Money

@Erica I was a bit sad about Donna's wedding dress. I wanted something RIDONKULOUS and instead it was weirdly modest and ill-fitting.

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On One Shall Be the Thing Thou Shalt Do, and the Number of the Thing Shall Be One

@Mercy that was me for YEARS. I promise it's worth it.

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On A Last-Minute Guide to Buying Health Insurance

@JesseFarrar I am happy for you that your experience was good! I am not over my bitterness at how many hours of my life were wasted yet, clearly.

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On A Last-Minute Guide to Buying Health Insurance

I can't even begin to discuss how awful my experience was getting coverage NOT during open enrollment on my state exchange. I cannot exaggerate how incompetent literally everyone I spoke to was. Super sad, because I am a big fan of health care for everybody, but after that experience, I sort of get why republicans hate it? Anyway, don't quit your day job/get dropped from your insurance plan/get married etc if it's not during open enrollment! I'M SO SERIOUS.

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On The Cost of Vacation, Part 3: Perfume and Makeup

@Erica I LOVE IT. (Not as much as Chance but still.) I would wear it if it weren't so $$$$$

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