On Parks and Rec and Money

@Erica I was a bit sad about Donna's wedding dress. I wanted something RIDONKULOUS and instead it was weirdly modest and ill-fitting.

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On One Shall Be the Thing Thou Shalt Do, and the Number of the Thing Shall Be One

@Mercy that was me for YEARS. I promise it's worth it.

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On A Last-Minute Guide to Buying Health Insurance

@JesseFarrar I am happy for you that your experience was good! I am not over my bitterness at how many hours of my life were wasted yet, clearly.

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On A Last-Minute Guide to Buying Health Insurance

I can't even begin to discuss how awful my experience was getting coverage NOT during open enrollment on my state exchange. I cannot exaggerate how incompetent literally everyone I spoke to was. Super sad, because I am a big fan of health care for everybody, but after that experience, I sort of get why republicans hate it? Anyway, don't quit your day job/get dropped from your insurance plan/get married etc if it's not during open enrollment! I'M SO SERIOUS.

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On The Cost of Vacation, Part 3: Perfume and Makeup

@Erica I LOVE IT. (Not as much as Chance but still.) I would wear it if it weren't so $$$$$

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On Working According to Our Circadian Rhythms

@steponitvelma I work from home so I usually go for a run during my afternoon slump. It really helps. If only all employers were down with this.

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On Working According to Our Circadian Rhythms

Like 10-4. which is problematic because employers usually want you to work more than that.

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On Talking to a Millennial Homeowner

I would love to be a homeowner! But DOWN PAYMENT you guys. I agree with her first two reasons... but down payment.

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On Mr. Biscuit's Rotten Summer

Oh my god, Mr. B! I'm so happy he's okay and so sad he can't live forever. My cat (not the one pictured.....) has some chronic medical issues and taking her to the vet is just the worst. My heart goes out to you!

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On All Right So How Should We Pay For College Then

My hope is by the time my kids are grown (we plan to have them in the next 5 years), the college bubble will have burst and the whole ridiculous system will collapse.

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