On I Spent $400 On A Man's Watch -- And I Feel Great About It

@Lexie I did that! Two thumbs up. (Except at the beginning of the engagement when he would pout that no one wanted to see his watch like they did my ring.)

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On The Cost of Driving My Parents Home from the Hospital


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On It's Engagement Season! Does Your Ring Come At A Heinous Cost?

I have a lab-created diamond!! I love it! It was cheaper, though not actually *cheap*, sadly.

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On All the Internet I Need Is on My Smartphone

@EA_Mann Sadly no!!! But texting my boyfriend who did have internet and a smartphone served the same purpose??? (It was temporary which is the only reason I survived without it)

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On Let's Talk About Philanthropy


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On Let's Talk About Philanthropy

One thing I love to do is donate blood. Even when you are the brokest (which thankfully I no longer am), you can give an important (and literal) piece of yourself every 8 weeks. Good solution, maybe, for those who want to give but no longer can?

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On "What About Presents?": How My Relationship Changed When We Merged Finances

@steponitvelma This is what my fiancé and I do too -- put a set amount of $$ in the joint account every month (really, every week for me; twice a month for him, since that's when we get paid). I think once we're married we plan to move direct deposit to our joint account, and then transfer "allowances" out to our personal accounts.

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On All the Internet I Need Is on My Smartphone

I lived without it for a year, and didn't have a smartphone at the time. I read a lot.

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On The Cost Of Things: Going From NY To DC And Back Again

East coast tolls, man. They confuse and baffle me.

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On When Teens Commute to Part-time Jobs

@PeggyDear Maybe so? I played a varsity sport and got good grades in addition to working, so it's very surprising for me to hear that there simply isn't time for work. I got a lot more value in my identity as a worker than as a student from a very early age. When I think about my future children and the values I want them to learn, working and budgeting are high on the list.

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