On My Husband Wants Me to Make a Budget But I Don't Want to Make a Budget

@kellyography Me three. But I have intuitively stayed just barely within my means, no matter how much I make. Something in my brain goes, "Dude, what are you gonna need $2,500 in savings for? You could die tomorrow so buy a bunch of booze and eat out with friends, knock that stockpile down to $1,200 in no time." And it always does.

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On Why Don't I Give Money to Poor People?

@themmases There were a few dudes in Chicago I'd give money to and say, "But you gotta promise to buy booze with this".

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On The Y Generation's "Culture of Transparency"

@Lorelei@twitter Exactly. It's kind-of preventative maintenance on the employer's part to ensure collective bargaining is nowhere near happening. Wage slave driving 101.

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On A Friendly Chat With a Rich Person (Household Income: $360,000)

I didn't finish reading because I get worked up about people spending a lot money on a many frivolous things. Not sure if this was covered further down, but if you have a lot of guilt about considering yourself rich, maybe give to a charity or become a member of an organization you believe in. Donate to causes. It might feel good.

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On How I Fell Out a Window and Into a Domestic Partnership

If you haven't seen Sleepwalk With Me, the Mike Birbiglia movie, it is relevant to this piece.

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On Counterpoint: No, This Is How You Tip

Yes, that is exactly how I figure out the tip: the 20%+round-up way. One exception is when I occasionally get an obvious hook-up/skimped-down bill. Then I either figure out or imagine what the difference from the actual price is and try to leave as big of a tip without going over the actual value, which would defeat the whole favor.

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On The Market Voted to Stick With Fossil Fuels THANKS

Plus, don't you kind-of need a garage to charge the fuckers in? I can't be the only street-parking apartment dweller who needs to drive.

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On Reviews of Public Transportation

@Morbo I lived a half block from Morse for two years. What a dump, and now there's construction and shit so I had to walk to Loyola from my sister's place, who stayed in the 'hood. That said, the El is superior to BART in the Bay Area (now home) because it runs after fucking midnight. Oh and BART has gross spongy cushions than absorb and trap every disgusting thing you can imagine a stranger leaving behind (although I hear there's new seats coming). Another comparison: The El's old clunky noises is BART's ghostly howl.

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On Reviews of Public Transportation

@redheaded&crazy I have no rhyme or reason other than mixing it up.

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On Places I've Lived: Have Fun Googling 'Bird Mites'

@Megano! So we're talking $1450/month for a large one bedroom or is it a 2 bedroom?

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