On The Cost of Getting Strep Throat 2x in 1 Month

Likely you hadn't really kicked the first bout of strep. I hate to say it but the ONLY thing that kills strep is a Zpack (or two), sleep, and time. It sucks.

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On Friday Estimate

Going out to dinner on Saturday and picking up beer for the Superbowl--I'm giving myself $60 to spend.

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On Friday Estimate

I'm volunteering at a work event tomorrow night which means I can't be social tonight or tomorrow which will definitely cut down on money spent. I'm thinking all I will spend is sunday brunch and a nice pre-event cup of coffee... $50 budget for the weekend?

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On It's Hard Out There For an Adjunct

@WayDownSouth ...So I know adjuncts who teach graduate level seminars in NYC and I know NYC grad students who have taken graduate level seminars taught by adjuncts--and been advised by adjuncts. For me the issue is that students are paying more and more in tuition and that the actual educators do not seem to be receiving that money. There is a disconnect somewhere. Perhaps its that tenured professors salaries are too high? Perhaps its that universities (especially in NYC) spend more and more money on real estate? The other issue is that a grad student friend of mine, who is adjuncting part-time while working on her dissertation is also working part-time within university administration and fully expects better job prospects from her second part-time job.

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On Friday Estimate

AMC movie pass, gallery opening (free!) and then dinner $30, and groceries so let's say $100 for the weekend?

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On Possible Responses to My Boss's Email Asking for Donations to His Marathon Training Team (For Cancer)

@honey cowl There is a self glorification in charity runs that bother me--"look I am the best person because I exercise AND care!" Do people realize that they can just donate to charity? Or if they would like, they can send an email saying that "For my birthday/Christmas/wedding/second house warming, I would like people to make donations to ________ charity in lieu of presents."

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On Let's Start the New Year With Some Small Wins

@highjump I have a traditional IRA at Vanguard and will tell you that their customer service is pretty excellent. I would just cold call and ask how the process works as I'm sure you are not ht only person to want to do this.

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On Let's Start the New Year With Some Small Wins

1. Set and keep budget for new paycheck 2. Open Roth IRA since my employer doesn't match my 403b. 3. Get in routine of moving money in savings account, monthly.

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On How My State's Health Exchange Website Problems Have Affected Me

I feel awkward reporting that I had no problems registering on the NY exchange. In fact, I kept waiting for something to go wrong but nothing did. Could you call a Navigator since the website itself is not working?

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On Charitable Giving Has Its Critics

@aetataureate Honestly, I don't care why rich people give money. They do it for lots of reasons, tax deduction, naming rights, or because they actually believe in the cause. What matters is that the money goes to a good cause and comes with as few strings attached as possible. At the end of the day, the good that is done with the money is what matters, not the motivation.

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