On Who Are Our Favorite Rich People?

@Ester Bloom The Lion in Winter got extra points because it included BONUS awesome rich person, Katherine Hepburn.

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On Who Are Our Favorite Rich People?

OMG Eleanor of Aquitaine. Did anyone else read Of Scarlet and Miniver by EL Konningsberg?

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On Wages For Housework!

@EM @EM Do they feel dejected by their working parent? Do they feel that the working parent loves them less? Both of my parents worked and I didn't like my childcare but I never felt like my parents loved me less than other parents loved their children. It never would have occurred to me.

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On Parent Penalty FOR MOMS ONLY Blah Blah Blah Let's Talk About Something More Cheerful

@eatmoredumplings RIGHT. And in many ways this should be a LOWER class problem. Single moms need access to something like this for when they work. Or families where both parents must work in order to pay bills. I think that a lot of issues are created because we live in a system from the 1950s. We can't assume two parent house holds. We can't assume straight, married house holds. However, children need to be cared for. Its a constant.

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On Parent Penalty FOR MOMS ONLY Blah Blah Blah Let's Talk About Something More Cheerful

Can we please just get subsidized (or sliding pay scale), high quality, universal day care? Please? I know it costs a lot up front but it fixes SO MANY problems. Maybe start with vouchers that can be used with private programs?

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On Are Family Dinners Anti-Feminist?

There is a great blog called Dinner, A Love Story (http://www.dinneralovestory.com/) which is all about pulling together easy and quick family dinners. I love it because, while I don't have a family to feed, I don't want to spend three hours cooking when I get home from work every night. I want something fast, healthy and delicious. They deliver. Also, recent studies have shown that you don't HAVE to do family dinner to get many of the benefits. Apparently, Family breakfast can be just as helpful or family ice cream time when a late working parent gets home. The idea is to have people spend time together.

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On How Wizards Do Money: Neville Longbottom

@HelloTheFuture Also,my recollection was that it was closer to Altzheimers than mild dementia, no? Can't they not recognize Neville? If the memory loss was so severe, then I think round the clock medical attention probably makes a lot of sense.

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On How Wizards Do Money: Neville Longbottom

@TheLifestyleCreep I'm pretty sure that they were always at St. Mungos. Didn't Dumbledore make a comment in the first book about that? Also, totally co-sign some kind of wizard-single payer health care system. I'm sure that this is a thing. Just as I am equally sure that the Malfoys have some kind of cash only doctor that they view as COMPLETELY SUPERIOR.

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On A Call To End Birthday Dinners

As a summer baby, I would just like to point out that we have put up with YEARS of being ignored on our birthdays. In elementary school, my parents would postpone my birthday party until after labor day because otherwise no one would be able to attend. In middle school and high school, it was generally spent as a low key day with my family. In college, it was always forgotten. "Friends" would get upset if birthday gifts were delayed because of lack of funds, when I hadn't even gotten a phone call or a text on my birthday. So stop complaining about how suddenly, EVERYONE has a summer birthday. Second of all, if someone is expecting you to to pick up a large tab to celebrate their birthday, then you have the wrong friends. Most friends of mine have dinners for about 6 people and things tend to split closer to $50/person including alcohol and the birthday kid. Alternatively, you could offer to organize something fun and cheap instead like a pot luck dinner at an out door concert. Basically, don't wine on someone else's birthday. If you don't want to go, DON"T GO. Its not rocket science.

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On Do 1 Thing Baby Just Do 1 Thing

@andnowlights No tendinitis, I just think that varying exercise is a good thing. :)

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