On Places I've Lived: Oh I've Been to Prague


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On Hopelessly Devoted to Wanting a Job

@stuffisthings Your comment was not eated, and was very helpful! I asked because I legitimately did not know what to make of that number, and now I have something to work with. Like most people my age (or in general), I'm definitely guilty of filtering the world through my experience. Thanks for the reality check.

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On Hopelessly Devoted to Wanting a Job

Okay, I don't understand this segment of the population at all, or how we measure it. How do we define "actively looking"? Is it measured in paper applications submitted, hours spent networking, strangers at alumni events you've begged for work, or Craigslist ads posted, or all/none of the above? If you're long-term unemployed and really wanting a job, I feel like you'd consistently do some of these things. Sometimes it becomes habit and it doesn't even feel like you're "actively" doing anything anymore, especially if nobody calls you. I know it's incredibly discouraging, and it's impossible to just sit and do applications all day err day when nobody gives a shit. But I feel like you'd at least call a temp agency, or visit some storefronts every now and then and just ask if they're hiring. If you are literally not doing anything at all to look for work, for a long time, despite really, really wanting a job, which is what these statistics make it sound like, I don't really know how to react. I don't want to judge or turn my nose up at any of my fellow unemployeds, but I have a hard time accepting that attitude. TL;DR: How am I supposed to feel about this?

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On Putting Trust in the Gentle Cycle

This month's Vogue actually has an article about how dry cleaning is really only necessary on two very specific fabrics and that the gentle cycle or handwashing will usually do the trick. I found it heartening. Of course, it was Vogue, so it also said you seriously look into buying very fancy German washers that have settings GENTLER THAN HANDWASHING. They put rose petals in the washer and they came out looking the same. And then I got mad that I still read Vogue every month.

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On Happiness Can Be Bought If Your Standards Are Low

This was like porn for me to read. I know this feeling so well.

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On Article About Woman Business Owner Really Caught Up on the 'Woman' Part'


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On Places I've Lived: A Shoebox, A Stalker Incident and a Place with a Grill

1. These are all really cheap. 2. I, too, have had scabies. It's not fun.

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