On Help I Hate My Job

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes to this and everything it stands for and says.

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On Residents and Developers Clash Over Microhousing in Seattle

Wow, so that's what you have to go through to live in "The Big City" huh? That is much too invasive for my taste.

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On Caffè Sospeso

It's a lovely sentiment and I think it would work. Start it at alternative coffee houses and go from there. It may never pick up in the mainstream, but it certainly would be a hit in the independent scene. As for those people who abuse the system or who are cheap jerks? Personally, I think that the majority of people would honor that system, with the exception of a few bad apples (and if those bad apples made regular appearances at the coffee house, then who's to say they can't be banned; it's happened before, and will happen again).

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On Growing Up With Money Doesn't Make You Good With Money

Great start. I'd love to hear more from you regarding your financial journey, Kate. Keep on trucking!

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On I Couldn't Help But Wonder Where All The Low-Skilled Poor Folk Were

I honestly cannot believe how tasteless this article is. It simply reaffirms my desire to only visit the city that never sleeps and never live there. The author's tone is positively insufferable...ack!

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On If You're the Kind Who Loves Spreadsheets

I totally love this, but I have one suggestion to add to the kitty. If you have an iPhone (I'm unsure if it's Android compatible) there is an app called "Budget" that is super easy and user-friendly. It allows you to upload all of the financial data that you record in the app into an Excel spreadsheet that you can manipulate at will. It's pretty awesome and only $2. Well worth the price! Just my $0.02.

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On My Sick Secret: Elderberries

Everyone has all of these great thoughts about how not to get sick and the only thing I do is take a multi-vitamin and a super B vitamin. So far, that's worked pretty well for me.

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On Rental Payment History

@thecoffeestain: Or should I say, "scam-lord"? :)

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On Rental Payment History

See, this is exactly why I have a checking account that's SOLE PURPOSE is to pay my rent. It's been this way for the past few years and it has saved me from many a similar scrape. Good on you, Mike, for handling this in a much more professional manner than your landlord!

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On Your Free-Range Chicken Had a Great Life, But the Man Who Cooked It Makes a Subsistance Wage (Barely)

I have spent most of my formative years working in restaurants like this, but on the front end (never the back). Everything he says is completely accurate; even in the North East, surrounded by college kids on their parents bankroll and executives/white collar types who make more money than should be legal. It's insanely discouraging to see the owners of a restaurant strutting around like they're a Food Network star, when really they more closely resemble the shark you're serving as a special that evening for $25 a plate. Add to that pile knowing that the likelihood of your success in becoming a chef-owner one day is a fraction of a percent? It's a wonder we lifers even stick around through the sado-masochism of the kitchen or the restaurant floor. Props to you, Willoughby Cooke, for writing one of my favorite articles to date (and for slugging it through long hours and shitty pay in an effort to follow the path towards personal excellence).

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