On A Conversation With My Dad About His Money and My Lack Thereof

If Logan's dad is looking to get to Europe with his credit card rewards, he's better off getting airline miles back than cash back. As he's retired he has flexibility in booking dates and it'll take fewer $ in credit card spending to get to a free trip.

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On A Conversation With My Dad About His Money and My Lack Thereof

@Lorelei@twitter THIS. Trying to time the stock market is also a poor idea. Low-cost ETFs (which can be proprietary to where you put your money to save more on trading costs) are where it's at. Both stocks and bonds. Diversity and low cost. Logan's dad is wrong in buying individual stocks, paying commissions for them, and trying to beat the regression to the mean.

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On My Flight Booking Secret

@cmcm What you're describing is "dynamic currency conversion," and should be avoided. I use the ITA matrix, kayak, and a quick glance at southwest.com. I've heard it's supposed to be cheapest to buy on Tuesday or Wednesday. I'm too busy to go find those articles at the moment, but they're out there.

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On Y'all Come Back Now

@bgprincipessa You can get a card online. My wife has one. If you spend enough to earn gold status, it gives you a free drink with every fourteen purchases, and a free birthday drink. Both types of free drinks can be the most expensive drink you can imagine. Oh, here it is: http://www.starbucks.com/customer-service/faqs/card

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On How Dealbreaker's Matt Levine Does Money

"And then 90% of the comments on Dealbreaker would be, Ahh, you got paid so little, you must have sucked at banking, no wonder you left." Yes, but only one of those comments would be by the only remaining person in the JPMorgan analyst class of 2002 to still work at JPMorgan, which is in no way testament to the work environment at JPMorgan.

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On Coming Soon: Pay to Pay!

@robyn.andrews I can't speak on the matter of Canada. I have a Schwab high yield acct, and other banks like First Niagara (a regional bank here) keep sending me offers to open accounts that will refund ATM fees anywhere. Many credit unions offer the same.

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On Coming Soon: Pay to Pay!

Woah, you still pay ATM fees? We need a come-to-Billfold moment where we discuss checking/savings accounts that refund all ATM fees, making every ATM fee-free.

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On How The American Express Gift Card Became the Bane of My Existence

You're aware that your father didn't need to transfer those miles and could have simply purchased the flight ticket for you using the miles in his account, correct?

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