On How Much is Your Phone Bill Each Month?

$81.32. I have an iPhone via AT&T. Grandfathered unlimited data plan FTW!

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On Monday Check-in

I had estimated $280ish and I did slightly better. Friday night I got in a run at the gym ($0), ordered chinese for dinner ($0 because boyfriend paid), and watched the B's advance to the Stanley Cup from the comfort of my couch. It was a much needed relaxing night in. And cost nadda. Hooray! Saturday I did not wind up seeing the little sister. I'll see her mid-week for pedicures or something. Instead we slept in and got a delicious breakfast sandwich from the new place in my soon to be former 'hood. Seriously, where was this place the last nine years I lived in the North End?!?! At any rate $0 for that (boyfriend paid as he had the cash and I did not). Then I got my hairs did (hooray for no more gray!) and that was indeed $175. Then the Lithuanian club for dinner. Which was completely awesome. I love that I have likely found the last place in Boston to serve a strong $4 mixed drink. I had three. And some fried potato pancakes stuffed with pork. And dumplings stuff with pork and topped with bacon and sour cream. A+ experience. And I did spend $30 exactly. Sunday was winery girl's day. Spent $5 on Dunks for the way down, $5 on gas, and $30 on dinner. Then hung out on the roof deck of the new place for a bit once we got back to the city ($0). So $250ish in total.

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On Friday Estimate

Sigh. All the monies will be spent this weekend because I've got to get my hair dids. Tonight will be cheap at least. Supposed to pour buckets, so the boyfriend and I are staying in for pizza, beer, and Bruins. I'll probably spend $10 on my share of the pizza unless he gets the whole thing. Tomorrow I'm doing something in the morning with the little sister. No idea what though but it will wind up costing some sort of money. I'll say $25 for that. Then I have an appointment to get my hairs did ($175 including tip). Then we're going to a friend's birthday party at a Lithuanian club. I'll plan on $30 for that as I hear both the drinks and food are strong and cheap. Sunday is girls day at a winery. We already paid for the wine and chocolate tasting, so I'm sure I'll give a few bucks for gas and then we're doing dinner. I'll estimate $40 for the day. So $280ish? Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh.

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On Finland's Baby Boxes

I read about this yesterday. I love the idea of it. And the photos suggest that it is indeed quite well put together.

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On I Had a Mysterious, Debilitating, Undiagnosable Illness

This has been my life since contracting what I've come to refer to as Death Mono two years ago. Worst year of my life health-wise was spring 2011 to spring 2012. I saw so many doctors and all I ever got was an initial diagnosis of mono.

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On Monday Check-in

I had estimated $150, spent $120. Friday - Quick stop at CVS to grab a few things, $30ish (can't remember, paid cash). Then had dinner (subs) and beer on the new roof deck. Also got some Doritos to round out the meal and a few other items for the mostly empty, still as yet unmoved into new apartment. Spent $30 on that. Friends stopped by to check it out as well and we went for ice cream ($0, boyfriend paid for mine). Saturday - breakfast at Flour before the Craft Beer Fest, $23. Boyfriend paid for ticket to fest. Got food after (boyfriend paid, so $0). They my brother and his wife decided to pop over to the new roof deck. Got some beer for that and a few more grocery items for an anticipated Sunday beach trip. Not sure of the total, paid cash. Sunday - BEACH. $5 for my share of the parking, $11 for ice creams, $5 for gas. That doesn't quite add up to what I spent. Not sure what I'm missing money wise. Meh.

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On Some Numbers From Some People

@Arlene Ivana@twitter I would take any paid time off. A week even.

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On Friday Estimate

Should be pretty cheap I think. Tonight my boyfriend and I are hanging out at our new apartment (we don't officially move until the 22nd but we have the keys already). It has an amaaaaaaaaaazing roof deck with a view of the Charles off one side and downtown off the other. So tonight is pizza and beer up there either by ourselves or with a few friends joining us. Then we shall have a sleepover on the floor of the new apartment and I shall regret this deeply come tomorrow morning. I'll estimate $20 for tonight. Tomorrow is a craftbeer fest. He already bought the tickets, so those are paid for. There will be brunch before and dinner after. Not sure what of that I'll pay for, so I'll say $50 for the day. Sunday is the first beach day of 2013. I AM SO EXCITED. I have a new sun hat and everything. Should be a fairly cheap day. There'll be some snacks to buy and maybe a post-beach dinner at a clam shack. So I'll estimate $40 for the day. All in all, I aim to keep it to about a $100. No wait. $150. I am definitely getting a pedicure post-work tonight.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Transportation Each Month?

@ATF@twitter This is a great thread. I am going to print it out and carry it with me for when people inevitably tell me that I shouldn't automatically discount potential employment opportunities that would require me to buy a car.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Transportation Each Month?

I live in downtown Boston and have for almost nine years now. I gave up my car 8yrs ago and rely mostly on a combination of the T and zipcar plus a free shuttle for work (Central Sq). I don't bother with a monthly T pass since I don't use it to commute to work and I prefer walking the vast majority of the time. That said, I spend $75 a month on a monthly zipcar membership. Sometimes I go over but not very much so (usually renting a car for the day runs me about $90). I probably ride the T a handful of times a week ($2 a trip). So let's say I spend $100 a month on transit or so.

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