On My Credit Card Bill Is Due Tomorrow And I Don't Have Money, Help!

You probably also wanna call your bank to put a stop payment on the auto-debit -- especially if your CC company doesn't budge (and with so little time, they may not even be able to undo the mechanisms that pull money from your account). The stop payment will probably cost some money as well, which is complicated given your lack of funds. But may help keep you less in the red. And if you do manage to stop the payment, it may show up briefly on your account (for a day or so). I had to do this for a student loan payment earlier this year (payments had jumped suddenly bc I had forgotten to renew my income-based repayment option, and while I got that restored, it was too late in the game to get auto-debit of $1000+ canceled on the loan servicer's end). Loan people were really nice, as was the bank. CALL NOW IT WILL FEEL MUCH BETTER TO TAKE CARE OF THIS RATHER THAN LETTING IT SIT.

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On How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Chain Restaurants

McDonald's has REALLY good coffee now. Plus it's often the only sit-down place open at 6:30am.

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On So Much Going On, On the Street Where You Live

@Roxy oh wait, it is the bathroom? amended discussion topic: why does their bathroom look like a living room?

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On So Much Going On, On the Street Where You Live

i feel like there needs to be more of a discussion of the fact that they appear to have a bathtub in the living room.

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On Breast Cancer Is a Terrible Disease and Buying Pink Doesn't Change That, Help Anyone

@WaityKatie Love Ehrenreich! For those who want a taste, "Welcome to Cancerland" is available here: http://www.barbaraehrenreich.com/cancerland.htm

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On Places I've Lived: A Nanny's Room, the Perfect Sublet, and a Place You Can Instagram

@Meaghan O'Connell@facebook I've already been ensnared by Brooklyn Kitchen! I bought a porcelain pie bird there last weekend, which I didn't even know was a THING.

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On Places I've Lived: A Nanny's Room, the Perfect Sublet, and a Place You Can Instagram

I just moved into the mysterious BQE-adjacent Greenwilliamswick triangle as well! Our place is also cute, yet narrow. But! There is an outdoor terrace that functions as a kind of pressure valve for the soul.

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On Monday Check-In: A Very Good Dinner

@Mike: Where did y'awl go bowling? For me it was kind of a lame weekend as I mostly stayed in doing freelance research stuff, plus we had a lot of leftovers to eat. But that also meant it was a relatively cheap weekend! Friday $5: bagel + chocolate milk for lunch because why not. Saturday $4.50 coffee and scone at Barnes & Noble Starbucks, $30 brunch for me + friend visiting from out of town. Bastille Day drink specials! Sunday $1.50 bodega ice coffee $4.50 cookies to bring to D&D $10 4 hours of D&D at The Brooklyn Strategist Total: $55.50

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On Monday Check-In: How Was Your Spending?

Friday: $60 for post-MoMA sushi & drinks for me + boyfriend. MoMA admission was free (Target Friday thing). Saturday: $14 for ingredients for a dessert (chocolate cake balls) to bring to a picnic. Sunday: $10 ice cream for me + boyfriend in Wburg. Another $10 for a 4-hour D&D session at the Brooklyn Strategist. Total: $94, would purchase all of those things again. Though the sushi place is definitely a once-a-month sort of place, at most.

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