On Broke With Bad Skin, UNTIL ...

@lemonhead3159 I also had terrible acne from the ages of about 19 - 25 and going on birth control is for sure what made it go away for me as well. I still get the odd pimple here and there, but that is much more manageable than what i had before.

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On One Is The Loneliest Number But Also An Okay Number Maybe

@savagerenata As a counterpoint, I was a shy, awkward anxious child and I did have a sibling. I don't think having a second child will only maybe prevent those issues when you don't want one, or have the time/resources to handle it is really giving a kid their best chance.

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On Low-Cost Ways of Entertaining Aunt Flo

@BillfoldMonkey Instead is probably actually worse option because it sits so much higher up, near the IUD strings (or whatever you call them). There are definitely people that use the more traditional reusable cups with IUDs and they say the key is to just make sure to break the seal before removing.

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On Low-Cost Ways of Entertaining Aunt Flo

@lisaf Instead cups are definitely easier to insert. I use both for different uses. Diva for most of my daily needs, Softcup for sexytimes). I personally find that the instead cups tend to leak out a bit when I am using the bathroom and then small drops, so I prefer the diva cup. That might be just my erm, shape or whatever. I found these 2 videos incredibly helpful for figuring out both though. Diva: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLPBZz3uJEg&list=UUCezCpCIkIYr-eLpuhhA5sQ Instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2drNCv9ac1I&list=UUCezCpCIkIYr-eLpuhhA5sQ I'm sorry I'm lazy and internet incompetent to imbed links.

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On I Don't Get Las Vegas

@thirtysum Yes! Exactly. It's easy, you don't have do much research to book it or plan things. You do a couple quick searches for flight/hotel deals and pack a bag and go and have a few fluffy easy days.

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On I Don't Get Las Vegas

I think some of the appeal of Vegas depends on where you are coming from. I am from Canada, and sometimes when you have been dealing with horrible winter for months and there are more months of horrible winter, Vegas becomes a quick, easy, cheap (well, cheap compared to other winter getaways) way to just not be dealing stupid winter for a few days. It’s got lots of great restaurants and shows and non-gambling activities to do as well. I do tend to do a fair bit of shopping while in Vegas as well, because there are different things available than what we have in Edmonton. TL;DR basically the appeal for me is: location without snow, cheap fairly short flight, cheapish hotels, and enough random activities and dining to escape awful snow and relax for a few days.

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On On Engagement Ultimatums

@garli I don't really think it's the proposal that is the issue with this couple though. The guy doesn't seem to have an issue about whether he want to go through the act of proposing to her, his issue is whether or not he wants to commit to marriage at all (at least right now). She is essentially doing what you are suggesting, only a slightly different method. She has communicated her desire to get married, and if she doesn't get a 'yes' in the near future she is going to leave. Sure, she would like the 'yes' to be worded as "will you marry me?", but she basically is doing the asking and moving on if she gets a no.

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On The Cost of Calling Off an Engagement

@andnowlights I got married this May and my wedding was about $18000 (I was not suuuuuuuuuuuuper diligent about tracking a few of the smaller costs though) but that is pretty close approximation. We split the cost evenly between my parents, his parents, and us (so $6000 per couple). We had a pretty typical North American kind of wedding for 165 people (so there was buffet dinner, dj'd dance). We worked fairly hard to try and find reasonable priced vendors though. I didn't have a strict budget (My rough aim was about $15,000) but we luckily had enough flexibility that we kind of just looked at our options for each vendor and tried to find someone that was decent quality, but reasonably priced. I can certainly see how things could add up to $30,000 for an average wedding. The difference I didn't have a strong idea of exactly what I wanted in terms of wedding style besides a generally nice wedding, and we were flexible about date so I think that helped our ability to shop around and find the venue that we ended up using. Our second choice would have cost significantly more (I think it would have been about $5000 more).

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On The Story Behind Costco's Free Samples

@HelloTheFuture I was a Costco demonstrator for several years. I am not sure how it works at other stores, but at Costco (in Canada anyway)it was a separate company that did the demonstrations, but employees were still store specific. So I was employed by PWD not Costco, but I only worked at a specific Costco location. Functionally, it worked as if we were simply a department within that store, except that we were paid by a different company (and had different benefits etc). I didn't travel to other stores or anything of that nature.

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On Fall Fashion

@Kate See, this always seem so lovely and easy, so I buy dresses. But then, summer dresses require leg shaving planning and then you get to work and it's freezing due to insane air-conditioning, and you get hypothermia and die. How do you live an easy breezy summer in dresses. Tell me your ways??

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