On "Vegan, Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownie: $4.50"

Like "Or are you already satisfied with your CSA, FreshDirect habit, or other hacks to stock your pantry, like using Postmates or TaskRabbit to get someone to bring you the condiments you’re addicted to from Trader Joe’s?" isn't super Stuff White People Like. Love you, Ester, but come on. I hope there's some self-awareness there.

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On The Cost Of Mental Health Care for a Semi-insured 23-year-old

@jessieflux Well, and I realize my costs would skyrocket if I needed weekly or twice-weekly therapy, so there's that. Or if, as in some periods, I needed to see my psychiatrist more than once a month. So, this is one version of what being stable and bipolar costs in DC. The most amazing thing, frankly, is that I've managed to keep all of this entirely secret from my employer. My boss only knows I have a "chronic condition" that caused me to be turned down THREE TIMES for health insurance before the one plan took me (and excluded bipolar, the one condition I super needed it for). He just assumes it's related to my migraines. (I let him assume--we're too small to be covered by the ADA, so I would rather him not know.)

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On The Cost Of Mental Health Care for a Semi-insured 23-year-old

Oooooh, ask me! I am a little older than you and I spend *well* over 10% of my AGI (this % sticks out to me because of itemizing deductions, which I considered this year) on medication, psychiatrist's visits, lab work, unreimbursed health insurance and other assorted costs for my bipolar disorder, and I'm an okay-paid health care policy person (haha, I knowwww, health care, the irony) in DC. Costs: My psychiatrist doesn't take insurance, so that's $200/month (I see him once a month, so $200 per visit) alone just to get meds and talk to someone for half an hour. My fancy-ass platinum Obamacare plan (because I'm working for a small business, I don't have employer insurance) has lowered my medication co-pays though raised my insurance bill slightly but now my generics are free (so the moral is, work out all the costs in advance because a cheaper plan would have meant I'd be spending hundreds more a month). Cost: $360/month, reimbursed half by my employer (but that's taxable, thanks new regs). So for all my Rx meds, I'm down to $70/month starting in January. Before Obamacare, my bipolar disorder was an excluded condition from my health insurance, so none of the lab tests were covered at all. I'm still paying off a couple of panels from a year or two ago when I was an unemployed grad. (By the way, payment plans are yay! Call the lab people, everyone. They'd love to work it out with you.) I can't even imagine what I'd be paying if I needed active therapy--nothing super-good around here is also covered by insurance. So, the moral of my story is, you probably can do it on your own one day if I can! I even manage to pay my other bills and have brunches with my friends and stuff. I believe in you.

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On Careers My Anxiety Disorder Has Prepared Me For

I am now rethinking my career choices. This was too good.

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On Slumming It in Beverly Hills

And usually, it's the idiosyncrasies of places like that which make them places you will be reminiscing about for years. Sometimes fondly, sometimes... not so fondly.

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On Show Me The Money (JK, Don't, It's Scary)

@AnnieSchutte But Gallery Place is going to cost us $400 more a month. My boyfriend is justifying it by saying that because he's the president of three clubs, he'll be able to take home all the extra food from all the events if he's within walking distance and we'll save on transportation AND groceries that way. "But *I* won't, because I am graduating. I'll still have to commute ... somewhere." "WE'LL FIGURE IT OUT I AM NOT LIVING IN PENTAGON CITY"

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On Show Me The Money (JK, Don't, It's Scary)

I have to say, I'm more of a spender myself, so maybe I don't get it, but this seems... unhealthy. You don't have to consume a lot! But you also don't have to let your avatar become a virtual grifter for want of a lock. I don't know! I realize this is only one tiny snapshot of your life! I'm just glad you have Ritz Crackers Partner for balance. My partner and I alternate who gets to be the unhealthy saver/spender in different areas. I'm bad on food and smaller items; he's trying to convince me that we *need* to live right by where we go to school. (BUT PENTAGON CITY IS SO MUCH CHEAPER, WTF. You live in DC, what do you say? DC area people, help, should I live near PC/Crystal City metro and commute in or should I live at Gallery Place? /threadjack)

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On Reader Mail: I Saved A Lot of Money. Now What?

@automaticdoor Clarification-- I'm an equal-opportunity dater, as I like to call myself, and if my parents gave up on me because I was in a relationship with a girl I would be furious. This one hits under the belt for me.

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On Reader Mail: I Saved A Lot of Money. Now What?

@LW Oh man, now I'm even more offended, LW! I mean, unless you don't want a wedding or something or you live in a country where being gay is a crime punishable by death so you're deeply closeted. Otherwise, now I'm spitting angry, as my mom would say.

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On Reader Mail: I Saved A Lot of Money. Now What?

@melis It's super early! I'm a Young who graduated from college a year behind this person and if my parents told me a year from now (so, when I'm 26, because I was 22 when I graduated) that they were giving up on me ever getting married, I'd be really pissed. I mean, I wouldn't turn down the money, because I am a Poor Young, but I would be super pissed off. 26ish? Really?

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