On It All Comes Out In The Wash: A Story Of Love And Laundry

Also, this is one of the greatest things I've ever read on the Billfold.

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On It All Comes Out In The Wash: A Story Of Love And Laundry

@swirrlygrrl A-- very out-of-touch, never did laundry ever I bet, and male to boot-- academic once made an argument about private washing machines being anti-feminist. I don't remember what, exactly, was the argument. Collective good? Something Marxist? I don't remember anymore. Anyway, this dude of course had his own private washing machine, so didn't know the levels of hell outlined so wonderfully in this essay. (And all I dream about is a washing machine of my own. Then, and only then, will I have found success.)

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On Traveling Lighter

@swirrlygrrl Yes! Especially if travel involves picturesque European cities or the like, a duffel or backpack is so much more convenient. I mentioned Tom Binh above, but the Patagonia MLC is an also great, cheaper alternative. And I say this as someone with neck and shoulder issues (and who is on the older side): it's actually much more comfortable for me to handle things in the backpack mode than to pull a roller bag. I haven't used my roller in years.

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On Traveling Lighter

@xtinamartinson Tom Binh bags are fantastic: I got one as a gift last year and it's gone to Dublin, London, Chicago, Miami, and Costa Rica. I've used it as a carry-on and also checked it, and it still looks like new. I've done up to 6 days with just the Tom Binh and a small tote bag. I used to proselytize on behalf of the Patagonia MLC, but I like the Tom Binh better. (The Patagonia is still a very good bag.) The biggest thing is that Tom Binh has more useful pockets, especially for separating shoes. Tom Binh is pricy but very worth it.

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On On Calling Your Employees "Partners"

@Lily Rowan Yes, exactly! Legal Secretary is a well understood thing. Nobody outside the firm understood the titles. I think paralegals and others had wacky titles, too, but thankfully this job was a long time ago. @HelloTheFuture: oh yes, many jokes were made back in the day. And, yuck, the firm is still using the same term. I just found a Linkedin description of the job. Seeing the ad brought back the nightmares of being A Pod Person: "Cover for other Practice Assistants in "Pod" (assigned workstation or cluster), as needed." Ugh, I hated that job.

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On On Calling Your Employees "Partners"

@ronswansonluva This drives me batty, too! I once worked someplace where a mid-level job (held by a lot of PhDs) had the title that most other museums used for people straight from undergrad. At another job, which required a graduate degree, I had the glorious title of Intern, although it was a two-year, full-time, paid position with a research and travel allowance. The institution justified the intern designation because I wasn't a permanent employee, but it was demeaning and confusing when I'd contact people outside the institution.

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On On Calling Your Employees "Partners"

My stupidest job title: "Practice Assistant" I was a legal secretary (fun times), but I guess the firm wanted to foreground how much I was assisting my attorney's practice? I assisted, of course, by answering the phone, formatting documents, and making copies. I've realized that having someone else's name in your title is a mark of fanciness (e.g., Andrew W. Mellon Curatorial Assistant), regardless of rank, because endowed positions telegraph fanciness. At least in the arts.

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On President Obama and the Student Aid Bill of Rights

@eatmoredumplings I totally agree it's not weird. I am 39 and still paying off undergraduate student loans: in fact, I just paid one off this month (which, unfortunately only was a loan from my first year; I'm still paying off a larger amount for my final three years.) Anyway, I don't find it particularly weird that I'm still paying as I had a few years 'economic deferment' after graduation--my workaround so I didn't have to pay them off while I lived abroad-- and then five years while doing a PhD, and signed up for the graduated repayment plan. I did not have loans from graduate school (never do a humanities PhD without full funding, kids!) At the current rate (although I will probably start throwing more money at them now that I actually finally have a stable job), I'll make my last payment sometime around 2020... 23 years after graduation!

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On How to Find 'the One' (Purse)

@selyse Thanks for that link: it's canvas bagapalooza! The Paperback is aptly named and is the perfect size, but why isn't it available in black?!

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On How to Find 'the One' (Purse)

@tw0lle I am emphatically not a bag person, but I've also been thinking about a Clare Vivier bag, but dye rubbing off on clothes sounds no good at all. I have one purse (from a half-off sale at Liebeskind two years ago) that I use very infrequently, otherwise I just carry various canvas bags or totes. I do have the Everlane tote bag which is nice when I have to schlep crap, but it's basically just a step up from freebie totes I usually carry. I'm bummed to hear the Everlane backpack is bulky, because I was considering it, due to some ongoing shoulder issues. All I want in a bag is a simple style (no wacky doodads, no logos) that is just big enough for a wallet and a book (and, edited to add, sunglasses! I have bad eyes and expensive prescription sunglasses in a bulky case), with an easily accessible pocket for my Metrocard. It could be leather or a heavy fabric, as long as it's well made. It shouldn't slip off my shoulder, and the bag itself shouldn't weigh a ton. Why is this so freaking hard? I saved this to my Evernote today, but I think it's probably too small: http://www.ofakind.com/shop/product/2572-vela-bag

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