On How David Shapiro, Creator of Pitchfork Reviews Reviews, Does Money

This was really a great interview. Logan should be the next Barbara Walters. By which I mean, old school Barbara Walters from back in the day on 20/20 or whatever show she was on that I hazily remember from my childhood. (It's really much, much better than a similar article that ran recently on another web site affiliated with this one, which really made David Shapiro quite unappealing. But this interview is great.)

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On Soon We Will All Enter Through The Poor Door

@gyip Colleges used to do stuff like that for the scholarship kids: doesn't Sylvia Plath write of those indignities when she was at Smith? And Harvard has that thing where students can clean other students' rooms. At my alma mater, the only job open to first-year work-study students was in the dining hall so it was pretty obvious who was on aid and who wasn't. And I will admit: it was kind of embarrassing for me.

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On Soon We Will All Enter Through The Poor Door

@@fo I am of many minds as well. The cheapskate in me would probably proudly saunter through the Poor Door if it meant I was paying hundreds or even thousands less for a similarly-sized apartment, even with crummier fixtures and no view, in a good neighborhood. Keep your shiny refrigerators and pools if it means I can afford a place. There are plenty of "buildings within buildings" like the hotel/condo thing that wouldn't bother me at all. Putting the cheap apartments all on lower floors without views is fine. But if the units are intermingled throughout the building, I would have an issue with separate doors/elevators, because that's just obnoxious. I definitely don't have problems with developers excluding certain tenants from certain amenities (pools, health clubs, etc.). And even in luxury buildings, market rate tenants often have to pay extra for certain things (the $4,100 for a one bedroom recently rented by a friend doesn't automatically include access to the pool and health club in the building. It's an extra $60/month!) NB, I am one of those people paying far below market value for my Manhattan apartment. I don't live in a luxury building. I don't have an elevator, or doorman, or anything like that. I'm sure many of my neighbors-- due to rent control--pay even less than I do. I certainly have a crummier kitchen than other units in the building, but it's functional and fine and I'll take that over the alternative: a smaller apartment in a neighborhood farther out or no apartment to myself at all.

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On From the Other Side of the Tracks to the Tenure Track: Chatting with a Humanities Prof

I loved this, thank you Esther and Khadijah And: high-five to the Rutgers union! Signed, a former beneficiary of Its Really Good Health Insurance for Very Little Money

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On Catching a Break After Years of Barely Making Ends Meet

@eatmoredumplings Yes, this absolutely. Not having to hustle, having a sense of security does so much, even if it's not an incredible difference in money. Plus, don't discount the advantages of having institutional support. Tenure-track faculty (usually) have access to other sources of support (additional summer teaching, conference/research funds from a dean's pot) that adjuncts or part-timers don't necessarily get. And of course, to Heather, congratulations!!!

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On Concerning Inflation, Pants, and Getting Old

@Allison There is a green tea Japanese Kit Kat. I don't know how it tastes, though, because when I was in the store it was $3 and I refused to pay that much for a Kit Kat. Even an imported one.

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On Concerning Inflation, Pants, and Getting Old

@sea ermine Yes, Campers! I still have two pairs of Campers from 1998. I lived in Germany in the late 1990s and apparently bought lots of shoes that lasted a really long time. Although I have one pair (heels) from 2012 or so that I never wear as they revealed themselves to be profoundly uncomfortable, of course only after I wore them enough to make them not returnable. This is the problem with shoes!

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On Concerning Inflation, Pants, and Getting Old

@cryptolect YES. It can happen! The price class for such lifelong women's shoes is also eye watering, but in the range of what Gef the Talking Mongoose mentions for men's. I have one pair of shoes from 1999 (yes, 1999) that I still wear. They're a bit rougher these days (I wore them in rain storms), but various shoe guys over the years have resoled and fixed things. I have a pair of boots I spent $800. Yes, $800. I wanted them forever, and let's just say this was retail therapy on the highest order. (I was responsible and actually had the money, because I used the proceeds from a particularly awful freelance job.) But, unlike other things, I've never regretted buying them, as I wore them constantly for years and they always work. I do the minor maintenance-- taps, new soles, etc.-- and I figure they should last many more years. The boots are from Paul Smith, which I admit is a bit over the top. I also have a pair of heels (bought on very deep discount sale), and they are also well-made, but they're less practical, given that they are metallic silver and gray suede, so I can't vouch for lifelong wear on those. Fluevog and (some) Frye are reliable if you don't need overly staid corporate wear. I weirdly love Lands' End (great swimsuits! nice sheets!), but not the shoes. I have had so much bad luck with Lands' End's women's shoes. Inconsistent sizing! Crummy quality! Extremely uncomfortable shoes that should be comfortable! No more Lands' End shoes for me, even when they are marked down to $20 from $100.

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On Concerning Inflation, Pants, and Getting Old

@Allison Oh, yes, candy prices! I occasionally want to buy a Snickers bar. And then I see a $1.50 or $2 price tag and resign myself to no Snickers Satisfaction because I just can't. What the hell? It's a Snickers bar, not artisanal Brooklyn-made craft chocolate for chissakes. (That shit's like $8, though.) I really look forward to being a cranky old person.

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On Look, There's Nothing Wrong With Being an Ernie, Okay?

@Ester Bloom Oh geesh. I had nice teeth as a kid and still have nice teeth as an adult, so that excuse sounds like just a bunch of hooey. I assume I also must have been an extremely, ahem, regular child...

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