On I Thought Socialized Medicine Was Soooo Great, But Now I'm Like, "No Thanks"

Huh. You know, I moved my immuno-compromised self from England to the US, pre-existing condition and all, and had an absolutely dreadful experience trying to work out how the US healthcare system worked, convincing doctors that I had a pretty good handle on what I needed, medication-wise, and dealing with some of the 'undesirables' that you typically see in hospitals and doctor's offices. And then, of course, I had huge bills, even though I have health insurance! FYI - I pay considerably more tax in the US than I ever did in England. And I'm not a big earner. (The point is foreign healthcare's always a bit tricky to navigate, but sometimes you don't have to pay for it, and that's nice).

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On Things I Got Instead of Money When I Interned at Summer Camp

I was a camp counselor at a Girl Scout camp, and that was the lowlight of my career! I am 100% one of those 'non-camp' people. And that's okay, other people are much better at it!

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On The Classes That We Were Forced to Take

At my school (in New Zealand) we had to take, and pass, all core subject (maths, English, science, geography and/or history, and I think a foreign language of your choice) up to a sixth form (age 16) level. You could specialize in biology, chemistry, or physics as your science option after fifth form. You then were free to choose your own subjects for seventh form. I somehow got accelerated in my worst subjects (maths, geography, science - I chose chemistry) and sat those exams a year early, therefore getting not one, but two blissful years of choosing subjects that suited me and that I knew I wanted to focus on in university. We had career counselors to help with our decisions, also. It should go without saying that I loved that. I'm inclined to agree with the author of the quoted article. It makes total sense to me that kids should get a good grounding in the basics, and then get to focus on what they want*. I feel like it must surely improve graduation rates too - I'm pretty sure if my siblings had had to do subjects they didn't enjoy and weren't good at for even a week longer, they would have given the whole thing up and dropped out. *Forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't it the case at many colleges in the US students have to do basic maths, English, and science papers in their first year? Because that, to me, is a waste of time and money - that should be learned by the time you're 15 or 16.

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On One Day I'll Be Forced to Move Out of This Town

Once the place I'm in gets too expensive I'm leaving the city. I'm pretty sure that'll be my tipping point.

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On Cheap Eats: Zucchini Pasta for One

@JitterBug I once lived in a place that had one of those! We cooked spaghetti all the time, and it didn't get used once. Not once. I'm now very against the idea of anyone buying one!

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On Modifying the Kids

Wow. This is actually the worst thing I've read all day. ARGH, I feel like I'm about to go all Poppy Hulk on a wall or something, all this crap makes me so angry!!!

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On The Faux Wine Cork Industrial Complex

Usually all the white wine I buy has screw caps, and the red wine has corks. This is because I prefer New Zealand whites, and French or Argentinian reds. I have a pretty awesome corkscrew, but still prefer screw caps because...I'm lazy? And I like that my wine has a higher chance of tasting right!

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On Places I’ve Lived: Changing Relationships Mean Changing Rooms

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On Figuring out Fares

@Mike Dang Thank you! So much I still don't know about the wonderful world of the subway.

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On Figuring out Fares

You mean...instead of running down all three MetroCards in my bag until they have useless small amounts on them...I should keep one for train-based emergencies? This is so genius I can't even comprehend how stupid I've been. I'm so terribly embarrassed right now!

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