On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: February 2015 Check-in

First time check in! Here's where things are at now: Mini emergency fund: $1k (would like to build this up to several months of expenses) Barclays Dream Savings Account, opened last month: $500 (haven't determined the numerical goal yet - this is for a new car, which I'll probably need at some point in the next year or two) Roth IRA: ~$18,000 - contributing $507.50/month to max it out for the year Retirement savings through work, before taxes - contributing $200 a month (I work for the city, I think it's a 403(b)? No match. Just opened this account last month) Undergrad/grad school loans: ~$18,000 (original balance about $21,000)

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On Places I've Lived: An Attic, Immigrant Housing, And Valet Views

@wallsdonotfall I'm 29 and I've lived in 15 apartments, so it doesn't seem like all that many to me, either...

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On Monday Check-In: How Was Your Spending?

Spent about what I expected to: $20, dinner, Friday night $27, two tickets for Magic Mike (loved it!) $22, groceries, Trader Joe's, Saturday $9.50, tacos for lunch, Sunday $8, Diet Coke and Reese's $625, my half of the rent Total: $711.50 ($86.50 excluding rent)

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On Conversations About Our Student Loans

@highjump Could not agree with you more - don't go to library school! The market is incredibly over-saturated. I finished my 2 1/2 year MLIS program (at San Jose State University, online) back in December. I live in LA but am willing to move, and I can't even get interviews for library assistant positions! Very, very few people I know from school are having any luck in the field either, regardless of their area of expertise. So for now, I'm cobbling together a living by working retail, doing script reading for a film festival, participating in focus groups, and nabbing one-off hostessing gigs at big local events. On top of volunteering at a nearby branch library every week. At least I qualify for Income-Based Repayment on my ~$20k in loans.

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On The Media is Obsessed with People Who Live Alone

@kellyography I think I remember Kate Bolick mentioning it in an interview on the Hairpin?

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On Love in the Time of Consumer Debt

Awww, this is lovely.

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On Yes, Let's Talk About That Debt, Logan

@lalaland Yes! Exactly. Writing down my expenses was the first step I took when I got serious about paying off the $5k in credit card debt I'd accumulated by age 23. I was shocked when I realized where my money was actually going...and my spending habits were very, very similar to Logan's. Also, Logan: One thing I've been wondering is - do you have any student loans? That's the only debt I'm dealing with at this point, and it feels brutal, even though mine are relatively low (~$20k for both undergrad and grad school).

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