On Is Poverty a Choice? Or Is It More a Sixth Finger, Or a Tail

@Beck If you could give an exact definition of "truly poor", it would be much appreciated. I need to know who to spit on in the street when I walk to work.

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On Is Poverty a Choice? Or Is It More a Sixth Finger, Or a Tail

@Vicky No reason to be defensive, it was just my opinion. @josefinastrummer I think that's a perfectly valid perspective on it. My perspective was that the author was intentionally pointing out the irony that his anger was not about losing the surfboard (because he didn't even use it, as he said), but because of the background of the person that took it - as if that should make a difference when someone steals something.

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On Is Poverty a Choice? Or Is It More a Sixth Finger, Or a Tail

@oiseau That's basically how I saw it too. Nice summation.

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On Is Poverty a Choice? Or Is It More a Sixth Finger, Or a Tail

@Vicky I am fairly certain the surfboard story (and some, but not all, anecdotes in this piece) were intentionally written that way in the hope people would catch the irony that the author recognizes in them. Just my two cents.

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On Monday Check-In: Breaking Bread

@KingCash Oh! Which Thai restaurant did you go to? Kao Thai is my absolute favorite in Silver Spring. Also, seconding the fish bait shots... though for the sake of ambiance and excellent, cheap bar food I must recommend walking across the street to the Quarry Tavern. Best bar in the area.

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On It's Not Personal, Your Holiness, It's Business

@jacqueline Seconded 1,000,000%.

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On Where Have All the Ice Cream Trucks Gone?

@breakfast I live in DC and we have two of those hello-o ice cream trucks in our neighborhood. They come by rain or shine, all year round, at any time of the day or night. Also, one of them plays the Theme from Love Story. My boyfriend and I are convinced they are a front for selling drugs.

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On Do Banking Scandals Bore You?

I work in a federal institution that regularly researches and uses LIBOR rates, and I wish more people understood what a big deal this is! (Not that I blame anyone. I wouldn't if I didn't work where I do.)

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On Monday Check-In: Going for Gold

This was a good weekend for me! Friday: Had a friend over for dinner and a movie. I'd already bought everything the week before though, so: $0. Saturday: Stayed in and did housekeeping things and homework. Only expense was laundry: $3.50. Sunday: Went to IKEA to look for a new lamp but didn't find anything just right. I did buy some delicious IKEA food though, which was $6.50 total. Stopped by grocery store afterward and the damage there was $22 in groceries plus $40 in cash for spending over the week. Total: $32 plus $40 in cash for weekly spending. Not bad!

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On Monday Check-In: My Spending Rises

Oh yes! I love these. Friday: $7.50 on carryout pizza. I usually spend another $2.50+tip to get it delivered because I'm too lazy to drive the 3 blocks to the store (I know! I know!), but obviously starting to amend that. Saturday: $35 on mimosas and brunch with 2 friends. Sunday: $21.79 on groceries and $6.50 on cat litter at PetSmart. Grand total: $70.79. Not too shabby.

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