On Doing Your Taxes The Night Before

@Meaghano Same theme, opposite problem, I already got all of the misc income I'm going to get, anyone know if I can just pay all the taxes at once rather than in 4 installments? I just want to stop thinking about this.

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On Doing Your Taxes The Night Before

Meghan, I love you. I was literally in the middle of the same frustration two tabs over and I came back over here and was like, this is actually stupid difficult, isn't it. Damn estimated taxes! I'm just going to do it all by check and assume the transfer goes through before they get a chance to cash it.

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On That Thing, That Thing, That 1 Thing

@Caitlin with a C That is my second one thing this week. I haven't vaccuumed in f o r e v e r and I think the dust bunnies have mutated.

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On That Thing, That Thing, That 1 Thing

I have to call Turbotax help hotline and see if I have to pay estimated taxes on this buyuot. It's not freelance income, nor an ongoing thing, it's just a bunch of money that came to me from moving from my last apartment and IT'S FREAKING ME OUT because I don't know what the government wants from me and it's not making this easy. If I do owe taxes then I have to figure out my marginal rate from last year and apply it to them and split that with my roommate. OR I could just see what next years taxes bring? GAH why is this so difficult?!

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On Some Costs Associated With My Roommate’s Boyfriend

You're allowed to confront him about the Tide and the shampoo without being a bitch. That shit's expensive. You can also gently nudge your roommate about dishes and mention that her boyfriend could do his own as well. UGH. all around. I know so many relationships like this.

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On Ruling Declares College Football Players University Employees

I think the other big thing at stake here is "workable hours" or something like that. If they're working 50 hours a week playing football, they're probably struggling to make it to class or do assignments. At the same time, they get paid in "education." So, in some ways, them working their "job" keeps them from getting "paid" in a way. I would hope a union would be able to make sure they get enough time to go their school work. If these guys got into Northwestern, regardless of a football scholarship, they probably know that most of them aren't going pro and that degree is going to be the most valuable thing they get from those years. Over all a good development, I think.

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On How Do You Split the Cost of a Group Trip?

@A-M SPLITWISE! I used it on an international trip with my friend and it worked really really well. My only frustration is that I couldn't put in different currencies (I know, I know, it sounds ridiculous).

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On I Don't Sleep I Just Dream of 1 Thing

I need to figure out how to do quarterly taxes. The Billfold has sufficiently scared the crap out of me about this. I got a buyout for my old apartment (which falls in the same category of "freelance work" I think). I also have a full time job, which probably doesn't affect the amount I have to pay? Somebody tell me how much in taxes I owe now and how to calculate it and then I have to figure out how to split the taxes with my roommate (who got half, but wasn't on the 1040). Ugh.

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On Doing the Right Thing, Living With the Wrong People

Way. To. Go. Seriously. You crammed a lot of life experience into the same amount of time it usually take someone to graduate college and have a crisis about their lack of plans. Glad things worked out! Also, Louisville is lovely.

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On Monday Check-In

Friday, $10 to pick up groceries for pad thai and now I have fish sauce for the foreseeable future. Saturday, singing with friends FREE, brunch and city bakery $40, as planned, and walking the highline FREE (it was gorgeous out on Saturday!). Sunday, coffee and pastry, my Sunday morning splurge, $6, but here's the kicker: $120 for Turbo Tax (because 2 different state incomes)plus I now owe the government $1,500 ish in taxes because of a buyout from my apartment last year. I mean, I knew it was going to be about that, but it doesn't stop my bank accounts from getting super sad. $176 for the weekend, which isn't too far off my $120 estimate. Plus $1,500 scheduled to be paid at the end of the week.

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