On The Cost of Insomnia

I swear by melatonin to reset my clock after international trips. Never had any side effects.

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On Help, a Direct Mailing For a Cleaning Service Actually Worked On Me And I'm Worried It Will Ruin My Relationship

@Allison My sister shares your name and i just DEMOLISHED her closet in Chicago. Like, complete overhaul. Made me feel like an organizational superstar for like 20 minutes. Plus she bought me sushi. If your friend from Boston can't come, don't be afraid to bribe other organized friends with ethnic food.

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On $1.4 Million in Assets, a Million in Debt


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On Friday Estimate

@lemonhead3159 Happy birthday, and don't feel too bad about the angry Mint e mails--I wouldn't feel like the month had truly changed if I didn't get at least one.

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On Friday Estimate

So $0 for tonight. But Saturday is the day of DOING ALL THE THINGS because it's my going away bash. Let's say $15 for karaoke (cheaper in the daytime, plus drinks), then dinner and all the drinks so $40? Sunday I pick up lots of boxes from a friends house to help with my move, but I'll spring for a taxi to get them home, so $15. Then food is free because I get to eat everything in my freezer. Yay. BIG MOVE NEXT WEEK, trying not to freak out through superior organizational strategies. Total: $70, plus priceless memories and mounting anxiety.

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On Do 1 Thing (And a Report on a Successful Thing!)

I'm herding ducks into row this week. I contacted my (super nice)management company about getting an a/c unit installed (omg, people outside of NYC=so nice!).

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On Battle of the Budgets: YNAB or Mint?

I love Mint, but then again I also usually keep a running balance in my head of how much I'm spending each month--like, my expenses have never gotten too out of hand, so Mint is ideal and free. I love all of the trends graphs. I analyze how much I actually spend on clothing and adjust either my attitude or budget accordingly. I do wish there was a more complex way to set up savings goals and such, but really it's perfect for what I need.

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On Is Air Conditioning Worth It?

While I agree that people lived for thousands of years sleeping and working and such without air conditioners, it's worth noting that the building materials were very different in the way way back. Also, leaving for the Hamptons or wherever they could afford for the summer, or, alternatively, sleeping on fire escapes was a legit thing that people did in NYC. I think we can all vaguely agree that that's prob not safe and if A/C can keep people off precipices it's a good thing. I live in a 100 year old building that is made of brick. It retains heat like nobody's business. It can be 74 degrees outside and still 82 in my room and muggy. NYC is generally getting hotter, due to climate change but also because everything is covered in concrete and that sucks up heat way more than it used too. So yes, you can live without A/C in the northern climes, but, due to density and building materials, living in a city usually means you need A/C.

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On Do the 1 Thing

I did it! I emailed my doctor about my immunization records (something about health forms to remind you that you're going back to school). And I booked that last leg of my awesome summer trip. West coast here I come! My next 1 thing is to research My Future Job (tm). They want me to have an idea of what companies and positions I should be looking for, and I'm not sure where to begin. Started on glass door, vault, career explorer... Where does everyone go to research jobs?

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On Be Less Ambitious

A couple things... I was having a conversation with old friend from high school, another, similarly over-achieving workhorse and we were talking about our lives and the way we want them to go versus what we wanted for ourselves years ago. "I'm okay with being normal now," she said, and I totally was with her. I want to be good at my job, but I'm a little okay with not having a CEO role if it means I have weekends free and (eventually) time to spend with my kids. I think the middle class mentality of, look! your advantages! Use all of them and rise higher! does some people a disservice. I feel so lazy for not wanting to be the best. For not wanting to be in charge of everything, but if I didn't have friends or hobbies I'd go crazy. So...yeah, maybe don't think about it as aiming lower so much as simmering, rather than boiling. I don't know. It's Friday and I'm tapped for metaphors, who's got a better one? Maybe because Millenials didn't see people holding on to their jobs or their mortgages or even their retirement stuff, we're trying to put our eggs in other baskets, having side gigs and hobbies and work/life balance. At the same time the problem is, yes, we have to reach higher and do more to maintain the same lifestyle because of various terrible shifts in the job market and the general malaise of the economy. We have to aim higher to not fall behind. Even getting my MBA this fall, I'm terrified that I will not be able to send my kids to a decent public school or take them to locations that will _broaden_ their minds. Anyone else completely afraid for the children they will bear who aren't even born yet, nor are like to be in the next 5 years? Just crazy old me? Thought so.

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