On The Cost of Driving My Parents Home from the Hospital

This hits a little too close to home. My mom and dad were in a horrible accident after Thanksgiving 2009 -- my mom broke her neck and had a really long recovery. I had just moved to San Francisco and had no money to get home. It destroyed me. Like everyone else said, this was wonderful. Totally gonna read your novel!

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On Return of the "Good Guy Discount"

@nell I see what you're saying but it doesn't sound like the author was doing it to a person who was stressed out. The Shake Shack anecdote is totally appropriate, I mean, how do you not have change for a ten? And why do you need 5s? Ones would have been fine, too. And it's like, a thing of french fries. The umbrella situation seems to me like a pretty obvious joke, and the cashier had a good attitude about it.

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On After I Go

@Beans that's a cute gift!

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On After I Go

So much estate planning talk on the Billfold today! I'm lovin' it.

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On Gold Diggers And Deadbeat Dads

I'm gonna pile on with everyone else and say that the condo lie is definitely a deal breaker. It's not just that he let her assume he owned it and didn't correct her (which would still be pretty fucked), but he flat out SUGGESTED A FINANCIAL PLAN WITH RESPECT TO THE CONDO HE DIDN'T OWN, and that seems pathological to me. Also I totally agree with @steponitvelma about the estate plan "red flag" non-issue. I work at a probate law firm, and there really isn't any reason a single person without assets would even need a will (unless he or she had very specific bequests to folks not related to them).

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On A Wardrobe Comprised of Other People's Clothing

I enjoyed reading this very much, but I am totally confused how you fit into an eight-year-old's onesie?

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On Friday Estimate

@menspraetrepidans We'll miss you! Love, A Smoker

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On January Is The Cruelest Month -- For Layoffs

@annev17 logged in just to agree with you. There's so much wrong with that kind of arbitrary judgment with respect to employment. Playing hoops is SO innocuous. I'm not above making fun of people for their use of cheesy slang, but come on, this is ridiculous.

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On The Inheritance My Father Left Me With And What I Did With It

Awww. This was so good, and so sad.

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On Chatting About John Grisham

This was great, ladies. Here's my John Grisham story. I was at a party once and I got into an argument with someone who named their cat "Bukowski" (I was like 18, I swear I'm not so obnoxious anymore). I was like "um, that's pretentious" and their response was "would it be pretentious to have named my cat John Grisham?!" and I was like lol, no, that's my whole point. Anyway. Total buffoon.

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