On Chatting About John Grisham

This was great, ladies. Here's my John Grisham story. I was at a party once and I got into an argument with someone who named their cat "Bukowski" (I was like 18, I swear I'm not so obnoxious anymore). I was like "um, that's pretentious" and their response was "would it be pretentious to have named my cat John Grisham?!" and I was like lol, no, that's my whole point. Anyway. Total buffoon.

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On What's ENTAILED In Making a Will? (Get it? "Entailed"?)

This is relevant to my interests! I work at an estate planning law firm -- if anyone wants this done in the Bay Area, let me know. It's something we can do for not a lot of $$$.

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On Can't Take It With You, #1: Sarah Wambold, Funeral Director (Plus, Hello!)

@cryptolect Where do you live? It varies from state to state, but you should look into creating an advance health care directive and a medical power of attorney. Find an estate planning/probate law firm to help you with this -- it's a relatively quick process and shouldn't cost you too much money.

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On Talking About Money And Splitting the Cost of Child-Rearing After a Divorce

@sarahsayssoo you think so? I didn't really get that vibe. I think the passive digs at exes are more sour grapes than anything.

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On Some Costs Associated With a Relationship

I'm moved and sad like everyone else, but $12 seems like a lot for copying keys, no?

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On What One Food Item Would You Eat for the Rest of Your Life?

Love the part about how healthy he is, right after the part about how he blacks out all the time, including while driving! Very fun pizza guy, indeed.

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On The Value of 'Free' Work

Okay I understand not wanting to name names, but I am DYING to see the Iranian music video. Don't leave us hanging, man!

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On How Did You Get That Awesome Job?

@Allison UMMMMM I really want to take a test with long division by hand problems. That sounds so fucking fun.

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On Budget Super Bowl Snacks

NFL (No Food Left) I am straight dyin' here!!!

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On Would You Pay for an Honest Mistake?

@cmcm I'm conflicted about this one, too. I think it's kind of tacky for the business to do that. It reminds me of a similar situation where I was at a shitty cafe and asked for tomato and cucumber on my bagel and cream cheese. I was sitting there eating it when the gal came out from behind the register and was like "uh, my manager said I was supposed to charge you 50 cents for the veggies" and I just thought it was SO unnecessary! I paid, but I never went back. So, you're not a bad person, and I agree that the business should have eaten the difference and moved on.

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