On Hosting a Brunch in a Small Apartment for 40 People

This sounds like such a fun tradition. But seriously, you have FORTY friends? I barely have a dozen, and I could count on zero of them to make good on arrangements on New Year’s Day (they’d be on their respective couches, whisper-moaning about the night before).

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On Sandwiches for Everyone

Whoa! Not what I was expecting. This is fantastic.

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On Splitting the Bill With My Sisters

@ronswansonluva I was gonna respond, but serverburner nailed it!

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On Splitting the Bill With My Sisters

For everyone saying “just get separate checks”, it is a real pain in the ass for a server. Also, if they went to a pizza place, I’m not sure how it would have worked in this situation, because typically they’re shared, and you can’t exactly split a pizza on separate checks. I agree with whoever said “get venmo”. One check, then everyone pays the person who picks it up. Most painless solution.

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On Seattle Pizza Franchise Shutting Down, But Is it Really Because of the $15 Minimum Wage?

Awwww, I really like Hot Mama's. My friend was a delivery driver there when she very first moved to Seattle. I think it's better than tolerable, but then again, I'm sentimental. Z Pizza (albeit one in Phoenix) fired me in 2005, so fuck them.

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On How a Freelance Illustrator Who Makes $16,000 a Year Does Money

@j a y Gah, I tried to edit my comment and I think I deleted it. MONDAYS. I mean no disrespect to you or the freelance illustrator. But as someone who does drink, does some drugs, and generally spends with frivolity (while making considerably more than $16k/year), I would absolutely feel like I was denying myself if I cut those things out. And I think my life is quite a bit of fun! Having said that, I get the impression "Elizabeth" also thinks her life is pretty fun, and you know what? Good for her!

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On How a Freelance Illustrator Who Makes $16,000 a Year Does Money

I don’t drink, take any drugs, wear makeup, belong to a gym, or particularly want to see any movies right now. I’m not denying myself anything, I’m just absolutely no fun. Huh. At least she's self-aware.

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On Which Siblings Would You Like To Cut Out Of Your Parent's Will?

This just blows my mind. First of all, there would be no way to "revise" the grandparent's will. If the dying mother has inherited the money, it sounds like their estate has been administered. Second, how does she know that her mother hasn't already disinherited her brother? It's possible she has, and the LW doesn't know about it. Also, any estate planning attorney worth their salt would never take on a client under these conditions, e.g. a vengeful, acrimonious daughter who took her dying mother to make changes to existing bequests at the expense of another heir. Third, if this family is as wealthy as is implied, the money would likely be held in a trust, not via a will-based estate plan that would have to go through probate. That said, I'm getting a bit of a fake vibe from the letter. It's just too crazy to be true.

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On The Cost of Driving My Parents Home from the Hospital

This hits a little too close to home. My mom and dad were in a horrible accident after Thanksgiving 2009 -- my mom broke her neck and had a really long recovery. I had just moved to San Francisco and had no money to get home. It destroyed me. Like everyone else said, this was wonderful. Totally gonna read your novel!

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