On 1 is the Loneliest Number That You'll Ever Do ...

My one thing is to call my doctor and get an itemized bill for a recent visit. My insurance isn't covering the visit and the doctor is charging $200 (!) for what was 20 minutes of his time so I think I'm being priced gauged.

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On How Real People Afford to Travel the World For Extended Periods of Time

Isn't doing something like WOOFing just displacing somebody who would otherwise be getting paid to do that job? I would think it's just as bad as somebody taking an unpaid internship, by doing so you're propping a system that devalues workers.

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On Illogical Economics (But Really Is There Any Other Kind)

Obviously the New Yorker. I don't understand what "Barista Standard" means in regards to a KeepCup.

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On Whoops, the $522 Haircut

My last haircut was by a drunk guy at a party who kept saying he's never cut a woman's hair before. It's seriously the best haircut I've ever had, the man is the next Vidal Sassoon.

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On What Do You Do With a Ph.D. in Literature?

@wrappedupinbooks I thought it was supposed to be a play on "Au" being the periodic table symbol for gold. I was thinking "Dr. Gold...? Because it's ironic that she isn't making a lot of money?"

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@Lily Rowan I spent weeks in Reykjavik on a workcation and Iceland Airwaves. Such a great city! So many good hot dogs and burgers

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On Workplace Thievery

Soooo - when I was a 19 year old barista all my friends got free drinks (but I only had like three friends). I justified it because the policy of the cafe was we as baristas were entitled to free drinks at all times, even off shift so I just took that policy to it's logical extreme.

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On Great 2013 Movies to Stream This Long Weekend

@Adam F Yeah, I get you. The tone of that movie is complicated

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On Great 2013 Movies to Stream This Long Weekend

The first word that comes to my mind when I think of Cutie and the Boxer isn't "adorable"....

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On Friday Estimate

I'm a tourist in Washington D.C. today so lot's of money!

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