On What's ENTAILED In Making a Will? (Get it? "Entailed"?)

What I don't understand about the Schiavo case is why her parents had any say at all. Isn't your spouse automatically your Medical Power of Attorney? Relatedly - does anyone know if I still need to do a will if I want everything to go to my husband?

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On I Got a Better Job, But I'm Afraid My New Insurance Won't Cover a Scheduled Surgery

If you have to accept the job before verifying that BCBS will cover it, it's COBRA all the way. It's not cheap (I think the Aetna plan we were offered when my husband left his job would have been around $1200 for the family, or $450 for just him), but it's worth having until you can be sure the new plan will cover it. The law gives you 60 days after leaving your old job to decide whether you want to pay for COBRA, so that will give you some extra time to negotiate w BCBS. If you decide to do COBRA, your coverage and payments are retroactive to the date your policy ended - eg, if you leave April 10 and your policy runs out April 30, I believe you have until June 30 to decide whether to get COBRA. If you do, you'll owe them payments for May and June. I'm pretty sure (but not positive) that you can drop COBRA whenever, so worst case scenario, you have the surgery and drop it right after.

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On Can God Make It In Hollywood? Crunching the Numbers

Oh, God! is the best. John Denver is a grocery store manager handpicked by God (played by George Burns, natch) to take his message to the people. Everyone, including John’s wife Terri Garr, thinks he’s totally nuts. At FIRST. My Mom was a big fan of this movie, and we watched our VHS copy with some regularity. It’s *very* 70′s and my very next stop is Netflix to see if they have it.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

Is Ask A Mortgage Person still happening? I remember the idea was floated a few weeks ago, but don't remember seeing a follow up.

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On Do You Have Any Mortgage Questions?

I do I do! Will email this afternoon.

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On On 'Dating Up'

Aw, this is great.

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On More on Those Slabs of Plastic Redeemable for Goods and Services

As far as gift cards, I always take a photo with my phone of the back of the gift card (making sure all redemption/claim/access/whatever codes are clearly visible). So if I lose the card, at least I've still got the code to use it online. Obviously, this won't work for Eatily, but for Target and Best Buy, you're good to go. And every few months when I've got a free half hour and am feeling especially organized, I check all the amounts on my gift cards and email a chart to myself, including all the relevant codes. I also try to keep track of my Groupons/Living Social/Scoutmob deals this way.

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On The Best Things I Bought at Estate Sales Last Year

Have you been to My Favorite Place in Chamblee yet? It's the world's largest estate sale, and everything's a super great deal. I got a huge buffet for $70 that I plan to use as a pantry (of course, I then spent a hundred bucks on a sander and chalk paint and wax, and countless hours in the garage putting on about eight coats of paint, and I'm still not totally happy with it. But that's neither here nor there.). And some fantastic bookends for $10 that I'm now inspired to spray paint gold. You must go!

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On Taking a Pay Cut

Ten years ago, I was miserable in my personal life and desperate for a location change, so I left my safe but dull 54k job to move across the country for a campaign job paying 3k/month. It was the best move I ever made, both professionally (it led me to the job I have now) and personally (I met my husband on the campaign). Once the campaign ended, it took me six months to find a new job, and then another 18 months to work my way back to my old 50's salary. Things were tight for a bit, but more in the sense of 'I can't afford a fancy restaurant; let's go to Chipotle instead', rather than 'I can't pay my rent or buy health insurance'. So while I never regretted it, I was never really in dire straights either; I might have felt differently had I been without savings or the safety net of my parents, who threw me a few hundred bucks every month when I had no job. Funny enough, my husband and I are actually dealing again with this issue right now, as he's preparing to take a 15k cut to leave a corporate job he absolutely loathes. We have a mortgage and a kid now so the stakes are higher, but hopefully this job will be a much better fit and he won't come home depressed at the end of every day. If that happens, the $1000/mo difference will be absolutely worth it.

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On I'm 36 Years Old and Living the Life of a Millennial

@LydiaBennett I too figured he was talking about Camp Trin! Glad to see it alluded to on my favorite website (though, like you, I never planned to move back after I left in 99).

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