On Return of the "Good Guy Discount"

Waived onto the bus? Waived ONTO the bus? Like you can waive the fare or you can wave someone onto your bus/elevator with like a "come here" motion but can you get WAIVED ONTO a bus? Can you get waived to your seat? I feel like the answer is no. You can waive your rights to a lawyer, a person can waive a fee, but I don't feel like you can get waived onto a bus/waived to your seat.

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On It All Comes Out In The Wash: A Story Of Love And Laundry

A real estate agent once asked me if I was more interested in a big terrace or a view. I said, I am interested in doing laundry inside of my apartment.

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On Monday Check-in

@Mike Dang IT'S NOT THE SAME! (I am actually a Logan at heart but a Mike Dang in practice, so I found them comforting and relatable.)

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On Monday Check-in

Mike's always-reasonable weekend roundups kind of make me miss Logan, who would also have budgeted $100 but then accidentally spent $300.

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On Chatting About Letting The Children Choose The Real Estate

Ahhhhh a NYT story about a teenager picking out WHICH multi-million dollar apartment to buy is exactly the kind of thing I like to hate-read most! Also -- the (perhaps unintentional) reveal of Babygirl's name!

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On How a Person Living a Nomadic Lifestyle Does Money

Torn between not wanting to be a hater and just straight-up hating this guy. Not because I am envious of his travel lifestyle or whatever, just because he seems like kind of a dick.

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On Talking to a Millennial Taxpayer

How much do you make! When you pay 38k in taxes! This is a fact I would like to know!

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On Talking to Your CPA About Estimated Income

So even if you PAY ALL YOUR TAXES for the year you still get a $1000 fine for underpayment because you paid less in the first three quarters of the year than you thought? Like, you pay them the difference between what you paid and what you owed AND THEN ALSO ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS? This sounds terrible.

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On I 'Leaned In' at My Nanny Job—and Got Fired

Shredding/reading employment offers, performance evaluations and severance packages kind of sounds like my dream job.

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On I Went to a Launch Party for a Chair

@limenotapple I learned the thing about pushing the soup spoon away from you watching an episode of The Brady Bunch where Alice, the maid, goes on a date.

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