On Getting Married and Living on $11 Per Hour

What the hell is up with the italicized "pan from the local supermercado"? Was this article written by Alex Trebek?

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On How the Baby-Sitters Club Does Money: Dawn

Oh, Dawn! You are breaking my heart.

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On How Grandparents Do Money

"One time, while he and I were in the backyard in Vermont, he confessed to me that he didn’t like the patio furniture my grandma had bought. “Why don’t you say something?” I asked. “Because it doesn’t matter,” he said, “and that’s how you stay married.”" This is so so true and I love it. The whole article was fantastic, but that was my favorite.

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On The Cost of Getting a Pap Smear (In Canada)

@cupcake_engineer YES! This was my other thought, where do you live in Canada that you are paying $200 (except obvs. not actually $200) for a pap smear?!

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On The Cost of Getting a Pap Smear (In Canada)

I'm very interested in what things cost around the world, but super disinterested in combing through a bunch of $22/hr emotional upheaval to calculate that oh, the pap smear/treatment/soap actually cost $48 all told. (NB: I'm kind of a curmudgeon and bad at math.)

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On Money and Dating

Going out on Valentine's Day is often expensive and crowded and noisy and I just don't think it is worth it. CAKE, though, cake is a great idea. This lady who needs a $100 visit to the salon before EACH date is living on a different planet than I am.

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On What's Your Fantasy?

I recently gave my boyfriend a card that said I WISH YOU WERE HERE. [drawing of some guy on a bicycle or some shit like that] I ALSO WISH YOU HAD A TRUST FUND. So all of these fantasies sound basically familiar.

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On My Last Hundred Bucks: The Hoosier State

Your boss wanted to have lunch to talk about work and you paid for yourself! That's a bummer. I think the boss should be picking up the bill.

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On Oklahoma Congressman Expert Poor Person Profiler

Standing there in a tank top and a pair of shorts! THE NERVE!

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On Money Lessons From My Rich Relatives

You can either live like a millionaire or be one! That's brilliant, brilliant advice.

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