On How the Baby-Sitters Club Does Money: Dawn

Oh, Dawn! You are breaking my heart.

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On How Grandparents Do Money

"One time, while he and I were in the backyard in Vermont, he confessed to me that he didn’t like the patio furniture my grandma had bought. “Why don’t you say something?” I asked. “Because it doesn’t matter,” he said, “and that’s how you stay married.”" This is so so true and I love it. The whole article was fantastic, but that was my favorite.

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On The Cost of Getting a Pap Smear (In Canada)

@cupcake_engineer YES! This was my other thought, where do you live in Canada that you are paying $200 (except obvs. not actually $200) for a pap smear?!

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On The Cost of Getting a Pap Smear (In Canada)

I'm very interested in what things cost around the world, but super disinterested in combing through a bunch of $22/hr emotional upheaval to calculate that oh, the pap smear/treatment/soap actually cost $48 all told. (NB: I'm kind of a curmudgeon and bad at math.)

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On Money and Dating

Going out on Valentine's Day is often expensive and crowded and noisy and I just don't think it is worth it. CAKE, though, cake is a great idea. This lady who needs a $100 visit to the salon before EACH date is living on a different planet than I am.

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On What's Your Fantasy?

I recently gave my boyfriend a card that said I WISH YOU WERE HERE. [drawing of some guy on a bicycle or some shit like that] I ALSO WISH YOU HAD A TRUST FUND. So all of these fantasies sound basically familiar.

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On My Last Hundred Bucks: The Hoosier State

Your boss wanted to have lunch to talk about work and you paid for yourself! That's a bummer. I think the boss should be picking up the bill.

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On Oklahoma Congressman Expert Poor Person Profiler

Standing there in a tank top and a pair of shorts! THE NERVE!

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On Money Lessons From My Rich Relatives

You can either live like a millionaire or be one! That's brilliant, brilliant advice.

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On Is Sephora a Dream or Our National Nightmare?

I drop a fair bit of money on Sephora for a couple of reasons, one, my skin is shit and they have products that make it look better (all basically skincare items, no actual makeup) and two, I'm in Canada so my retail options are much more limited than they would be in the US. ETA that salomeforever reminded me that the return policy is AMAZING and I appreciate that. My eyebrows went ALL OVER my face at "$7 or whatever for a thing of Rosebud Salve? Fuck you. I’ve taken a travel-sized thing or two a couple times while in line to buy like $70 worth of other stuff. If we’re gonna be gouged…" because that's....not how society works. The Rosebud Salve is seven bucks so either buy it for seven dollars or don't?

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