On Monday Check-in

I estimated 100$, I know I went way over that- mostly due to my registering myself and a friend for an art class next month (70$). She'll pay me back the 35$ which makes it reasonable again. I ended up not spending a ton of money to go out on Friday- my friend treated except for one beer that I bought myself. I'll treat back another time. (8$) On Saturday I bought a Gatorade (1$) and drank it while reading in a park before seeing a matinee (6$) of The Great Gatsby. I also bought stamps (9$). Yesterday I treated a friend who has just gotten a new job to brunch (34$) and then we melted into the couches of a house where she was cat-sitting for the rest of the day, basically (they have a roof deck- roof deck access in the city is solid gold). Then on the way home I realized I had also wanted to buy new shoes for work this weekend(20$). My shoes I had been wearing were in a sad state. Then I got some groceries for the week (30$). 178$ total, 143$ when my friend pays me back. Perfect summer weekend, even if I went over my budget. If we totally discount the art class as an expenditure in that future weekend, I was only 8$ over!

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On Friday Estimate

I started out thinking I had no plans this weekend, I went away last weekend so it was super spendy. But I've planned drinks tonight (30$ because I'll probably get food too and we're starting at Happy Hour time which means I tend to buy more drinks) and brunch on Sunday (20$) and I want to go see the Great Gatsby (8-11$ depending which theatre I end up at) I also need to go to the grocery store (35$). Going to keep it under 100$- I'm trying to save up because I'm planning on adopting a dog in the next couple months and I want a cushion for that. Oh, I need to buy stamps which will probably perfectly round out that $100.

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On I Got My Shopping Start at the Limited Too

When I was maybe in 4th or 5th grade I went into the Limited Too and was told by the saleslady that I was too big for their clothes. It was like that scene in Pretty Woman when the boutique refuses to sell her clothes except with me, a chubby elementary schooler, and my mother and we just went over to Gap Kids to spend money there instead. Also kind of like the Abercrombie thing- only thin people wanted-but instead of adults it was instilling negative body image into an 8 year old. If I had been older or had access/known what the internet was, I would have made a big stink about it. Instead I just cried a lot at home later. I didn't even get three steps into the store!

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On Monday Check-In

I spent most of the weekend staying in except for a trip to the grocery store on Friday night- $92 (I picked up some staple things and went to the more expensive grocery store, usually I cap myself at 60$ and buy approximately two weeks worth of food) And then I went to a dinner party last night and forgot the sparkling juice I was going to bring but did not buy guilt wine on my way there. This was a big step for me (and no one noticed I didn't bring something, most people didn't bring something!) that saved me $10-15.

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On Monday Check-In

My goal was $60 for the whole weekend. I ended up spending a lot more than that (first mistake was bringing my boyfriend to Home Depot with me, $27, the second was agreeing to go to the Christmas Tree Shop after that, $34) I also spent a bit more on dinner on Saturday night than I had planned- $35. And I walked around to yard sales and thrift stores yesterday morning and while my boyfriend picked up the $8.50 that I spent (also, we got a ride back to my apartment with our haul from the woman holding the yard sale which was SO nice of her), I bought some Gatorade for a 3pm pick-me-up, $3. I also bought ice cream on Friday night, $7. And last night I treated myself to a ticket, $10, to see a documentary about tiny houses at the Boston Independent Film festival. That's two dollars more than the theater usually charges for tickets but still less than most of the theaters in the Boston area. Total: $117 which is double what I projected.

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On Friday Estimate

I had a pretty spendy week- bought my mom an iPad for mother's day (splitting the cost of a refurbished older model with my brother but he hasn't paid me back yet), bought a bathing suit for summer, and bought two new bags (cotton twill ones for pretty cheap) which is probably more shopping than I've done in a couple years all squeezed into three days. So, this weekend I'll be much more reticent to spend. Tonight my boyfriend claims that he is cooking me dinner ($0) and I already have some wine and beer on hand for a nice, low-cost date night. Tomorrow I'm doing an Earth Day cleanup that was postponed due to the craziness that was last Friday (I'm in the Boston area)which will be really fun ($0+ the good feeling of being outside beautifying the city on a gorgeous spring day- priceless) And then I might go to drinks with some friends on Saturday night (~$15) Sunday there is a yard sale I want to check out, they claim that they will have some "vintage" lamps so I'll set a budget of 20$ on that. I also need potting soil (~$20) for my container garden so I'll be traipsing to the hardware store to get some. Hopefully under $60 for the weekend!

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On Monday Check-In

I didn't do a prediction on Friday but I wanted to keep the weekend as low-cost as possible. I spent 10$ on a bottle of wine on Saturday to bring to a party and 15$ on a present for a baby shower on Sunday. $25 for a very busy weekend- not bad at all!

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On Friday Estimate

This weekend is going to be expensive. I have like 4-6 home improvement projects to work on that require buying things like paint AND I have two birthday parties to attend. I may skip the one tonight because bars on Fridays are exhausting and apparently I'm an old woman now. (Also the bar has a 10$ cover which I also can't stand for any longer AND it is across the river. And I'll make up any excuse to stay home in my PJs) I'm estimating $150 if I end up going to both bar birthdays and $100 if I don't. I also need to get groceries.

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On Practically Free Mom-Endorsed Advice On Turning Your Frown Upside Down (Or at Least, Like, Bringing It Back to Neutral)

@Lily Rowan Agreed, I don't think good mom advice includes "Spend 3/4 of your total money for the next week on coffee, a muffin and flowers (which you can't even eat)."

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On Every Little 1 Thing I Do, I Do It For You (Me)

My one thing was setting up automatic renewal of my T pass. No more waiting in line on the first of the month for me (or needing quarters to get the bus in the morning because I forget to re-up the night before the 1st) I really wanted it to be doing my taxes over lunch but somehow I've misplaced my W-2! (I'm mildly panicking about this. I'm sure it just fell under or behind somewhere, right!?)

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