On Monday Check-In: My Spending Rises

The husband and I went to a Neko Case show on Friday. Drinks and such were surprisingly reasonable! $2 for a bottle of water, $2 for popcorn, $5 for my husband's beer, and $6 for a generous amount of wine in a plastic cup. Oh, drat, and $5 for parking. $20 total. The tickets had been a birthday present. Great show, as always. On Saturday I bought some new music on Amazon. $7 total for two albums, but I had a gift card, so $0 cost to me. On Sunday, I bought a round-trip plane ticket to New Orleans. About $230 total. I'm going to audition for Jeopardy! in mid-August. If going on the show wasn't such a bucket list thing for me, then I'd feel silly about the amount of $$ I'm going to spend on this audition (plane fare, hotel, food, haircut and color, etc.). I'm going to space out the money over several weeks so that it's less painful. Total: $250.

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On How Do We Repay Our Parents?

@Kat Funkhouser@facebook I'm fangirling your blog name! *starts humming Sondheim*

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On Monday Check-in: Blind Spending

Friday: My mom-in-law was in town, and she insisted on buying us dinner (pizza). We did not refuse! Total: $0 Saturday: Impulse-purchased a book for Kindle that I saw in one of Amazon's Bargain Books e-mails. I'd heard good things about the book and would have probably paid full price for it. Total: $1.99. Sunday: Satisfied my own Pinkberry craving / bought husband a snack: $10.69 Trader Joe's run: $34.60 Renewed Care.com membership to find new nanny, since current one just took a full-time job with Wells Fargo. Boo: $35.00 Weekend Total: $82.28

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On Used Books, New Books

Yes. My perspective is that my buying a hard copy of an author's book from a bookstore is akin to my sending a little note to the author's publisher -- "Please keep giving this author book deals and make sure his / her existing books stay in print!" I try to save most of my book dollars for books by living authors versus dead ones, and particularly for debut novels and those all-important sophomore novels. I try to save my Kindle purchases and used book purchases for classics, out-of-print books, and authors like, say, Jon Krakauer who already have plenty of name recognition and publisher support. I'm not 100% with this plan (I love the library! And used book sales!), but I try to throw my financial support toward as many new authors as I can.

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On Monday Check-In: How Was Your Spending?

I'll have to wait for a hospital bill to see the final tally. Blah. Friday: New clothes for upcoming business trip: $90 (Yay for 40% off everything sale at The Limited! Also, the saleslady tried to push some impulse buys on me -- I told her I was going to Puerto Rico for work, and she filled my dressing room with floral dresses and long swishy skirts. I resisted and bought the businessy stuff, as planned.) 10 PM emergency room trip for my 8-month-old: ??? Maybe $300 after insurance? He is doing fine now. Long story short -- maybe he can try eating avocado again when he's 40. Saturday: Parking at the art museum: $6 Admission for 2 adults and one baby: $0. We have an annual pass we put to good use! Late lunch / early dinner: $22 Sunday: Chocolate croissant and cup of coffee during my writing group meeting: $5. I'd been sitting there with my friends for almost 2 hours before I realized I hadn't bought anything yet! Subtotal: $123.00 before the hospital bill

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On 'Eggs on a Roll' Part II

I... can't stop thinking about eggs on a roll. If I lived in New York, I'd be in trouble. What's prevalent around here (Atlanta)? Chik-Fil-A. It's not cheap, but I do have several co-workers who eat it for breakfast AND lunch nearly every day. Of course, the fried-chicken-on-a-biscuit and the southern style chicken sandwich have been co-opted by McDonald's. I think we can still claim grits as a distinctly prevalent southern thing, though. One of my favorite restaurants serves pimiento cheese grits at brunch. Mmm.

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On Weddings Are Super Expensive to Attend, It Turns Out

I've inadvertently solved this problem by being friends mainly with people who a.) were already married when I met them, or b.) are oh-so-single (some who are loving it, some who are not). As a result, I'm 32 and have attended 6 weddings in my entire life. I've unashamedly LOVED the weddings I went to, though. Maybe I'd love weddings less if I had to go to more of them. As it is, I get a little jealous of my friends and acquaintances who block out May - July as "wedding season."

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On Monday Check-In: How Much Did You Spend This Weekend?

Friday - Nada. Went home and relaxed and watched The Descendants from Netflix, which was a big reality check in the fields of a.) how long my husband can cry, and b.) needing to get wills made, stat! (We contacted a lawyer friend of ours right after I put the DVD back in the envelope.) Saturday - Ordered 2 new cloth diapers for my 8-month-old. Total around $32. Sunday - Went to library and found out I did not owe any fines. Hurrah! Got 6 books and 3 audiobooks in celebration. I love the library. After that, husband, kiddo, and I went out for an early dinner, and I spent $28. After 7 years of marriage, my husband and I still have separate accounts. It works well for us. I know generally what he's spending without keeping track of every penny. I can estimate he spent about $90 - $100 this weekend (beer, lunch at work, some tools to install a stereo, and breakfast-for-dinner out on Saturday).

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