On 1 Thing: Endless Summer Edition

Go to my old apartment and finish cleaning it out. I've been putting this off so long I almost want to just say FUCK IT and leave the rest of the stuff behind but I have to do it.

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On The Discreet Charm of Commuting

I am super excited for my commute to school this semester! I now live a 15 minute walk from Alewife (the last train stop on the red line in Boston [well, Cambridge]) and because it's the last stop, I am guaranteed a seat for the 30-45 minute train ride. It alllllmost makes up for the fact that I'll have to walk/ride the train/bus for an hour and a half every week to get to my clinical that starts at 7AM.

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On Friday Estimate

Friday: I made pizza and couscous for two friends, so I bought queso fresco for that as well as some other groceries the apartment needed ($20). Saturday: I have to work 7pm to 1:30am so hopefully nothing Sunday: I am going to lunch with someone but have to work later and, therefore, can't drink, so maybe $15 max? Total: $30-35, depending on how much lunch costs

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

I FINALLY took the gift credit card my boyfriend's parents gave me for my birthday and went to TJ Maxx to buy new clothes for a wedding I'm going to in two weeks. I bought two fancy dresses because I looked good in them both, new shoes, some kitchen stuff we needed, and a pretty bathmat. Shopping with money that isn't "real" (his mom told me I HAD to spend it on something I wanted, not something we needed, which is why I bought both dresses) is great! I'm so excited for this wedding; they're an awesome couple, it's in New York City, and we're staying there two nights total. I am going to eat so many salt bagels with butter that my heart hurts.

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On Do 1 Thing Before 1 Thing Does You

I have to figure out why my recurring student loan payment didn't go through! I decided to put money towards it while I'm in school because it's my second-smallest one (I have one that is $935 but it's subsidized so I'll just scrimp and pay it off when I get my first real job) and the interest it's acquired is almost half the loan itself.

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On Vision Benefits

My doctor told me 5 years ago that your eyes don't really change that much at my age, and I only went to the doctor because my glasses broke (you know how you aren't supposed to wipe the lenses? Did you know that the nosepiece can somehow snap off when you do that?). I paid $15 copay for an eye exam (MA won't let you get glasses with a prescription older than 2 years, but jokes on THEM because my eyes changed by only -.25 on each side and my astigmatism disappeared, yay) and $476 on glasses, but I got two pairs? I get my insurance through my mom and she says I can get one pair refunded, and one of the pairs I bought was super on sale, but I am HORRIFIED that I didn't get the cheap insurance glasses. Also, is anti-glare coating a gimmick? I spent $90 a pair to get it because the lady said my current glasses had it already, and I remember way too many elementary school class pictures that had to be retaken because the reflection off my glasses made me look like a lighthouse.

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On The Four-Hour Workday

The 4 hour work day is amazing; most of my shifts lately have been 4-6 hours (and all closing shifts, so I get to nap almost every day- ALSO AMAZING). Unfortunately there are silly things like food and rent I need to pay, and I get paid hourly, so that's the drawback. I'm basically just trying to spend as little of my savings as possible until I get my student loan refund check in September (and obsessively checking my school's site to make sure they aren't going to take away any of my glorious $20,000 grant) and enjoying the free time while I still have some.

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On The Year We Saved $10K: It Was Like Shopping For A New Life

I keep trying to convince my boyfriend to move to Maine after he finishes his PhD but he keeps telling me he couldn't get a job there. I am all, "I CAN SUPPORT US and you can work at a brewery or whatever, I don't care," but I will probably never get to live in Maine. :(

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On My Hopeless Love Affair With Craigslist

@PicNic I have insurance and I pay $65 a session to see my therapist on the "insurance discount" rate. I get to pay her only $13 a session when we hit the family deductible, which should only be another couple of months, hahaha, aahhhhhhh

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On "So, What'll You Have?"

Jameson and Ginger Beer! A bartender once told me a bunch of people had been ordering it lately and it is my go-to drink order now. It's decent if you have it with ginger ale (at cheaper bars- make sure you specify ginger beer instead of ale) and it's phenomenal if you order it somewhere that makes their own ginger beer. I don't like whiskey sodas or super-sweet drinks and I hate spending $8-$10 on a whiskey sour to find out it tastes like especially-acidic orange juice concentrate. Of course, beer is always safest to me if I know what there is on tap/bottle and I know if I trust the bar's tap lines. Jameson and ginger is if I don't know the beer list or can't read the taps and have to make a quick decision.

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