On The Real Cost of Prescription Drugs

I've spent $50 for three antibiotics before. Not three bottles, but three pills. That was without insurance. Of course, I've also had my insurance cover $4 of an $84 clinic visit because you don't really need a TB test every 6 months (my school requires it) and apparently I could have just waited for my ear infection to clear itself up.

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On Our 1 Thing: Remembering to Do 1 Thing, Oops

I have to call financial aid to figure out where my financial loan refund went, since I had a closed bank account set up for my direct deposit, ahhhhh. I need to get them to resend it to my new account on record, which I'm sure will take way more explaining to the financial aid office work-study student than either of us would like.

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On Chatting About Work Trips and Expense Guilt

@A-M There's an Auntie Anne's in South Station in Boston, and the last time I bought one after a late-night bus trip they gave me about 3 extra pretzels (probably going to waste anyways) and it was the best day ever.

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On I Want to Illustrate Your Daydreams About Money

I'm in school still so my daydreams are of receiving a sudden scholarship or grant that covers everything. Something like they look at my grades (almost straight As, except some were A-s, so those DON'T COUNT) and give me a $50,000 grant for being swell, which would cover my last semester and nearly all my student loans. I'm actually pretty good at finding small denominations of money. BIGGEST: I once found $20 in the ocean, AND I found $20 on the ground when I visited NYC this June. If you lost $20 near NYU, I'm sorry, I used it to buy beer and chicken fingers.

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On Express Your True Identity With a DIY Job Title

I work in food service so I always get ridiculous titles. At the ice cream store I used to have to declare my income under the title of "Scooper" and now that I work at Popular Coffee Shop I am a Barista but also a Partner. Anyways, can't wait until I graduate/pass my boards and get that hard-won RN.

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On Express Your True Identity With a DIY Job Title

@mary_garth There was a woman in 2011 who was a homemaker and Trebek was SUPER dismissive of it! I can't remember exactly his response but during the Q&A (which, honestly, I always skip if I've DVR'd the episode) he was incredibly rude. I watched a lot of Jeopardy! that season and I remember it being a particularly sassy season for Trebek, so much so that I really expected he would announce retirement pretty soon after.

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On The Costs of Living in Kazakhstan

@sheistolerable I thought this too! But I could easily drink a gallon of water a day, so I figured this was maybe closer to what regular people drink.

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On Monday Check-in

Successfully spent $0 by using an iTunes credit to complete an album I wanted ($7.99) and paying for half of groceries with future-money ($35; I am waiting to pay my boyfriend rent/some other things he's bought when I get my student loan refund soonish). I spent $20 on a locker on Friday and that's all the money I've spent this weekend. Hopefully I get my loan money soon and will no longer be in debt (I owe my boyfriend $665 right now).

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On Friday Estimate

I am hoping to spend less than $4 this weekend (AMBITIOUS) because I don't get my student loan refund for another week, at least, and I currently owe my boyfriend $630 ($600 for rent, $30 for a textbook he rented me through Amazon Prime so I could use his free 2-day shipping). My student loans don't go through until the 12th and I should hopefully get my reimbursement shortly after that and I'll be able to breathe a little easier. I already spent $20 on a locker for the year, but that comes from my cash tips so it's "free money" (e.g. I don't have to take it out of my bank account). I have to work all weekend so it shouldn't be bad; we have plenty of food in the fridge/freezer to rely on, I'm working Saturday and Sunday, and we can't really go out because we're both broke students now. Total: $24

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On Starting a Business from Scratch When You Know Nuthin About Nuthin

I know this isn't the point, but: the boyfriend and I looked at an apartment in late June/early July that was on the 3rd floor. The building owner hadn't turned the AC on and about halfway through the open house my boyfriend announced, "Welp, I'm good, see you," and left, which made me feel better because I was SO HOT. So I have sympathy. NB: we live in a basement apartment now, and I have seen three types of vermin (spiders, house centipedes, MICE) in the last month that we weren't aware of when we moved in and I cried every time, so maybe we should have spent the extra $600 a month on that third-floor oven

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