On Happy Equal Pay Day!

@Sloane And how much more money do childless men make than men with children?

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On How Much Should You Tip for Office Food Deliveries?

Okay, PLEASE don't tell me you are looking to save money by tipping less, to people who have been tipped that amount consistently by your company for however-long?

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On Thieves Steal What They Can Sell, Like Soap and Razors

I saw deodorant locked up at CVS recently. Usually it's just razors, and I end up buying some cheap disposables because I am never in the mood to flag down an employee so I can spend 18 minutes looking at packages figuring out how many blades I REALLY want.

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On Another Life

I met a really good friend at a job I took in 2011. I had an interview with Flour that I cancelled to work at that restaurant instead. My friend and I have had an extensive conversation about it what Flour Me is like and I wonder about what is going on in her life sometimes. Flour Me is so great! She has her life all figured out and is super happy. I would hate her, but she's one of those people you just can't hate.

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On When 'Bugmaggedon' Strikes

When I found out my apartment had roaches I cried. We have fewer roaches now but mice instead, and I have come to terms with it and am leaving this craphole apartment in September. But honestly, if I had found out we had bedbugs I don't know what I would have done. I am guessing 'killed myself out of a combination of infestation depression and so I wouldn't have to deal with it'.

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On Thoughts While Considering Buying a Bag of Dried Cranberries

I used to buy dried strawberries sometimes because they are the most delicious thing in the world; they are also so expensive that I felt bad about buying them.

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On The Luxury of Silence

I get so cranky at the "naturally gluten-free" label. So you didn't add gluten to plain frozen vegetables? Or lemonade? Or apple cider vinegar? GOOD FOR YOU that being said, I live in a college-student-heavy area, and I do get angry if people are yelling outside my window at 3AM but it's not like I call 311. Although that's because I don't know what Boston's version of 311 is. Plus I own headphones; if I can't guarantee on my roommates, let alone my neighbors, being quiet, then I better be buying earplugs in bulk.

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On When We Took the SAT

I did not study for my SATs, in part because I am fairly good at multiple choice tests, but mostly because I just did not care enough! I kind of find the SATs pointless because of that- if I am able to get a pretty good score doing nothing (I got a 2080, but I am a baby who had that stupid "writing" section) then how reliable is this test if someone who studies their butt off and may be smarter than me can do worse if they're just a shitty multiple-choice test taker?

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On How a Critical Care Nurse Does Money

@Stina I had a patient with stomach cancer and when I found out you can look at MRI pictures on the EMR I flipped a LID. Still have no idea what ultrasound pics are of though, and even the MRI had me thinking, "Those are probably kidneys, right? What is that thing with a squiggly tail is it the gallbladder??" Like I've been told by nurses before though- "I don't know, I'm not an ultrasound tech."

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On How a Critical Care Nurse Does Money

Oh man I just want everyone to watch Call The Midwife, but that's because community healthcare is my main interest. I'm in postop right now for clinical and it's so cool! It does take a certain person I guess; I can look at blood, vomit, shit, really bad wounds no problem. I got super excited last week when my patient pooped because she hadn't had a BM since preop. I've always wanted to be a nurse and not a doctor but that's just because I really don't like most MDs.

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