On Everyone in the Conference Room, It's Time for a Meeting

I worked at an ice cream store where our boss once made us come in at 9am (we opened at 11) for a meeting that lasted all of five minutes. We then all left to smoke weed before our shift, because we worked at an ice cream store.

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On A $124,421 Student Debt Story

I find it hard to believe that going to UConn would hurt someone's future career prospects. And he could still have had his college experience and probably similar "opps" (ew ew ew) for literally half the cost. I kind of already hate this guy, not least for saying he's middle class when his DAD made eighty grand in a year. I grew up in a rich suburb of CT too, but I don't try to play the CT game of pretending to be "upper middle class" anymore because that's not a real thing.

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On The Billfold Book Club: Suze Orman's 'The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke'

@nell hahaha I have been told at Buffalo Exchange before that my clothes were too worn to be resold, but I could totally get them repaired and rewear them! It then got awkward when I told the lady, "Yeah, I don't fit into any of these pants anymore."

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On Another Commencement Speaker Down, Hundreds To Go

I haven't graduated yet (YET) and since I will graduate in the fall I technically don't get a graduation! I can graduate in the spring but that seems silly/not worth it (hopefully by the spring I will already have passed the boards and be applying for/have a job). Nursing students get a special pinning ceremony but at my school that is filled with controversy. The dean doesn't like pinning ceremonies (she thinks they are representative of a time when nurses were not very educated) but at the same time it is the only option for those of us graduating in the fall who want to have some kind of commemoration of our efforts! I honestly don't remember much of my high school graduation (there were over 500 of us). BUT the best picture of me that has ever been taken is my high school graduation picture, because of how genuinely happy I am; my face is GLOWING with pride and joy. I want another one of those pictures, but that is pretty much the only reason I would want to go through another graduation ceremony.

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On Treating Yo'self to a Flight Upgrade

I have flown from Honolulu to Dallas in a middle seat between a lady with bad knees who couldn't really stand and a sleeping dude who was such a great plane sleeper that he fell asleep on me twice. I moved back east a year later, I have not flown in three years, and if I never fly again it will be too soon.

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On My Last $100: Eating My Feelings, Nourishing My Mind And Soul

I have an iced caramel macchiato problem at Starbucks, where the problem is how expensive/ridiculous they are to order. I know it's a stupid made-up drink but it tastes like vanilla caramel coffee milk and I want one now

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On The Costs of Things: Crop Tops!

@yttri that is just as bad, because then it is this weird "stomach without a bellybutton" which is vaguely unsettling

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On The Cost of Accidentally Dropping Your Phone

I broke my iPod touch screen a couple of months ago and I'm still sad about it. I live in constant fear of dropping my iPad and breaking the screen. I have a logitech keyboard and so I can't really get a case for it. I'm kind of considering getting a case/keyboard combination to replace the keyboard because constant fear

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On Snacking Habits of the Post-Millennial

Wait, if I'm turning 24 next month, am I a millenial or Gen Z? I had been operating under the impression that I was a millenial, but I love ready-to-eat convenience foods- does this mean I have to start eating salads that take a lot of time and effort to prepare? Can I eat less complex salads next month when I am an official millenial? TELL ME WHO TO BE

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On The Cable Cabal

I use Netflix and Hulu Plus because I was too lazy to set up my cable box, then I realized I don't actually want a TV! I don't pay for Netflix because I have a nice Mom who uses it, but I do pay for Hulu Plus so I don't have to wait 8 days to watch certain shows. The best part about Hulu Plus is that you can put your account on hiatus and you aren't charged for that time period- you also can't watch any shows during that time, but still! I do this in the summer because all of the shows I watch on Hulu go on hiatus during the summer and I don't need to pay $7.99 a month for three months to watch old episodes of TV shows with commercials.

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