On #FightFor15 Stands Up for a Living Wage

@sally885 if you're poor and all you can get is a minimum-wage job, and you are barely able to scrape by even if you work two jobs and 40+ hours a week, then can you really be said to be CHOOSING to not have a skill set if you can barely afford to eat and pay rent, let alone pay for the higher education that would allow you to build a skill set for a higher-paying job? Very few people choose minimum wage jobs because they're easy and anyone can do them and they're too lazy to make something "better" of themselves. Developing a skill set requires time and money, both of which are things poor people don't have a whole lot of in reserve.

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On Valentine's/St. Cyril's Day Estimates!

My boyfriend thinks Valentine's Day is stupid and I am neutral/can't get myself to care about anything but 2/15 candy sales, so I made plans to study with a friend without realizing it was Valentine's Day! I am super excited, though- we have a lot of fun studying and since we haven't had class yet due to snow I have a lot to study. I hope to spend $15 on a pizza for the both of us to split while we catch up.

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On The Best Start-Ups and Innovative Companies

@CaddyFdot I love SEE even though I spent almost $500 on glasses there (two pairs, both with anti-glare coating). They found me glasses I love but never would have picked for myself and I get compliments on them all the time! I went to the Newbury Warby Parker but they only had a handful of frames that fit and suited my face, and none of them were the ones I had Been thinking about when I looked online.

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On When Harvard Met Obamacare: A Reverse Rom-Com

I get insurance through my mom who gets it from her job at an insurance company. We have a $3500 family deductible.

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On Sharing Time: How Much Did You Spend on Presents This Year?

1. $100, but I'm not done yet and I love stocking stuffer shopping, so let's say $150 2. Most expensive gift was $25 3. Cheapest was free because I cheated and got it from work 4. No budget, I kind of give myself free rein around Christmas. 5. No, I don't really use credit cards though. 6. I'm comfortable with the amount! I am really excited to give some of these presents, my boyfriend is all, "Why are you getting your mom a usb drive shaped like a dragon's egg," but I got my mom a Minnesota license plate for a present once and she loved it, so I think I'm good.

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On When Budget Beauty Starts to Hurt

I LOVE makeup but I wear it maybe twice a month? So I have to avoid makeup stores and aisles because I want to buy EVERYTHING. I love eyeshadow and nail polish most of all, which is great because I do fancy eye makeup 6x a year and I basically can't paint my nails ever because of work and school. I am also forever seeking the undereye bag solution so I kind of have to not allow myself to buy skin care products either (besides face scrub and moisturizer); its a slippery slope.

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On The Real Cost of Prescription Drugs

I've spent $50 for three antibiotics before. Not three bottles, but three pills. That was without insurance. Of course, I've also had my insurance cover $4 of an $84 clinic visit because you don't really need a TB test every 6 months (my school requires it) and apparently I could have just waited for my ear infection to clear itself up.

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On Our 1 Thing: Remembering to Do 1 Thing, Oops

I have to call financial aid to figure out where my financial loan refund went, since I had a closed bank account set up for my direct deposit, ahhhhh. I need to get them to resend it to my new account on record, which I'm sure will take way more explaining to the financial aid office work-study student than either of us would like.

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On Chatting About Work Trips and Expense Guilt

@A-M There's an Auntie Anne's in South Station in Boston, and the last time I bought one after a late-night bus trip they gave me about 3 extra pretzels (probably going to waste anyways) and it was the best day ever.

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On I Want to Illustrate Your Daydreams About Money

I'm in school still so my daydreams are of receiving a sudden scholarship or grant that covers everything. Something like they look at my grades (almost straight As, except some were A-s, so those DON'T COUNT) and give me a $50,000 grant for being swell, which would cover my last semester and nearly all my student loans. I'm actually pretty good at finding small denominations of money. BIGGEST: I once found $20 in the ocean, AND I found $20 on the ground when I visited NYC this June. If you lost $20 near NYU, I'm sorry, I used it to buy beer and chicken fingers.

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