On How to Stop Going into Credit Card Debt for the Sake of "Points"

@seaermine I am the same. Cash is just gone and then I don't know where it went. And even with my debit card I end up looking at the balance in my checking account and saying "oh look I still have xx dollars to spend" and feel ok about spending it, without necessarily taking the time to figure out how much I spent on clothes and snacks and whatever. Rent and student loan payments and IRA contributions all come straight out of my checking account too, so if the balance is low I can just kinda blame it on those. But I use my credit card for spending that is basically optional and so the balance is a really clear signal of "this is how much money you could have saved if you tried!" I can't imagine paying a card off every month and still somehow not realizing how much money I spend? but my credit card doesn't actually offer rewards because my credit union's rewards program has a $25 annual fee and when I calculated how much I could get in Amazon gift cards based on my average bill, I'd end up with like $15 net per year and it just didn't seem worth it.

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On Recruiting Via LinkedIn

@Lorelei@twitter I've been approached for my share of jobs that aren't appropriate, but it's really an industry-wide problem, not limited to linkedin or recruiting agencies. When your job title has become a hot buzzwordy thing, a lot of people who are trying to hire for it don't actually understand what they're looking for, or are just re-labeling a different job to be part of the trend.

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On Recruiting Via LinkedIn

My industry (software and web design) definitely recruits through linkedin a lot. I get contacted about once a month from people who seem legit, and I know people with more experience and more impressive resumes than mine get a ton of inquiries. They seem to get a lot of poorly targeted, widely distributed spam-type stuff, whereas I guess to find me you have to really know what you're looking for. Nothing has been tempting compared to my current job, which I am happy in, but if it seems promising I'll offer to pass the info along to people I know who are looking.

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On Pro: There's a Place to Hang Clothes. Con: Everything Else

@jfruh one summer during college I lived in a house that seemed to have been built as a duplex (there was a kitchenette upstairs that got used for random storage, and other signs that the two floors had formerly been rented separately), but was at the time just being treated as a 6-bedroom house. I was in a former living/dining room and had a big clothes rack instead of a closet, which was fine, but one girl was in a room that was I guess a sort of antechamber leading to the former master bedroom. It had a window, but was half the size of the actual bedrooms and you had to walk through it to get to the other bedroom. I think typically during the school year people would only rent 5 rooms and leave that as the random antechamber, and this particular roommate was only in town for part of the summer, but still. I would not be able to handle living in a room that other people need to walk through at will, even for 8 weeks.

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On The Ideal Candidate Will Have a Penis

@siege91 no wait, I'm also going to refrain from applying to jobs with places that care more about arbitrary grammar "rules" than about the actual effects language choices have on people's lives.

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On The Ideal Candidate Will Have a Penis

@siege91 I'm just gonna leave this here.

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On An Interview With an Adult With an Allowance

@CubeRootOfPi that's the advice I've always seen, and the plan I am working on. 3% seems awfully low for a rule-of-thumb recommendation, unless your income is so high that 3% will max out your yearly contribution. In which case I'm pretty sure you are making too much money to be eligible for a Roth IRA. Basically I don't think I've ever seen retirement saving advice that didn't boil down to "as much as you can as early as you can."

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On Should Your Wedding Gift Cover Your Meal?

@deepomega come on, this is the facebook age, you make a wedding photo your profile image and everyone you know will be looking at it for the next two years.

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On WWYD: Moving, Staying Comfortable, and Taking Chances

Walkable, convenient city neighborhoods are priceless. I moved about a year and a half ago from a big apartment complex on the edges of my city to a duplex in a much more walkable neighborhood that cut my commute time in half and is within easy bus distance of a bunch of other cool neighborhoods and I am so much happier in every way. I am also a homebody who likes to stay put and moving sucked, but it was so worth it. But, in your situation, I would be worried about having an inexperienced friend for a landlord. I have visions of lots of verbal agreements made early on that fall apart when a difficult situation comes up and then suddenly you're in small claims court arguing about damage deposits and broken leases. A worst-case scenario, obviously, but I used to watch a lot of Judge Judy. Probably you and your friend would not have this sort of difficulty! But I'd definitely read up on landlord-tenant law in your area and talk it over with your friend to make sure he's really thought through it. I don't know that I would worry too much about 5-year plans, like Mike says, things happen and you just can't predict everything. But something like a 1-year plan is a must, an understanding of his responsibilities, and a sense of the kinds of things that might go wrong and how he intends to deal with them. Like, you will obviously be lovely tenants, but what if the people in the basement end up being terrible and he has to evict them? Or the property turns out to have a major structural problem that nobody caught? Etc. If he seems solid on the particulars, you should definitely go for it.

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On Cupcakes, Over

as long as the pie shop 10 blocks from my apartment that also sells fancy artisinal ice cream never closes, I'm good.

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