On Apartment Hunts, Communities of Excellence, and Living in NYC on $5,000 a Year

ESTATE SALES for kitchen gear.

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On The Cost of Giving Up Grocery Shopping

well, and the fact that some services are basically Uber, but for groceries, which means that the people who bring you your groceries are contract workers with no job protections. whereas grocery store employees are often (not always!) union members.

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On You Can't Afford To Be Fat At Work

the next time your skinny girlfriends gather around their salads and complain about how they feel so fat these days, remember that what they’re actually doing is voicing their very real fear that their privilege might be taken away from them — their social capital and, with it, their actual capital. ugh thank you for this xo fattily yours

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On How Many Safety Nets Do You Have?

oh my god, all y'all with parents. i'm jealous and sad.

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On Working in Retail After Losing a Job

@garysixpack or don't ever get convicted of a felony of any kind, even a non-violent one, especially if you're not white and wealthy, because you will have trouble finding a job. that's why Ban The Box is very, very important.

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On I Bought a House When I Was 21

@EmmaP sometimes "extras" are, like, health care costs, though. sounds like you were also very healthy, which is also very important.

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On Work Saves the Day

@WayDownSouth it's good? it's made with local, excellent bread that is cut very thick? they use a restaurant kitchen toaster so it's toasted very evenly? there's a lot of butter on it that is spread very evenly? but does it matter? why is your assumption that this must be some sort of charity thing because she's "mentally ill" and you think paying for toast is stupid, rather than that there's a product people actually want to eat?

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On Work Saves the Day

@WayDownSouth i understand you're trying to be kind, but it's not a fucking sheltered workshop. it's a successful business that's nearly 6 years old! because she works hard and her shit rules. i lived around the corner & went there every day for the best cappuccinos i have ever had, and the toast is next-fucking-level.

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On The Problem With Financial Literacy Is That It Doesn't Work

@Morbo nnnnnope. I used to work in this field, with low-income students. There is virtually no evidence that these classes make a difference. No positive longitudinal effect has been captured at all.

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On The Best Things I Bought at Estate Sales Last Year

Estatesales.net has a terrific email alert that will send you listings for sales in your area. Most listings come with photos, so you can get a decent sense of whether a sale is worth the drive. I hate you. :( I mean, I hate me. :(

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