On How a Non-Profit Attorney Who Provides Legal Services to Low-Income NYC Residents Does Money

@polka dots vs stripes I'm not Brian, but my school doesn't. They only care that I'm working in the public sector right now, and below a certain income threshold. My school's program also is time-limited to 5 years, so I'll end up getting significant but not endless help from them. More of my loan assistance comes from my employer, a civil Legal Aid agency, which reimburses loan payments up to a point as a benefit.

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On How a Non-Profit Attorney Who Provides Legal Services to Low-Income NYC Residents Does Money

Yes! This probably renders moot my plan to pitch a "how a legal services attorney in a less-expensive, sprawlier major city does money" article, but I'm so happy to see it I don't care. I'm with Brian on most of this, except my loan situation is a little different- I have some private loans in addition to the gov't ones, so I spend a lot of my disposable income on paying those down (but, see above re: lower cost of living; also my partner owns the house we live in so my rent costs are way less than they could be.) Does The Billfold want to talk to any other loan-laden public interest attorneys? Also, did anyone else hear Josh Michtom on NPR this morning? Was that "our" Josh Michtom?

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On The Cost of Halloween, Part 1: Costumes

Now I'm thinking through my last several years of costuming. Among other things: Sarah Palin; Maru the cat; Carmen Sandiego; [the Beatles song] Strawberry Fields; and this year I'm doing The Notorious R.B.G. I have a black robe (free, borrowed) and some gold chains ($8, Amazon); I need to obtain a doily from which to fashion a neck thingie (hopefully cheap at the craft store? Orrr I could go to Hobby Lobby in costume to buy it but I will not even for the LOLs) and some cheap reading glasses in an R.B.G.ish style. That, a law book and a severe part and I should be in business for under $20.

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On What Aren't We Spending Money On?

@erinep We are also a Costco household! I live in Atlanta where square footage is relatively cheap, so we have a garage in which to store random bulk items. The thing is, if Millennials (on average) don't BUY houses or new cars, many of us still HAVE houses/not miniscule living spaces, if as renters; and probably most of us live in places where having a (used) car is if not required, pretty standard. The "no space for Costco" thing pretty much assumes living in a metro area where cars are unnecessary and space is at a premium. If I didn't have a lot of space, I'd probably still do Costco for prescriptions/OTC medications (a year's supply of Claritin for $12!), cat food (the bag is large, but not moreso than the biggest one at Target), fancy cheese and La Croix. Viva la giant flats of fizzy water!

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On Account Joined

@Josh Michtom@facebook Yup. Here in GA, if you're married (or later get married) you both have equal rights to the kid. If you're unmarried and dad legitimates, he has standing to petition the court for custody or visitation, but until it's ruled otherwise mom is presumed to have custody. If you're unmarried and dad has not legitimated, mom is sole legal parent. Doesn't matter if his name is on the birth certificate, kid has his surname, he has lived in the same house since day 1 and been the primary caregiver- mom is IT without legitimation. I have Many Feelings about this and how it plays out in my work.

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On Account Joined

@littleoaks That's a thing in Georgia too! I'm a family law attorney, and unmarried fathers can "legitimate" their kids in two ways- 1) what Meaghan describes, where the parents sign the form before a notary in the hospital (not just a regular witness! A notary!), and 2) much more complicatedly, they can petition the court for legitimation later. Without one or the other (or marriage, either before or after the kid's birth), the dad has no parental rights. Weird stuff.

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On It's a Good Time to Go to Law School? Really?

@Ester Bloom My story involves using my JD as a lawyer, but...I have a JD and six figures of student loan debt and work in a low-paying public interest job while aggressively paying down the loans, using the Public Interest Loan Repayment program, and being broke but happy a lot. And I love my job and don't regret my degree/debt. Maybe this could be an interesting perspective- a case in which the debt situation looks not great but it's working out okay, and I found the job I imagined when I decided to go to law school.

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On The Realities of Being an Adult With a Job Through Beverly Cleary's Mr. Quimby

@HelloTheFuture Yes! That had perfect casting. All of them, even the ones who did not grow up to be Sarah Polley.

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On The Realities of Being an Adult With a Job Through Beverly Cleary's Mr. Quimby

@umlauts Totally! I had the anxiety over seeing money/job stuff reflected in the Ramona books, combined with a comfort in recognizing so much about how the family worked. Including the not-ideal babysitting arrangements, the rare special treats when money was tight, the sort of pride Ramona took in the family's efforts to save money. Does anyone remember the scene where she tells some random stranger, "We have to scrimp and pinch to make ends meet," having heard it over and over from her parents?

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On Is Debt Management Just Part of Being an Adult?

@Sorbee I'm personally in a similar boat (attorney, lots of loans) but with a partner who brought homeownership into the relationship, which adds a layer of oddness. For various reasons he has a lot more discretionary income than I do, in addition to the house, so he/"we" are able to save more for the future than I, either in or out of the relationship, can do individually. SO I'm torn between trying to contribute equally to our shared goals, or knocking out my individual debts, and it's a constant balancing act.

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