On The Cost of Skiing

@loren smith I also love skiing! I do not have many good tips for most people to go skiing on a budget (besides always buying used equipment and making your equipment last for years, if not decades), but here is how my middle (upper-middle?) class family did it: My dad was a volunteer ski patroller at a very small mountain in upstate New York, so the family got free/discounted season passes. We went every weekend, and sometimes during the week after school. It was one of the best things about my life growing up and I hope to provide the same for my future family.

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On Uber, Capitalism, Price Gouging

@szajic Playing devil's advocate here, the difference between Uber and a hardware store is that the hardware store owners have only a certain number of shovels to sell, and can't increase their supply by manipulating the prices. One of the claimed purposes of Uber's price surge is to entice more drivers out on to the road, which hypothetically enables them to provide more rides over all. Of course, they are also making a boat load of extra money in the meantime, so everybody wins?

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On I Am Currently Away From the Office

Another reason not to tell people that you will have "limited" or "sporadic" access to email, especially in a position where clients email you: they will know that you are able to, and probably will, respond to the important emails. If you don't respond, they know that they are not important.

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On Those Standalone News Stands

@Sean Lai Or at least let them put the grapes in a plastic bag, pour in some water from a suspicious-looking gallon jug, and slosh it around a little for you! Every street vendor knows this is the only bulletproof method of washing your fruit.

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On Tell the Rest of Us How It Works

I'm experiencing it - I have a job at a place where the business is booming, I'm getting somewhat regular raises, and what little money I have invested is growing nicely. That said, I can't help but notice how much better it would be going if I were a Rich Person. If I didn't have crushing student loans, I would be able to contribute more than $100/month to my IRA and watch it grow even faster. If I had giant chunk of money for a down payment, I would be able to buy an apartment in my neighborhood rather than throw money away on rent. So I guess I am experiencing this allegedly improving economy (and feeling lucky for it), but still feeling like the game is rigged.

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On Reading Underground

Did anybody else notice that guy walking SLOWLY up the subway stairs while reading his cell phone and then STOPPING ON THE TOP STEP??? If that's the kind of behavior the NYPL is trying to promote then I'm turning in my library card.

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On The Ultimatum Game

Having not clicked through to read about the study at all, I'm going to speculate that perhaps the difference in behavior was caused by the amount of money involved. For most Americans, $100 is significantly less than the few days' wages at stake in the Machiguengan game. I would imagine that the larger the amount at stake, the more tempting it is to take the money regardless of how selfish the other person is being. If somebody is offering me $1 million, I'm going to take it even if they are selfishly keeping the other $99 million for themselves.

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On How I Learned to Stop Obsessing About My Student Loans

@Ash@Work I don't think it's so much a difference in perception about debt or of some generational change in the way we think about money, but a change in the numbers themselves. When you have 6-digit loans at interest rates of 6.8% and above, it feels like you will never have any financial life until they are gone (and it's mostly true). I have spreadsheets for my loans, too. Once you realize how much you have to pay just to keep up with interest, it's hard not to take it to the next step, and calculate how much money you can save over the life of the loan if you just add another $50 or $100 to your monthly payment (in my case, literally thousands of dollars and years worth of payments). I think that as time goes on they will become more of a "fact of life," but when it is such a huge part of your monthly finances they're hard to ignore.

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On How I Learned to Stop Obsessing About My Student Loans

@stuffisthings Go on...

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On Additional Boat News

@Fig. 1 There's a great This American Life episode about this: http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/459/what-kind-of-country Specifically the segment about Colorado Springs, where they were LITERALLY turning off street lights to save taxpayer money. The residents of individual streets could pool together to have their lights turned back on, but obviously it cost a lot more per person than just raising taxes slightly to pay for a basic municipal service.

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