On A Ph.D. Grad on 'The Ph.D. Grind'

first instinct was to check whether he wrote it in LATEX, and... yup! hello current student of economics, math, computer science, and/or statistics. do you know what latex is yet? you should! i was annoyed i discovered it so late in my college career. once you use it, you'll understand why all your tests and hand-outs from your profs all kinda look the same, formatting-wise. it's awesome. check it out.

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On The Business of Making Movies

Any other NPR's Planet Money (or This American Life) listeners out there? If so, did you hear Adam Davidson's voice speak the article in your head as you read it? I sure did!

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On Student Loans Literally The Worst

for this exact reason, i have a life insurance policy with my parents named as the beneficiaries. they gladly make the payments on the policy for me so that if i die before the loans are paid back, they'll have enough to cover the remaining balance. until this country's student loan situation changes, y'all might want to consider that too.

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