On The Young Professional's Closet

@Carmen Aiken@facebook I also work in research (on the PM side, yay!)I THINK I've overcome the "being semi-professional without dressing in mom's clothes" feeling by adopting a uniform of sweatshirt-material or jersey shift dresses from Target/Gap/H&M under blazers I buy on deep clearance at BR or J.Crew. I have 5-6 blazers in different colors and probably 10 shift dresses in different shades of grey. I wear this basically every day with a big necklace - ballet flats or white converse in the summer, tights and booties in the winter. I seriously wear this outfit 90% of days. It's super comfy, a good combo of casual and professional, and I never have to think about what I'm pulling out of my closet. Also, I currently have a DIY buzz haircut :-)

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On How Much Is Your Iced Coffee?

I make mine at home 90% of the time - Beans are around $12/lb which lasts... three weeks, maybe? We use a stove-top espresso maker that needs 3tblsp beans/brew. This makes enough espresso for me to make a 20oz iced coffee and my partner to have enough leftover for a shot of espresso. I brew it in the morning and pour it hot over a full Tervis tumbler of ice to dilute the espresso,then top with milk. Not the "best" way, but it's pretty delicious. I use sweetened vanilla almond milk, which about $4/carton and go through 1 carton a week. This works out to ~1.00 per coffee (if I'm doing my math right - $.57 for a pot of espresso each morning, minus my partner's portion, and $.57 for the milk) which is pretty awesome. The Starbucks near me charges $4.50 for a comparable size and they never seem to make it the way I like.

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On La La La (Do 1 Thing)

@Caitlin with a C they're so hard to resist, even though I have so, so, so many clothes.

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On La La La (Do 1 Thing)

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On La La La (Do 1 Thing)

@andnowlights This is how I feel about Banana Republic.They're the only ones who have blazers that fit me, and every time they have a sale I feel compelled to buy one but HOW MANY BLAZERS DO I REALLY NEED???

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On La La La (Do 1 Thing)

My 1 thing is to unsubscribe from any and all shopping emails because I need to buckle down on saving $$ and all of these sales are not helping with that.

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On What Did Your First Job Pay Then and What Does It Pay Now?

I graduated in 2010 (Lucky me?) and somehow managed to get a job as an departmental assistant at a non-profit making a salary of $32,500. When I left in March, they hired our department's intern full-time but are only paying her $10/hr for the same title/responsibility, which makes me feel kind of icky.

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On Do 1 Thing (And a Report on a Successful Thing!)

My 1 Thing was to call my dad and find out how much of my loans I've paid and how much of my monthly payments are going to principle vs. interest (my student loans are in my parents' name so I could get lower interest rates). I'd been bracing myself against this for awhile, but was pleasantly surprised to find out I've paid off nearly 20% of the principle in 3.5 years and am ALMOST to the point where a majority of my monthly payment is principle instead of interest!! AND that I'm set to pay them off in 7 years - less if I can get my butt into gear with budgeting and up my monthly payment a little... I'm optimistic about my $90,000 in loans for the first time EVER.

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On Are You My Landlord?

@beastlyburden AHHH my "sweet old lady" landlord once called me at work and yelled at me because my cat bit her while she was "visiting" (aka snooping around my apartment while I was at work). My current landlord is the perfect combo of available when we need him but not actually living on the premises.

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On Budgeting for Vacations, Other People's Weddings, and Other Summer Stuff (Yay Summer!)

@eemusings Ugh, right? I went to Italy last summer and was totally (for some reason, I have no idea why) thinking that the flight would be less than $1000 - maybe like $800 tops. That was... not true.

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