On The Canadian Real Estate Market is Insane (But Tightly Regulated)

You're complaining about the cost of housing? ARE YOU JOKING RIGHT NOW??? Love, Vancouver

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On I Cleaned Urine at NASA (And It Was Fun)

Love this. Great point at the end about grant funding. If only more people understood the value of this, we'd be kicking ass in science instead of always trying to have sexy deliverables to justify work.

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On Man Reveals All About Restaurant Industry

@tales tales, chill out. You`re the one who came in swinging and accusing Jonas of being `presumably part of the shitty dude culture, get away with changing nothing and continuing to make women feel unwelcome and unhappy in your field.` What`s that all about?

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On Man Reveals All About Restaurant Industry

Well, that got all fiesty, real quick. Nice. I`ve never worked in the industry, so I wouldn`t be so bold as to offer an unsupported opinion. Gabrielle Hamilton, however, has, and she has some pretty interesting things to say about the topic in `Blood, Bones & Butter`: http://www.amazon.com/Blood-Bones-Butter-Inadvertent-Education/dp/0812980883/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1345844447&sr=8-1&keywords=blood+bones+and+butter

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On How Do You Answer, How Much Do You Make?

45k, but they pay for my graduate school, so it's worth about 50k to me.

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On How Do You Answer, How Much Do You Make?

@peanutbutterpie Me too! Can we get matching t-shirts? I'm not in DC, though :( (I mean.. :)!)

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On Getting the Most Out of My Austrian State-Funded Health Care

I sort of wish all Americans, especially opponents of socialized medicine, would have to spend some time living in a country where health care is a human right. And then get sick. But not so sick that they'd die. Just sick enough to see that maybe it actually is a good idea to take care of all your citizens, not just those with the wealth/foresight to get good private insurance.

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On How to Be Rich And Fabulous in Florida, According to the Cement Butt Nurse (Alleged)

Fantastic writing

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On Our Declining Social Safety Net

What a bunch of unspeakably hateful turds make up the current political class.

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On Money and Tourists

No offense intended to the author, but reading travel stories that are focused on scams/inflated prices/pennies and cents just bores me to tears. As someone who has spent a few years travelling pretty extensively, if you don't have something to learn or reflect upon from your experience (say, economic colonialism, wealth inequalities, the complexities within a culture and how hard it is to represent it without massive generalizations), or at least some humourous anecdotes, there isn't much going for the writing. Budgeting and getting your money's worth is important for any traveller. But it's too easy (esp for novice travelers) to become obsessed with it all and try to impose some western idea of 'equality' (ha!) on how locals should interact with them.

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