On Retirement Security Is Also About the People You Have In Your Life

Don’t like how this glosses over the fact that caring for your older parents/relatives by yourself is much more complicated these days. With increased life expectancy comes things we cannot devote just spare time to, like dementia. We should be more involved in the lives of older relatives and cultivate relationships, but we (or more efficiently, the state) should save more money too, so we do not become undue burdens as we age.

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On Interview With A Former Coworker Who Went to Lunch and Never Came Back

Wish this had gone into why "freelancing" as a designer in this (ad?) industry seems to require being at your employer's office every day. Maybe that's just because you need to use the computers/equipment, but that seems to set up situations like this that are ripe for abuse … and also tax abuse.

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On Important European Lifestyle Innovation

That pun has absolutely nothing to do with this article, and I'm loving it.

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On Spirit Airlines: So Bad It's Good Again

@Wilgrims At least Spirit doesn't make you pay to print out your boarding pass (yourself), even if you do it online.

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On Spirit Airlines: So Bad It's Good Again

Ryanair, in my limited experience, is much more aggressive about making you miserable. But maybe that's because international flights are already a headache and harder to make on time. Spirit from Minneapolis to Chicago is perfect and one of the rare exactly on time flights I've taken. I'm sure longer, more popular trips are as bad as the horror stories, though.

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On John and Patricia and the Woman in a Hoodie

Thank you for writing this. The extended dialogue was especially rare and important for a piece like this.

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On Grocery Spending Via Food Pyramid

This chart, and even the more sane plate version, shows the enormous, absurd influence of big agriculture on our government. In what universe did we ever need to have ELEVEN servings of carbs a day? Or, to pick on the new version, why do I need to eat a piece of chicken and drink a glass of milk with every meal?

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On Mitch Sunderland, Child Hustler

I think the attributions got mixed up in the last two.

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On Plundering

Aren't the low-wage workers used as an excuse here often directly punished for retail theft? Like being denied bonuses, etc.

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On Pies, Rich People, and Income Inequality

Was hoping for a nice segue into how income inequality means a pie shop can move into a lower-income area, and charge 7 dollars for a slice.

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